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JJC FX-C580 Flash Multiplier Features

  • Excellent for photography on wildlife, birding, wedding, evening party, portraits and more
  • Increases the flash output by about 2 to 4 f/stops
  • Allows you to shoot at greater distances and shoot with smaller apertures
  • Reduces the drain on battery power
  • Lightweight for easily carrying
  • Key specs are not available.

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JJC FX-C580 Flash Multiplier Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand JJC
Item model number FX-C580
Item Weight 240 g
Model FX-C580
Product Dimensions 23 x 4 x 34 cm

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JJC FX-C580 Flash Multiplier Reviews from YouTube

JJC FX-N910 Flash Multiplier Extender, increases the flash output by about 2 to 3 f/stops
☀️ JJC Flash Multiplier Dissfuer Telephoto Lens Wildlife Birding Wedding Photography Speedlight Sof
MagMod MagBeam Vs. Better Beamer Flash Extender
How to use the MagBeam
It’s heavy but it doesn’t matter if it is. It’s heavy for the flash not for the users. You are all making it seem like it’s heavier than your camera. It’s not that heavy in comparison to its quality. Also how is that being heavy even a problem? If you’re among your light horizontally which is how the flash should be you’ll be fine. Also as far as heating issues I’ve mentioned it to another user that I did a 4 hour session with my AD200 and R2 and no problems at all.
I have an old better beamer. I have had it forever, has not broken. I don't need to buy anything else so for me the Better beamer is the best choice. I do like the Mag mod for its other abilities. If I had nothing and was going to buy a new unit. I would definitely consider the Magmod. The only reason I would not consider it is because it appears that it sags and starts to point the flash downward. The Better beamer does not do this at all so I guess it depends on what you are doing and if you want to put up with the Magmods downsides. The downsides of the Better Beamer is that it does take longer to install on the flash, but hey it doesn't bother me.
Your review is so biased that it makes the review useless.
What do zoom the flash head to 24mm 50mm 200mm ?? Thank you
MAGMOD is simply better. Thanks for this video, as i will buy it.
Hi! Not used the better beamer but the magbeam system is really heavy and the flash head just drops down when the magbeam is attached.you really need to work on this Magmod Guys
Ziploc bag works perfect for carrying the better Beamer. Flimsy is not as accurate a word as like weight. Flimsy implies that it might break easily and I've had no evidence of that. It seems the problems you encountered were your own decision not to to pack it and carry it in a sample bag
Magmod is completely useless and heavy for the speedlight. Beamer flash is way better
A very enlightening video 😂
I had the MM and is very heavy and drooping.To fix the drooping I pulled the rubber magnet back into the flash more and that stop it from dropping.Bringing the weight back.
Great review. I found the comparison of the two very helpful.
How much does this setup weigh? It'll be interesting to test the Magmod to see if it's worth using. I use the BB now, but I think I may order and test it. If I don't like it I can return it. I'm liking how more uniformed the light is, especially fully opened. Also, I like that it's a system where I can use their other products for portrait photography. As far as your comment goes about coming across wildlife and not being ready with the BB, I would think most photographers would have the flash extender on their gear and not carrying it around in their pocket, so they are always ready, but I guess not. Mine is always mounted and ready to go.
thanks for the comparison , bought the mag mod , having a 500mm f2.8 a small amount of extra weight does not bother me just goto the gym and build your muscles up a bit.
Well Thanks for the video. You tried to be unbiased so I will leave it at that. My big issue is that the rubber and the magnet plus the flash unit is too heavy and you are NOT mentioning that in your review. The flash droops and its also a strain on hot shoe and flash bracket. Lens are already heavy to be adding more weight. I see the other uses for the magbeam and the additional stuff you can add. Weight is my main issue not Cost, but as a bird photographer the Better Beamer serves my need. once you secure the BB to the front of the flash its perfect. Nit picking about missing shot putting together the BB....whats that? You miss shots setting up your tripod and attaching lens and other stuff anyway. That part was not fair on your part. It doesn't take that long to put together the BB.
During your review Dan, I think you may have missed one important issue when using continuous/ repetitious flash. The Better Beamer allows the air to circulate around the flash module. The MagMod wraps the flash up in a rubber glove ( and no fresh air circulating around the front screen of the flash module). I would question if using the MagMod (especially in hot weather) the user maybe risking melting/damaging their prized flash.
That Mag Mod is obviously a lot heavier and we can tell it is drooping
Review is so one-sided. BB is lightweight and can be put in a shirt pocket when not in use. Magbeam came with no directions. On my 300mm, so heavy that it tilts down at about a 20 degree angle. Haven't adjusted yet, now back from an extended trip and watched their video. I had the right idea tried pushing back on the top to get a better angle to succeed, but maybe not enough.
It is a good product but also very heavy, maybe because of the magnets there. If you compare to Better Beemer it is really heavy. This means the tendency is the flash head is going down. You have to react to this not so with flimsy BetterBeamer.
After the better beamer fell off a couple of times and finally cracked I bought the Magmod In the former it's recommended that we set it to 50 mm ...is there any advise on the Magmod?
Sure don't like why you are running down the Better Beamer. It was designed to be light weight and pack down flat. For the wildlife photographer, you can't afford to carry around large, heavy and bulky equipment. For what is is designed to do, it far outweighs the MagBeam unit.
Thank you! I was wondering what was going on, without any directions with the kit.
It is indispensable. I have professional kit but i will buy this wildlife kit.
Can I use the wide angle glass for long distance wedding couple photography?
On sale this 4th but....which one do I buy? Does the MagBeam Kit Fresnel Flash Extender do it all? Including the wildlife?
The thing I've noticed with the MagMasks is that you also have to set the flash distance, or else you will get softer, less defined lines. I haven't perfected it yet, but there's definitely more than one element to using the magmask with the wide fresnel lens than knowing to use that one with the masks. I think using the 70mm setting seemed to work best, but I was in such a chaotic environment, I didn't get to really try all the settings in different scenarios.
Is it possible to use the gels with the telephoto wildlife version? I want to use them to add some slight color tint.
hi im v jj
I just watched this and ran to grab my sphere and gels-I never knew that was how you install them!!! Mind blown-thanks!
Product Is Good But ret is very hi
In a pinch, has anyone ever used a MagBeam with a wide lens as a substitute for a MagSphere? Any thoughts on how well that works?
Much ado about the trivial, where are the results?
Vansh Video no papa
Shankar video
Vansh Video made niopa
Looks great I noticed there is no flash bracket elevating the flash off the camera, without elevating the flash do you still get steel eye in bird photos?
Is it compatible with Nikon sb5000
Your packing of products really sucks.
Epic, good luck!
For wildlife, will decreasing flash focal length increase the area of the beam? What about collapsing or partially collapsing magbeam? Just got my wildlife kit and I can't wait to try it.
If I add a grid before the Magmask will the pattern be sharper?

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