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Buy Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Moist Daily Contact Lens (-2.75, Transparent, Pack of 90) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Clear Spherical Lens Daily
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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Moist Daily Contact Lens (-2.75, Transparent, Pack of 90) Features

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical Power: -2.75 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Daily
  • Contact Lens
  • Clear
  • Spherical Lens
  • Daily

The lowest Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Moist Daily Contact Lens (-2.75, Transparent, Pack of 90) Price in India is ₹4,299 at Flipkart.
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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Moist Daily Contact Lens (-2.75, Transparent, Pack of 90) Specifications

Package Weight 0.14 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.5 mm
Brand Johnson & Johnson
Brand Color Transparent
Color Clear
Corrective Power -2.75 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
disposability Daily
Lens Type Spherical Lens
Model Name Acuvue Moist 1 Day 90 Pack
Spherical Power -2.75 dioptres
In the Box
Pack of 90
Sales Package 90 Contact Lens

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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Moist Daily Contact Lens (-2.75, Transparent, Pack of 90) Reviews from YouTube

1-Day Acuvue Moist - 90 Pack Contact Lenses - Johnson & Johnson
1day Acuvue Moist contact lenses review
Easy way to insert and remove ACUVUE® contact lenses!
Contact Lens buying guide 2021 | Acuvue, Total 1, MyDay, Biotrue
90 for how many months ??
How do you know which packs are for your left and right eye?
i don't understand how it's a pack of 30 while there is only 20 containers
He talks about the excessive packaging and then says he flushes them down the sink....
En espalol por favor
I always get confused, 90 lenses means 90 PAIRS? right? So if I need two boxes for Atigmatism does that means these last me 6 months?
How much
Does it matter what type of eye you have i mean like prescription
Great Lenses ... expensive but worth it....lots of waste material...hopefully they will look at changing that.
How do you know which packs are for your left and right eye?
Flush it down the sink?? That can't be right.
Sometimes the lenses come out folded over, but it's easy to see the right and wrong way
These r the best
Can I take naps with them on?
I wear these lenses everyday and they are SO UNCOMFORTABLE! They hurt all the time!
How many pair of lenses in a box?
Anybody know the price for 90 days? Approximately..
Mines feels dry as hell when I put em in
Just tried these lenses and they are very flimsy and doesn't retain shape well. But the bright side is that these dailies are very cheap to buy compared to the premiums
I just tried these, and wow what a good lens! i have tried to get contacts at 2 opticians now, first said i had no hope, due to poor quality of tears, the other decided to give it a try, and last shot i gave them before i gave up they ordered these, and they actually suprised me alot! Previously i tried 6 brands of monthly lenses, and 1 brand of 2 week lenses, neither of them i could wear for more then 1 hours before my eyes felt terrible, 3 hours i ripped them out in despair. These (toric version), i can wear with hardly any issues for 8-12 hours, only a bit stingy after a few hours, like if you swim with your eyes open in chlorinated water for a while, they sting, kinda like that, but not as bad, so totally acceptable imo. Hope this helps anyone else.
Thank you for sharing.
These lenses are good aweful. They dry up and fall out of your eye. The individual lenses packaging is stuck together in such away that when you try to pull them apart at ceration, it rips 3 of them in half wasting them.
I buy my contacts online $28 for 30 contacts. And I actually wear them more than once
Thank you
There is no 123 on these lenses. Sometimes they go right in. Sometimes they take minute and minutes.
Keeps getting stuck to finger
Obvious question: How are you supposed to see 123 if you can't see without your contact? Just sayin'.
Thank you so much.🥰
I have been wearing these for decades. Not once have I ever seen the "123". I look for the tinted color around the edge.
Y can't see the numbers without my lens... Ironic
Alam na balikan mko
Your lens diameter seems very small please tell me the diameter
Yea growing a 3rd hand to put them in seems fairly easy..
I don't understand in the accuvue Oasys the monthly are 6 lenses so does that mean I will use 2 lenses for both my eyes every month for 3 months. and the daily come with 30 lenses so do I need to buy 2 pack of the daily to use them for my 2 eyes for one month
Why do you even talk about lenses with a dk/t under 100? They will definitely harm your eye over the time
I only wear dailies 1-2 times per week. I am astigmatic. I've worn Moist for years. But today I received samples of Oasys. They were easy to put on, and noticeably thicker. However, they were AWFUL to get out of my eye. I never have a problem with getting the Moist out. So I'm scared to order them.
Are you wearing prescription glasses in this video? I don't see any eye distortion so wanted to ask
I’d love to hear your take on the whole range of Menicon’s soft lenses;i.e. Miru 1 day and Premio. Their technology seems very innovative and I love their eco friendly packaging!
Someone needs to sponsor you. These videos are so informative and great in production quality
Hey Antonio, I’m going to be the first patient at the Optometrist I go to to try the Coopervision Biofinity Multifocal Toric contact lens. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thanks for the review. I am a long time Soft Lens wearer looking for a replacement and tried the acuvue oasis. I don't appreciate the blue tint and prefer a lens without the blue tint. Do any of the toric lenses you showed, not have the blue handling tint? It's hard to find that information. Thank you!!
Both the total 1 and the precision 1 come in toric in the US now
i have a question, hydrogel lenses are the ones? cause i heard polymacon lenses can hurt your eyes and i was interested in some colored lenses but they're made of polymacon so idk what to do :(
I have recently started using contacts.. Its been only few days.. Buy i have notice that when i put my left contact i feel bit uncomfortable and dizzy and blurry.. I have been using glasses since 8-9 years. I also have dry eyes? Should i go to my eye specialist or the blurriness is due to my dry eyes. Please reply
I’m 20 years old and been with Acuve for 6 years. Didn’t know there were other contact lenses brands. Should check the other 3 you mentioned, I lived in the USA btw
Thank you! Very informative and to the point.
Er dkt values are underestimates for instance total 1 has dkt of 156!
Keep making videos!
I have -1.5 eye sight. May I reduce this
My eyes are really dry so I can only wear dailies total 1 as others start irritating my eyes after 3-4hrs. However, Dailies total 1 are very expensive. I wanted to know if Precision 1 are good enough for dry eyes (patients reviews etc) as they are a little cheaper than dailies total 1.
Had a stye for about a year now wat should I do
Love it! Keep it up!
I still get confused how to understand whether the transparent lens is inside out or not. Next week I will be getting my lens delivered. I am really scared. In my state they don't teach how to wear it. Is there any trick to understand for a beginner like me🙃

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