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Buy Johnson and Johnson Acuvue 2 Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3.75, Transparent, Pack of 12) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Clear Spherical Lens Bi-Weekly
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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue 2 Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3.75, Transparent, Pack of 12) Features

"Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE2 Value Pack (12 Lenses/box)The new Contour Intelligent Design™ in Acuvue2 bi-weekly lenses makes these contacts one of the best in vision correction and also the level of comfort is so high that you can wear it for a longer period. On your fingertip, the lenses easily hold shape resulting into making the insertion & removal process quite easier."

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical Power: -3.75 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Bi-weekly
  • Contact Lens
  • Clear
  • Spherical Lens
  • Bi-Weekly

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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue 2 Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3.75, Transparent, Pack of 12) Specifications

Package Weight 0.11 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.7 mm
Brand Johnson & Johnson
Brand Color transparent
Color Clear
Corrective Power -3.75 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14 mm
disposability Bi-weekly
Lens Type Spherical Lens
Material etafilcon A
Spherical Power -3.75 dioptres
Tint Shade Light Blue
UV Protection Yes
Water Content 58 %
In the Box
Pack of 12
Sales Package pack of 12 lenses

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Johnson and Johnson Acuvue 2 Bi-weekly Contact Lens (-3.75, Transparent, Pack of 12) Reviews from YouTube

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Best Monthly Contact Lenses (My 3 Favorites) | Doctor Eye Health
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Which clear contact lens brand have you used before?! Use Discount Code "FONZ" for 10% OFF your entire purchase on contact lenses become darker as well when they are in bright light environment. Johnson & Johnson.
So if I have astigmatism I can still use these?
My doctor just gave me these for samples and I can't wait to try them. Also a friend of my mine just told me how great these are!
They are my favorites. Most of the time you don't feel that you are wearing lenses, actually. I wear all day long and only remove after 12 hours - then switch to glasses. Other brands I wear only when I want to switch colors. Soloticas, for example - my favourites in the aesthetical sense - are not comfortable at all, they are much harder and thicker than most lenses in the market and if I wear them for over 4 hours they already start to dry. If I wear them for long my eyes might even become a little red. I can handle Solflex better, but again, only for around 7 hours and I have to apply a lubricant so that I actually cannot feel the lens. Not worth it.
best on the market
I wished you could have zoomed in a tad bit so we could see it clearly
I have ordered a pair of Hidrocor Ipanema. They are amazing but I see a bit blurry with them. Do you see blurry with your colored contacts? Its my first time using contacts ever. They don't have prescription.
Thankfully, I don't need to wear glasses, so I don't need clear contacts, as well! But, your advices and recommendations are always great, so I gave a 'like' to the video! (as I do, everytime).
Fonz, they are available for astigmatism. I'm able to wear them 12+ hours. Like you, sometimes I forget I'm wearing them. Very comfortable.
Second btw love your videos man always looking for your videos
What's the color contact u have on the video
Eye Health QOTD: Which type of contact lenses are you wearing? Do you wear monthlies, dailies or specialty lenses? Which are you favorite brands?
"24+ hours in a day" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Never had contacts before. Today I finally made the switch to contacts after getting frustrated with my glasses constantly fogging with my mask. I chose monthly and after the first time struggle of getting them in the second time it was a breeze. Excited to finally have contacts.
Is there a reason you don't go into details about how the "digital zone" works? You're making it sound like marketing fluff. I'd super appreciate an actual explanation about how these things work. Otherwise, there's really no difference between marketing and innovation.
Finally something for us semi blinds :(
Dailies are nice and thin. So much more comfortable and cleaner. I almost forget they’re in. Why the fuck did I come here? Anyway dailies are the only way to live. I don’t know how people can even wear the monthly shit LOL
Boy, are you helpful and hot!
I play baseball and recently I have switch to contacts but I wanted to know which monthly set will actually be the most convenient for me?
I really find your videos helpful! Thanks mate !
are there 3 month lenses
I need to know if there contact that can last one year if there is can you tell me where to buy them and I need a 6 pack so yea :D
Hi Dr. I ordered colors lens from LensDirect 1 month now , but I’m not get lens
I use acuvue oasys lense .some time sleep with on
Just started monthly contacts a few days ago using Biofinity I like it so far I don't miss my glasses at all
Is that your natural eye color?
Are there any daily lenses with the Digital technology in the energys?
B&L ripped me off! My optometrist sold me on B&L contacts at $630 i figured he marked them up $200 because a B&L brochure offerred $200 rebate. it became a 400point rebate that was garbage what a rip-off! B&L stooped so low.
I use air optix and never remove them until the 30 days are up. Been about 1.5 years now and zero issues.
There was almost a time I was worried that I could not find a contact conferrable for my Astigmatism. I don't like wearing glasses. The good news is my astigmatism is not that high and I can sometimes get away with not wearing any len wear, however, I like to have some type of lens wear on stand by when I need them. Even though I don't like wearing glasses I still have a pair on standby in case I need them. I have tried a couple of brands Accuve Onassis the contact curled too much and it does not do a cereal bowl shape to tell if you have it on the correct way. I am trying Bausch +Lomb ultra they are okay and conferrable, but my left eye is not getting sharp vision like my right eye. So I think that is a sign that I should stick to Air Optix. They were the only contact lens that fit good so I may go back to those.
Hi Doc. What brand offer with 8.7 base curve and 14.5 dia dailies for astigmatism? Thanks.
I have been wearing these for decades. Not once have I ever seen the "123". I look for the tinted color around the edge.
Y can't see the numbers without my lens. Ironic
Alam na balikan mko
Your lens diameter seems very small please tell me the diameter
Yea growing a 3rd hand to put them in seems fairly easy
90 for how many months
How do you know which packs are for your left and right eye?
i don't understand how it's a pack of 30 while there is only 20 containers

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