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Amazon.in:Customer reviews: JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Extender for Nikon SB-900 SB-910300mm+ Telephoto Lens Use at Amazon.com.


Buy JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Extender for Nikon SB-900 SB ...

Amazon.in: Buy JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Extender for Nikon SB-900 SB-910300mm+ Telephoto Lens Use online at low price in India on Amazon.in.


JJC FX-N910 फ़्लैश मल्टीप्लायर एक्स्टेंडर Nikon SB-900 SB-910,300 ...

FX-N910 · ‎Flash Multiplier · ‎23 x 4 x 34 cm; 270 ग्राम · ‎FX-N910 · ‎Lens x 1 Collapsible Black Box x 1 Square Adapter x 1 Flash Adapter Ring x 1 ...


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Amazon.in: Buy jjc fa-c600ii Flash mounting Ring for Canon Speedlite 600ex ii-rt, fits jjc fx Series Flash Multiplier/sg Series 3-in-1 Stacking Honeycomb ...


jjc Flash mounting Ring for Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt yongnuo ...

jjc Flash mounting Ring for Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt yongnuo yn600ex-rt, fits jjc fx Series Flash Multiplier/sg Series 3-in-1 Stacking Grid Light Modifier ...


JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Features

  • Excellent for photography on wildlife, birding, wedding, evening party, portraits and more
  • Increases the flash output by about 2 to 4 f/stops
  • Allows you to shoot at greater distances and shoot with smaller apertures
  • Reduces the drain on battery power
  • Lightweight for easily carrying
JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier

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For a comprehensive understanding of JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand JJC
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number FX-N910
Item Weight 272 g
Model FX-N910
Product Dimensions 23 x 4 x 34 cm

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JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Reviews from YouTube

JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Extender, increases the flash output by about 2 to 3 f/stops
JJC wireless flash trigger kit
Bird Photography Equipment: Is this the perfect Setup?
WIRELESS TRIGGERS HSS TUTORIAL | Can I Use a High Speed Sync Flash With Regular Wireless Triggers?
Hi it's suitable for simpex 522 flash
I Dont kwno why, but my 60D and a Triopo TR988 speedlight don't fire the first shot. All the subsequent shots are fired if it is within a minute of the first shot. The only way to bypass it is to manualy press the pilot buton before actualy clicking the camera.
Would be real helpful if u had actually tried it on a camera and sync rwo flashes
Can it be used for eTTL HSS flash to achieve the HSS of 1/8000s?
Batteries are rechargable?
its not working
is this work on simpex 522 flash
hey there,i am using nikon d3200 with a neewer 750ii speedlight but the problem is its not working,i put them on same you think the problem is with trigger?it doesn't work with neewer 750ii flash
Hi! Does it work in TTL flashes? And can i put my flash in my camera and activate the other flash remotely whitout using the shutter thingy? Is because i use a flash in my camera and two more externaly for wedding receptions
If I buy two sets, Can I use One Transmitter and four Receivers ?
what is included in the packing box?
wired remote switch is for camera is on tripod and you avoid camera shake
I'm thinking about ordering this set and I see that it's been over a year since you made this video. After extended use, would you still recommend it?
is it working on godox tt650 flash ?
very nice. it helped me a lot
Nice video I bought this almost 6 months and was responding well with manual mode but does it work in TTL mode and if yes then how? M using a Nikon D7000 and D750 with Nikon Sb 7000 flash.
@Amresh RAj  It will not let me comment directly or reply directly to you. But to answer your question YES they should work!
hey there,,using a canon7d with (1 no.)yn565exii and (2 no.)sb800 flashes, would like to know if these triggers are compatible for this set up.these triggers are so budget friendly for me,, waiting for your re at the earliest limited stocks for these,,thnkxxx :)
hey @Nathaniel Sosa, I'm having issues with my JJC wireless trigger.  It's similar to this model, but doesn't have a camera/flash switch.  My trigger and receivers aren't communicating on all channels.  Any ideas, what I could do to get them to work again. 
I have bought a metal and cloth sunbed because I want to use it where the ground is wet. Either bogs, streams or a beach. Time will tell how good idea this is. I have several secutors, a foldable saw and something to camouflage the cut surface. Now I mainly use a big black permanent marker (nobody had gray), but I also the have some stuff from a garden center. I also considered using coloured oil, paint or Wood Stain. I use a cheap pillow in a reusable carrier bag to rest my feet on during winter. It keeps them warm. In the car this winter I will use a duvet (possibly two) for the first time to keep warm. The cover has to be grey/dark so that it does not reflect in the window. I use a fence pole to create holes in the ground for branches, stands, etc. It will probably be upgraded with a foot rest to increase penetration. I use a battery drill from IKEA to drill feeding holes in dead trees. I have a thermos with warm fat to fill the voids in the hole. It keeps the feed from becoming soggy. I use Geraniol to keep mosquitos away. Not only will they try to escape, but they will not suck blood when I sleep. One drop in each of the four corners of my hat and one drop on the longest finger on each hand. And I'm fully clothed. One drop in the drivers cabin of my car and one drop at the rear where I sleep.
Thanks Jan - great delivery style! You’re not just a bird-photography expert but a great teacher.
Thank you for the video! :)
just my opinion I personally do not like cutting live trees as I prefer to keep nature as it is (please don't hate as its my opinion but by all means try and convince me otherwise
I am using Godox v1 round head flash do you have any idea the better Beamer work perfectly with it ,I am interested to add this b.beamer to my kit and I am confused?
Hi Jan. I have just received a set of the clamps
I really don’t feel qualified to give you advice about gear, Jan. But since you specifically asked about backpacks, I thought I'd just quickly mention what I use. First the LowePro Slingshot 202 AW. This is not very relevant for you, I fear, and certainly not for bird photography, because it's far too small for big lenses, and it's discontinued anyway. But I love it for more general photography. It’s just so light that you hardly feel it on your back. And you can easily get to your gear without taking it off by just swinging it round to your front Second the LowePro FlipSide 500 AW. This is still in their lineup, I think. It easily holds a big lens and lots of other equipment. And it feels good to cary. It can also be swung round your hips to your front, and as it opens from the back, you can access your gear without laying it down in the dirt. I also tried the LowePro ProTactic 450AW, but that one I didn’t like! It felt really heavy, stiff and just uncomfortable. The side doors to quickly get a camera in or out were cool, but if you need another lens or anything else from the bag, you'll have to take it off and lay it down. And if you've attached pouches or things like that to the straps on the outside of the bag, they will probably have to be removed before you can put it down. So the whole idea of speed goes out the window. I know other people like it, but it wasn’t for me! I also use shoulder bags, but they’re only good for storing gear and carrying it from your house to your car. Not for logging around in the wilderness.
