JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser For Canon 600EX

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Buy JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) online at Flipkart Amazon. JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) . JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) available in Colours: Black

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JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) price at Flipkart - ₹400

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Amazon ₹999 ₹1,998
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JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) price at Amazon - ₹999 ₹1,998

JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 2-4 Days
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The lowest JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) Price in India is ₹1,998 ₹999 at Amazon.
Buy JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) online at Flipkart Amazon.
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JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) available in Colours:
  • Black

JJC FC-600EX Flash Diffuser (For Canon 600EX) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand JJC
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number FS1
Item part number FC-600EX
Item Weight 32 g
Model FS1
Product Dimensions 15.2 x 0.8 x 10.2 cm

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How to Setup the Canon 600 EX-RT II Flashes for Wedding Photography Katelyn James
How to Setup the Canon 600 EX-RT II Flashes for Wedding Photography (Katelyn James)
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Get SUPON Bounce Flash Diffuser Softbox for CANON 600EX-RT 600EX Speedlite Top
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Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Real-world Radio Wireless Flash Q amp A
Canon: Speedlite 600EX-RT: Real-world Radio Wireless Flash Q&A
Great video! How do I set up the transmitter and flashes to keep up in burst/high drive mode. When I’m trying to shoot 12 frames per second with my r5, the off camera flash is not keeping up (causing me to miss a lot of shots). Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks for the help.
great info thanks im new to the channel you got me in when you bought the r6!!! im making that move soon cant wait
Like you, I shot a lot of weddings along with Graduating Seniors and outdoor portraiture prior to and during 2012 and those years. Pocket Wizards were never made for Canon cameras/flashes. Setting them up was like wiring a nuclear device, with all the steps you had to go through and even then they only worked intermittently. What I did was buy Radio Poppers PX Wireless System. Which turned your Canon Flashes, using a master flash on your camera or the ST-E2 (I think that’s what it’s called) transmitter, with a Radio Popper transmitter mounted on it, which sent a radio signal to a Radio Popper receiver mounted on your flash and turned it into a wireless system. They worked flawlessly. I used them for years and only stopped when I got the Canon 600 EX-RT-II system. The Radio Poppers worked on the 420 EX all the way up to the 580EX II Canon flashes. I use the 600’s but have begun using Godox AD200 Pro units along with their transmitters and the V860II C flash units with the Li-ion battery. I love Canon Flashes but so far I’ve used the hell out of the Godox units and they’ve worked without a hitch. I suspect their speedlites like the V860II C is most likely a direct knock off of Canons 600 EX-RT-II—at least the electronics. (They’re both made in China.) But their speedlites are about 1/3 the price of a Canon 600 and so far they’re durable. The AD200 Pro, depending on where you buy it , will run about $300 bucks or so. And you need a transmitter ($40-79) to work with it. But the AD 200 Pro has about 3 times the power of the Godox or Canon 600 flashes. The setup is the same as Canons with multiple flashes,etc. If you’re using a Godox flash unit as your Master, then in addition to a channel, you need to set a user ID just like with Canon. You don’t have to do the ID if you’re using one of their three transmitters.
so you don't need an st-e3-rt if you have multiple flashes?
Hi! I would LOVE if you’d make a video about just using one of them, no slaves. I’m a portrait photographer, and have bought my first speed light, the same model as yours, and would like to know the best way to set it up for use. I used it at a styled shoot on a very dark tropical storm day and did terribly with it. Thanks Katelyn!
Natural light photographer. Well...
Why everybody talk about Godox AD200 currently ? Strange that other brands make cheaper and more powerful flash...
Wonderful video. I use these flashes for work too but was curious to see your setup but wanted to say you explained it really beautifully. I can’t stress enough how great the Canon RT system is compared to the mess of third party triggers I used to use. The biggest problem is something you mentioned in passing - as it’s so easy you can pretty much forget all the set up malarkey and just get on with shoot after shoot. Then if you nudge a button and mess up your settings you can suddenly find you’ve ended up in a backwater of the menu you’ve not visited before and it takes a bit of thought to work out what’s what. Not a big issue as the menu is relatively (by flash standards) intuitive, but its more a sign of how the plug and play simplicity can mean you don’t have to get that familiar learning the awkward parts of the system!
Hi, I'm new to your channel. How do I connect it to the Camera? I have a Canon 6D mark II. I can't seem to find anyone connecting them. I want to use it under an umbrella and shown NOT being told that I can use it. Can you help with that please?
I tested mine out while watching and it was a big help! Question: Do you keep both the head flash and 2nd one both on ETTL settings for receptions all the time? I couldn't tell from your video if had that setting on for each flash. I did see below that you keep it on 24 mm to get as much width as possible. Thank you!
This tutorial was so very much helpful and simple to follow! In matter of minutes I solved my multi-flash radio set up using your guide and now I can make the best of the investment I had made in my canon Radio enabled Flashes. Many thanks!
Does this work with the EOS R?
Katlyn, instead of saying master flash you can say transmitter or receiver flash ! Much better than copying canon terminology from decades ago?
So, so happy you have made this video. Thank you! Thousands of photographers need to see this - including me. Making me at ease for my wedding tomorrow as I dabble for the first time on my own with OCF 🙈
o wow very nice sharing...👌👍
You are my good english teacher! I can understand your english!
Where you went to hit the Menu button on my flash that button says "Sync" How do I get to a menu? Thank you for doing a flash video. :-)
You can also save your settings to memory, just incase! Also it's good to turn off sleep mode. Great video and flashes. I use the transmitter, it's also awesome!
Why do you set them up for 24mm?
Flashes are very useful in a wedding but I do my best not to use them.
i post repair for canon 5d also
Thank you!!!
Thank you! Fixed my 600EX-RT thanks to this :)
Well Godox AD600 TTL version $760 rated at 600w at a fraction of a cost of 8 600ex = $4000, I think that makes more sense to everyone today.
How do you turn individual lights off within a group? I use three 600EX RTs most of the time but I can't figure out how to do this and the manuals are ****-knows-where.
Hi I have a shoot coming up on in few days, and I was wondering if the 600EX-RT has HSS capability or is it only on the 600EX-RT 2. greatly appreciate the assistance
hi, can i use my 600EXII-RT through the WiFi without another external flash ? till now i could use it just with popup flash signal and it have many problems.so you cant use it in the large salon and far distance . My camera is 80D. thank you :)
What trigger/remote on the camera is he using for the HSS on the 600RT?
omg, he called it on the 400 series RT lol
How do you set rear curtain mode with radio transmission?
how do you + or - the master flash mounted on camera ? I know how to use the radio to tell the group B to shoot more or less light but how do i do with the master ?
one question, i have one 600ex-rt, whats the benefit to have more rather than to use studio flash kit.
look like crazy louis ck