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JJC PD-4B Flash Diffuser Specifications Universal Diffuser Price in ...

JJC PD-4B Flash Diffuser is for use on almost any flash guns. It softens the light from the flash gun. Applied self-adhesive hood loop Fit for universal flash ...


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: JJC Flash Diffuser PD-4B

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JJC PD-4B Flash Diffuser

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JJC PD-4B Flash Diffuser Features

  • Fit for universal flash gun, It softens the light from the flash gun.
  • Applied self-adhesive hood loop
  • Fit for universal flash gun
  • Country of Origin: India
JJC PD-4B Flash Diffuser

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JJC PD-4B Flash Diffuser Specifications

Additional Features
Other Features Applied self-adhesive hood loop Fit for universal flash gun
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 23.5 x 18 x 1.2 cm
Weight 82 g
Brand JJC
Color White
Model PD-4B
Type Flash Diffuser
In the Box
Sales Package Main Unit
Compatibility Fit for universal flash gun
Safety It softens the light from the flash gun
Period 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty 1 Year

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Thanks for nice information
Bare light is best
Bro you are the best, I been read a lot about how to use flash for outdoor portraits and all of them are just subjective theories with out any solid evident. But your testing and result answer all of my questions. Thank you.
It is the best presentation of diffusers I have ever seen ! And the most funniest also ! Bravooo
I disagree on the Lightsphere, as a good modifier. It only shines in comparison to these awful modifier's you found. And, seriously, who came up with that toilet seat approach? Wow
Great video, add affiliate links to the products you talk about on your videos
genious genious
A: hey whts that on your camera Photographer : Ah its a Toilet Diffuser
What do you mean exactly by meter to 0 Sorry for the noob question
Dear friendsalways i want use direct flash during wedding eventdue to huge crowd STROBES or another gadgets (who always at light stand) are impossible for place there How about TRIOPO Speedlite Flash Light Modifier I thought ths will give me soft light (nearly shadowless) Plssss advise
Did you play in "Eat, Pray, Love" :D Loved the presentation, thanks a lot!
no was bro, aall the photos are from the face and the last one from more far away. nono
what is ur flash setting i mean 1/1 u use
I immediately noticed the winner diffuser (liggtsphere pointing directly) when you took the shot. I have similar diffuser from magmod called magsphere but I think this one is better when pointing directly to the subject.
What do you mean by “meter to zero”? Turn off flash compensation? Or meter the scene so exposure is set in the center of the scale?
thanks for the great work done you've turned us into blessed
Diffusers look like ice cream cones
Normally those diffusers are for indoors where you don't waste so much power .
Hi, I am using macro ring flash for macro shots. Any tips to diffuse the flash light from macro ring flash?
Great personality and very thorough. THANK YOU!
Great and very helpful, I am a photographer in England and travelling all the world for my client. i really liked how you explain the details You can see my pictures on my Instagram # tres_ojoss. you can follow me and suggest me thank you,,,
Hello sir full lengths photo click pr flash ki mar full rakhai to shade nhi jayegi kya
Muje phone chlan sikna h
Thank you sir Mai soch raha tha iska side se bohot light waste hoga. Kyuki andar reflector nahi hai to soch raha tha mera softbox khone ke baar, chota wala softbox lu ya phir ye le lu Softbox hi better hai Power bhi kam lagega waste bhi nahi hoga . thank you
வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி இரா.மனோகர் சென்னை . Very useful video sir, I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, thanks a lot sir big thank you R.MANOHAR Chennai.
Hello sir
Its a vertical picture
Very nice videos uncle.
AAP ka nambar keya hi sat
सर नमस्ते सोनी का बिडियो कैमरा 4k x 200 फुल सेटिंग बताईये सर मुझे रेजेल्ट नहीं मिल रहा है प्रमोद कुमार वर्मा
Sir aap apna WhatsApp no.denge kya
Thank you sir
Good video sr.
Very best working sir ji
Thank you
Good working
सर आपका हर एक वीडियो बहुत अच्छा है जिस तरह से आप समझाते हैं वह तरीका मुझे बहुत ही अच्छा लगा और स्पेशल आपकी भाषा मतलब जवाब बोलते हैं तो उसको सही उच्चारण करते हैं क्योंकि हिंदी में बोलना बहुत ही कठिन होता है जैसे कि आप बोलते हैं आपकी हर एक वीडियो मुझे बहुत पसंद है
