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Buy JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser online at Amazon. JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser Colours: White
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JJC FC-26E फ़्लैश डिफ्यूज़र Canon 420EX Digi-Slave DFS-1 Kodak ...

तकनीकी विवरण ; ‎6.95029E+12 · ‎Flash Diffuser · ‎7.7 x 3.9 x 4.8 cm; 150 ग्राम · ‎6.95029E+12 · ‎1 x Flash Diffuser.


JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser Features

  • Custom fit and portable
  • Softens and diffuses light
  • Ideal for portrait shooting
JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser Colours:
  • White

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JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand JJC
Item model number FC-26E
Model FC-26E
Product Dimensions 8 x 7 x 4 cm

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JJC FC-26E Flash Diffuser Reviews from YouTube

The Ultimate Flash Diffuser Challenge
FLASH DIFFUSERS - which one is best?
Flash Diffuser Light Softbox by Altura Photo | Review
The Ultimate Flash Diffuser Comparison Test
Emma is beautiful both with and without shadows! - You don't need a flash diffuser to lighten the shadows in portrait photography. The ones shown in the video are useless rediculous decisive factor is the intensity of the speedlight and the direction from which the flash comes. In TTL mode, you lose control of the balance between available and flash light. To vary the direction of the flash, it is better to take the speedlight off the camera and use it unleashed in manual mode. Vary the flash intensity and position. Set aperture, shutter speed and ISO depending on the available light. Note that the intensity of the flash is controlled by the ISO and the aperture. A radio transmitter to trigger the flash is the more useful purchase.
Lighten the shadows while portrait shooting is in the first line not a matter of which kind of diffuser you chose! TTL is the issue! Better you use the flash in manual mode. So you keep control by stepping down the intensivity of your flash. The Setting of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO only depend of the available light! To use TTL is a mistake. You kee no control over the balance of available and flash light by using it in manual mode. And set the reflector directly straight forward! You don't need any diffusor.
Was flash at full power ?
Thanks for nice information
Bare light is best
Bro you are the best, I been read a lot about how to use flash for outdoor portraits and all of them are just subjective theories with out any solid evident. But your testing and result answer all of my questions. Thank you.
It is the best presentation of diffusers I have ever seen ! And the most funniest also ! Bravooo
I disagree on the Lightsphere, as a good modifier. It only shines in comparison to these awful modifier's you found. And, seriously, who came up with that toilet seat approach? Wow
Great video, add affiliate links to the products you talk about on your videos
genious genious
A: hey whts that on your camera Photographer : Ah its a Toilet Diffuser
What do you mean exactly by meter to 0 Sorry for the noob question
Dear friendsalways i want use direct flash during wedding eventdue to huge crowd STROBES or another gadgets (who always at light stand) are impossible for place there How about TRIOPO Speedlite Flash Light Modifier I thought ths will give me soft light (nearly shadowless) Plssss advise
Did you play in "Eat, Pray, Love" :D Loved the presentation, thanks a lot!
no was bro, aall the photos are from the face and the last one from more far away. nono
what is ur flash setting i mean 1/1 u use
I immediately noticed the winner diffuser (liggtsphere pointing directly) when you took the shot. I have similar diffuser from magmod called magsphere but I think this one is better when pointing directly to the subject.
What do you mean by “meter to zero”? Turn off flash compensation? Or meter the scene so exposure is set in the center of the scale?
thanks for the great work done you've turned us into blessed
Diffusers look like ice cream cones
Wow, the last and free piece of paper seems best though carrying it along doesn't look professional but the result for me is great
That was a most enjoyable video. So much so, I subbed. Test results were very informative. Looking forward to more content. Cheers
Great video! Thank you very much! I think I’ll just use the standard diffuser that comes with the flash and just bounce it from the ceiling.
Can I have a question? Just had my first official paid photoshoot. I was struggling because the place was too small and I couldn't put my softbox anywhere. I had to use my speedlight without softbox and it was nightmare. There was a window behind the subject. When I used the speedlight, the natural light just disappeared. What did I do wrong? I guess it's not because of the diffuser because in your images the natural light through the window is still there. Thanks for your advice the video is really helpful, you won a new subscriber
Good test.
Something that I liked using was the "Rogue Photographic Design FlashBender v3 Soft Box Kit". It's a large, well put together paper that you can shape and reshape to the type of bounce of light you desire. You can even form it into a nice snoot. The cost is about £ 83.
just what i needed, the fabric one is the one ill probably get.
Nice test! Thank you for that. I can imagine that the paper and the flat-silver diffuser work very well incide, with a white ceiling. but how good are they outside?
Very useful information, I learned so much about all these types of diffusers. Thank you for sharing!
I am looking for a good diffuser. Thank you sir. Your video is very helpful.
Very Useful Video Thank you Sir
The same thing as you
Loved this video. I haven't got a flash diffuser yet. I will have to get the 10/10. I was surprised about the 2nd one being so naff. You made me laugh with the comment about looking like a complete numpty. You're doing a great job with your videos btw
GREAT vid! You nailed the addage that the best solution is not always the most expensive one. I have the silicone Fong and it is pretty good. However I have had just about as much luck with results by using a doubled sheet of trace paper and rubber . keep up the great content!
Does this block the focus assist on the altura ttl flash?
hi, I bought the 6x5 for my fuji xt30. However, it give a lot of reflection for people wearing glasses when pointing the flash directly forward with the diffuser and it's not improved with the second diffusion. Any tip to reduce it?
