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Buy Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-0.75, Transparent, Pack of 6) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Clear Spherical Lens Bi-Weekly

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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-0.75, Transparent, Pack of 6) Features

Designed to Help Reduce Spherical Aberration, Deliver the Crisp Clear Vision

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical Power: -0.75 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Bi-weekly
  • Contact Lens
  • Clear
  • Spherical Lens
  • Bi-Weekly

The lowest Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-0.75, Transparent, Pack of 6) Price in India is ₹1,599 at Flipkart.
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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-0.75, Transparent, Pack of 6) Specifications

Package Weight 0.065 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.4 mm
Brand Johnson & Johnson
Brand Color Transparent
Central Thickness 0.07 mm
Color Clear
Corrective Power -0.75 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14 mm
disposability Bi-weekly
Lens Type Spherical Lens
Material Senofilcon A
Model Name ACUVUE Oasys-0.75
Oxygen Permeability Dk/t:147 (-3.00D)
Spherical Power -0.75 dioptres
UV Protection Yes
Water Content 38 %
In the Box
Pack of 6
Sales Package 1 Pack of Contact Lens

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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-0.75, Transparent, Pack of 6) Reviews from YouTube

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus - Prescription Contact Lenses - Product Information -
1 Day ACUVUE®‎ Moist Brand Contact Lenses Multifocal
Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia contact lens review
Best Contact Lenses for Presbyopia (2020) | Best Multifocal Contacts | IntroWellness
I tried the Biofinity ones and not only did I pay more, they also gave me a headache and I couldn't read anything close up. Waste of money. Will try these.
Thank you so much for this review! I was looking at different lenses and Im so glad u showed these. I was afraid they were gonna be super thin and flimsy like the Baush and Lomb for presbyopia but they are simialr to the air optix i have I wanted to go with the ones made specifically for presbyopia hoping the eye dr will let me try these tomorrow
best video for C.L. on youtube
Thanks for the review. I will try these.
Outstanding review and demo, I'm off to the optometrist for multifocals.
Thanks for your review
Hi Dolores, thanks for a very useful video. I'm 30 and quite new to contacts - in fact this is my first complete year of wearing them. I hate wearing glasses as they just get in the way and I love how contacts suit my lifestyle. I just felt let down with the Air Optix Aqua lenses I was using, at the end of the day in a heavily air conditioned workplace my eyes felt tired, sore and gritty. My optician recommended I try J+J Acuvue Oasys contact lenses for astigmatism in the right eye and a plain spherical lens (Acuvue Oasys) in the left eye to match my current prescription. I have a trial for these due in two weeks time, and a tester pair due in literally hours from now, so I hope they feel better for me. I guess you keep having to try new lenses till a pair works for you? I tired daily lenses and agree that the cellophane type that curl up are a nightmare and so thin I can barely get them in. I'm hoping the J+J ones are as thick as my monthly lenses and maybe help to keep my eye hydrated. I'll keep in touch if anyone would like to know how I get on. :)
Thank you for a fantastic, informative and helpful video! I'm using the Acuvue +1.25 in only my right eye -- my optometrist never even mentioned multi focal contacts, so I must find somewhere to get a prescription for these! :-)
Thanks a lot for your review Dolores, it's always refreshing to see an honest assessment. I'm trying on my first set of contacts (CooperVision Proclear). They're comfortable, but I'm seeing a lot of ghosting/double vision (especially with bright objects like text on TV). Apparently you need to train your eyes, but I'm on my fourth day now, and it's not getting any better. J&J site says the Oasys ones don't have that that true? This is a deal breaker for me.
Hey! Interesting video, Thanks! Want to repair your vision? Check out this FREE Article on this amazing site about eyesight and reading vision care at * Brendt Shocking Reading Glasses No More * website (do a search on google)? My landlady told me pretty good things about it and got rid of her reading glasses for good! 
Helpful review.  i just got a pair to try since the old ones have been discontinued and was looking for some feedback from others on how these new ones might work.  I work at a computer all day so I am hoping they work as well as the old Acuvue Bifocal contacts worked.
+Dalores tempter thanks
I Use Contact But they look good! BY the way what is there to do in bermuda I'm going on the explorer of the seas
What's your favorite multifocal contact lens for presbyopia? Let us know in the comments below!
Your out of focal, or my lenses are.
Love my vision with B&L Ultra but within an hour of inserting, they are dry and feel like they’re lifting off my eye followed by blurry vision. Not sure what the issue. I have an eye doc appointment tomorrow as I continue my multi focal contacts quest.
My first partial day with Daily Multi focus and makes feel lightheaded and dizzy. Reading cell phone words are fuzzy. How long to adjust?
My best lens, is a +2.5 Diopter for Myopia Prevention.
I absolutely cannot wear the daily multi focal size. Monthly are much more clear to me. Which of the monthly contacts you recommended are silicone hydrogel for presbyopia?
Does anyone know if there is a contact lens that deals with astigmatism presbyopia and is multifocal? And is daily NOT MONTHLY I.E BIOFINITY ULTRA PROCLEAR THEY ARE ALL MONTHLY NOT DAILES is there a daily that addresses these 3 issues??
I’ve tried them all it seems like. For me nothing compares to Acuvue Moist. 👍🏼
I went to my eye doctor today and he said that my prescription is too high to use multifocal contacts. I wonder if he is right. My R eye is (Sphere -4.75) (Cylinder -1.00) (Axis 158) My L eye is (Sphere -5.75) (Cylinder -1.25) (Axis 075) and +1.50 on both to see up close.
I just got the 1 day Acuvue Moist Multifocal to try.Im on Bush and Lumb and dont seem to be working for me at all.So we will see🙏
How about Air Optix Multifocal?
what about Toric lenses for multifocal?
Haven’t found one that works for me yet. They work fine for distance, but I get absolutely no improvement for reading. Maybe because I have steep corneas. Any ideas?
Dailies Total1 for sure!

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