Good explain
Sir aap ne mobile se dslr me photo kise li
Does this block the focus assist on the altura ttl flash?
hi, I bought the 6x5 for my fuji xt30. However, it give a lot of reflection for people wearing glasses when pointing the flash directly forward with the diffuser and it's not improved with the second diffusion. Any tip to reduce it?
This flash diffuser is great but there is a trick to getting good results with it. First of all, I find that if you just put on the diffuser and angle it at a 90 degree angle it might create a shade/shadow effect over the lens, thereby reducing the amount of light going to the lens and sensor significantly. So in order to minimize that effect, you'll need to angle the flash head up a little. One way of doing that is by inserting the diffuser all the way down the flash head and use the rubber band to secure the diffuser right where the flash head meets the base of the speedlite. The rubber band will be sitting right in the gap between the flash head and the base which prevents the flash head from collapsing all the way down to 90 degrees. That's a FYI for you all.
What are the purposes of 3 sizes of the softbox
what size of light softbox do you suggest for weddings into church? 15cm is allright or i need more?
this will block the infrared af assist lights
Is it just me or dose he look stoned as hell?
I'm a hobbyist and bought this to use with a used Nikon SB-22 Speedlight. It gives great results, but I find the design of the SB-22 is too short to securely attach the diffuser (the light end only sticks out about a half-inch from the body of the flash). Are there better Nikon flashes to use with this?
Guys, honestly don't buy this. First of all, the test images shown have been shot by placing the flash on the top right of the subject and triggered using a wireless trigger. So it's not an ON CAMERA FLASH shot which most of you are looking for. The second thing to remember, larger your light source = softer the shadows and vice versa Which means, your light source (diffuser) should be larger than your subject. This diffuser is just so small and hardly bigger than any humans face. Therefore it will create harsh shadows when compared to a large softbox (80cms or 120cms) When compared to a bare Speedlite, you will get just little less harsh shadows. by using this diffuser you are not going to get those flattering mindblowing that you usually see in magazines etc.
the photo example was shot with wireless in her left side look at the shadow, its not mounted in the camera.
Can this work for professional photography like photo shoots for weddings Or even general single photo shoots?
I read your answer in the macro question below, but could you specify which size would be best or provide a link please?
Any issues fitting this to a Godox TT685? How about the Godox V1?
what size is better for macro photography?
Can I use this diffuser on godox
Great video, provide good information and ideas for photography.
I was reading in some reviews that some people bought this and didn’t fit properly. I’m planning on getting the Sony HVLF43M. Will this be able to fit?
Does the diffuser's shape matter (octagon vs. rectangle)?
What are the advantages or disadvantages of this product vs your flash diffuser reflector? Are you able to recommend one over the other or do they serve different needs?
Prince 1 pice
Gue mute suaranya, pusing denger dia ngomong
Kya ye camera record bhi karta hai
Please provide link to buy diffuser and simpex external flash
Sir itni informative videos sirf apke channel par e dekh rha huthanks to you
Dose it reduce the red eye mark in the eye while in portrait photography?
Your cam has some kind of extension on the bottom, may I know what it is? I have same D5300 but the cam looks small
Sir ye mujhe bhi cahye #Desichoravk
Thank you. You just made event’s and night photography fun!
Good One
Where to buy this? any online link ?
Sir how to use shutter priority mode jra btaye Mujhe cricket ball fekhte waqt shot lena camera k focus khn rkhun ball par ya us insaan pr Camera settings kya best hgi
mere Paas Pehle se h bhai but Love your Video Bro
Lovely Video
Ye m jarur try karunga
Nice bro
Sir, I did the cusrom white balance on the previous video just as I did in my camera setting pre white balance but after pic click on the play back option, the photo is not shown. Use this image a click if the photo is yellow or gray is not working.

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