Currently I'm using a 7D Mkii, 400mm f.5.6 L and a 1.4 x extender. I also have a 2nd hand 5DMkii. I'd love a 5d Mkiv and 500mm F4 but that's going to have to wait until I win tattslotto. Great video. All the best, Brian.
Dude I really like your videos. Respect for taking all the time and effort to make them, answer comments etc etc. I am more of a birder with a camera than the other way around. So for me currently 7dmk2 and 100-400 mk2 works great for speed and flexibility and when conditions are really good some above average images will come out of this. Maybe when I find the time, funds and mental piece of mind to focus more one photography I think a 500/600 f4 and full frame would be great. But what to think of mirrorless developments?
Great Video! I h ave a question, that Perch-pole you use, with the 2 small ballheads on, is that i DIY thing or something you can buy? if its DIY, could you share som info on what you used? =)
I cannot justify the cost of the Canon 500 /600L lenses, so my go-to kit for birds and birds-in-flight is a 7DII with a Tamron 150-600 G2. I get great results in good light but have to crank up the ISO in cloudy or shady conditions. I've tried the 150-600 on my EOS-R but the slow shutter rate and slow focusing with this lens makes it only good for still subjects.
Cool video
Jan, thanks for all your videos - definitely picking up ideas. I'm curious about the Y-connector for your BP-960. I have that unit but can't find a connector to use both outputs to power my canon flash. Thanks again.
Hi, what kind of perch should be used in order to attract the birds? Do you put something to eat on the perch?
I live in a part of Canada where -20c is common so I have learned to dress so cold temperatures are not an issue that gets in the way of taking a good photo. Layers are key . So is having the ability open up a layer or close it especially around head and neck. For your hands you can't beat a pair of flexible leather mittens or gloves.
Hi Jan another great video I love it I have a question what is the brand name /model of the mini clamp that you showed at the end of your video and the metal stake brand / model ? Thank you so much for all the great tips.
My fave gear for flight is Nikon D500-Nikon 300mm f2.8 + 1.4 TC never lets me down I Also use Nikon D4s with Nikon 500mm F4 but I have to say I am not consistent with this setup. Thank you for your videos my friend they are truly excellent and I enjoy them so much.
How have you attached the bracket that holds the battery and flash? I am rubbing my nose on the monitor trying to see how it is hooked up. Thanks.
What’s the flash bracket called for the gimbal head? I’m trying to find one everywhere and I just can’t seem to find any
haahahahaa wow. 600mm f4 III at $13,000. Yea I'll just run right out and buy one right now.
very good information sir keep uploading such a videos
A video about such an obvious topic.
Really helpful info.
“I am using Nikon d5600 and it does not have HSS. If i use HSS enabled trigger and flash then will i be able to go beyond 1/200 secs with my nikon d5600.
Hey i have a question my camera nikon d5600 deos not has HSS . if i buy a Flash and trigger with HSS will i get HSS. can i go beyond 1/200s of shutterspeed and get perfect lit photos
Mr Izzy. Like ur video. My current triggers/flash don't support HSS. I am planning to upgrade both but am using an 80D and would like to avoid reliability/compatibility issues. Any product suggestions please?
Great video, but I have a question if you don't mind me asking. I have: 1- A camera that (doesn't support high-sync) 2- A flash that (supports high-sync) Will I be able to use high-sync if I buy a trigger set that (supports high-sync) in spite of the camera? Thanks
Hello, thanks for your videos,I have a Canon 430ex ii it has HSS capability can I use HSS with a flash cable ?
Can use multipe flesh with single ? Of yes please give me a video as how to setting it
ANY IDEA . I have 2 high speed sync for Digitek and a universal trigger and recently i bought one visico5 400Ws TTL which came with own remote trigger My question is i want to use all this together while shooting when i mount on top of this universal trigger together it work sometimes but not every time Pl guide me if u have any idea
My camera sony nex 5t does not see radio trigger godox 1xts( using standard hot shoe MSA 10) .but fire my flash godox 350 s every time. How to activate Hss.?
On nikon d5600, after attaching trigger, can I change shutter speed beyond 1/200?
Hello. Could you please tell me if High speed sync is available for nikon d5600.
Hi izzy sir nice tutorial also i like to say that last day i have buy a camera canon eos 77d and also i have buy a strobe light set for my outdoor and studio photography. now i have a little confusion that is can i use my old flash radio tiger and transmitter in strobe light please tell me its working or not. I have Andoer 4 Channels Wireless Remote. Basically my questation is can i use my speedlight tigger and receiver in studio mono light strobe light. please reply as soon as possible after your valuable answer then i can buy other tigger. thank you. We love you izzy sir.
Can you please tell me what HSS triggers I can use that goes with this flash, because I have this flash but I can only use HSS when the flash is on my camera, I want to use it off camera, but the regular triggers I have from you guys don't work.
Hope you guys were safe during Irma.
hi . which is the best hss trigger for canon? and i have already 600 ex rt flash
hey does canon t5i have highspeed sync
Hi, will manual flash with hss triggers combination works for getting hss (1/8000s) ?
can hss work on my 5d mark ii?

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