This flash diffuser is great but there is a trick to getting good results with it. First of all, I find that if you just put on the diffuser and angle it at a 90 degree angle it might create a shade/shadow effect over the lens, thereby reducing the amount of light going to the lens and sensor significantly. So in order to minimize that effect, you'll need to angle the flash head up a little. One way of doing that is by inserting the diffuser all the way down the flash head and use the rubber band to secure the diffuser right where the flash head meets the base of the speedlite. The rubber band will be sitting right in the gap between the flash head and the base which prevents the flash head from collapsing all the way down to 90 degrees. That's a FYI for you all.
What are the purposes of 3 sizes of the softbox
what size of light softbox do you suggest for weddings into church? 15cm is allright or i need more?
this will block the infrared af assist lights
Is it just me or dose he look stoned as hell?
I'm a hobbyist and bought this to use with a used Nikon SB-22 Speedlight. It gives great results, but I find the design of the SB-22 is too short to securely attach the diffuser (the light end only sticks out about a half-inch from the body of the flash). Are there better Nikon flashes to use with this?
Guys, honestly don't buy this. First of all, the test images shown have been shot by placing the flash on the top right of the subject and triggered using a wireless trigger. So it's not an ON CAMERA FLASH shot which most of you are looking for. The second thing to remember, larger your light source = softer the shadows and vice versa Which means, your light source (diffuser) should be larger than your subject. This diffuser is just so small and hardly bigger than any humans face. Therefore it will create harsh shadows when compared to a large softbox (80cms or 120cms) When compared to a bare Speedlite, you will get just little less harsh shadows. by using this diffuser you are not going to get those flattering mindblowing that you usually see in magazines etc.
the photo example was shot with wireless in her left side look at the shadow, its not mounted in the camera.
Can this work for professional photography like photo shoots for weddings Or even general single photo shoots?
I read your answer in the macro question below, but could you specify which size would be best or provide a link please?
Any issues fitting this to a Godox TT685? How about the Godox V1?
what size is better for macro photography?
Can I use this diffuser on godox
Great video, provide good information and ideas for photography.
I was reading in some reviews that some people bought this and didn’t fit properly. I’m planning on getting the Sony HVLF43M. Will this be able to fit?
Does the diffuser's shape matter (octagon vs. rectangle)?
What are the advantages or disadvantages of this product vs your flash diffuser reflector? Are you able to recommend one over the other or do they serve different needs?
If there were no nearby walls and ceilings to bounce off of, only a small area of the sphere would be lighting the the model, so the shadow would be much harsher. Therefore, the Lightsphere would not necessarily be better than the others that don't rely on bounce flash. I think if you had tested the Graslon Prodigy with its 5x8" flat panel lens (instead of the small one), you would have found that that one casts softer shadows, whether inside or outside, than the other ones.
The results would be more meaningful if the exposure was consistent.
I bought the Rouge flashbender
Looks like he is intentionally using them wrong to make his look better.
Great test / video! Thanks
I like the Rogue one
An interesting test and a host of interesting comments, but only one reply from Gary. Methinks it's time he did the test over, but as he is selling his own product it's never going to be impartial. So, let's leave this as a pseudo- scientific infomercial and look for an impartial scenario instead. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good video to watch?
Graslon looks more like a Mugshot. Just sayin'
comment in 2018. seem like the strength of lightsphere is beside filling the ceiling light, it also redirect good amount of diffused light towards horizontal directions. Other types of light modifier are still worth buying for their own strengths but lightsphere could be taken as "diffuser for dummy".
You are so fake! That is not the picture with the softbox! FAKE!
A bit of a slight of hand. The room was already dim so the flash tended to be brighter and cast a shadow. You can adjust the flash's output so it doesn't shoot at full power.
Though Bob Coss has a valid point, I'm not so sure as to how to correctly interpret the result of this otherwise interesting test unless coming with this message: None of small size, over the flash, modifiers are going to do the job of a traditional light box, unless you mix a lot of experience with some elements of luck. Good video and thanks for sharing.
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This is cheating! you are using other modifiers pointed directly into the subject while for light sphere you are bouncing it using white ceiling. This is so unfair, in this case you should in fact compare it to bare flash but also bounced or even those modifiers but fire them against ceiling. But you didn't do it as you know that would look pretty the same if not better!
Biggest rip off gimmick of the past decade. Make your own with an empty milk carton, honestly it does just as good. Having the 'model' smile only for the strategically 'bounced' sphere didn't really fool anyone either, why didn't you point it right at her like you did with the others? Also the exposures are clearly all over the place, I've used a number of these mods and got much better results. Your 'sphere' looks like a burst milk carton, I laugh and point at photographers I see using one - which is actually very, very rare thankfully
what about flash settings ?
All the sphere does is spread the light in all directions evenly. If there is a light coloured surface near enough to it, front back or sides, of course it will deliver a softer light. In real life situations this is not the case. This thing is great if shooting in a white box. A bounce card is more directional, but if shooting at a closer, more realistic distance for event photography, it will be much softer than examples shown in this video. Softness of light, or, more gradual gradation from highlight to shadow, is directly related to the size of the light source. If the sphere has a big old white wall and ceiling to bounce from it works a treat, but without the wall, a big bounce card is a great substitute. A shorter distance from the subject helps too.
Gary Fong your diffusers are too high!
Impressive results with the lightsphere. It seems to be best at indoors and tight. I would usually use a bracket if I could with flash on up high to avoid the shadow in background. I am guessing but I think the lightsphere on a flash bracket in vertical if not with some forward tilt would yield great results. Ceiling height is very crucial here since it buries the subjects shadow.
. Gary use to work for Fox News, his test are fair and balanced(Not) Most of the light sources were below eye level and direct, except for his.

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