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JiMMy Pride Parrot Food (900gm) Features

  • Fine food for parrot
  • Nutritious blend
  • 900gm Pack
  • 100% Natural
  • Dry
  • Birds
  • Food

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JiMMy Pride Parrot Food (900gm) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand JiMMy
feature Premium Quality Food For ParrotNutritious Blend900 Gm Pack100% Natural
Manufacturer SGP Industry

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JiMMy Pride Parrot Food (900gm) Reviews from YouTube

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for some people curious about birdtricks and tops is that tops is available in Canada as birdtricks is not. She recommends tops if you are not able to get her brand. both are natural ingredients.
You only reviewed the fruit blend tho Zupreem has organic too Whats ur opinion on those
Your parrots are adorable! I was wondering if you could do more videos with your other pets ( no birds I mean) maybe a video with your rabbits, cats, chinchillas etc. thanks!Edit: like if you agree every one!
Ive only got 1 canary and if i make chop she wont eat the whole thing so i dont make chop for her instead i just cut up a few veg and give it to her
I was an idiot before to feed bread to birds. Now I give unboiled rice seeds(obviously wild)
Can u show us what your bird eats
More peacock videos
I was advised to feed zupreme fruit blend by my veterinarian and the pet product store. I dont know why I was so oblivious! For almost 3 years now Ive been feeding my birds junk. I am switching to 100% chop by the end of my final exams. Thank you so much.
I feed my dog a mix of Blue buffalo and Merriek dry food with Blue buffalo wet food. Do you think that is a good diet and are those good dog food brands in your opinion? I know kibble isnt the best thing to feed a dog but I want to know your honest opinion.By the way I love your channel and want to make sure my fur baby has a good diet.
Can you do a 2020 all of my pets
where the hell is she for 3 weeks
Thankyou for spreading this message! I 100% agree! I feed an all natural raw diet to my green cheeks, with a small portion of it as TOPS pellets
can you do a vid about sugar glider diet plssssssssssss
Please can you do more viodes on peacock
We are not getting a Bird but I will ask you what typed of them to get ............
Can you make another video that is pets to buy for kids but more options
I love that the focus is on teaching people how to read ingredients and know what they're buying instead of just telling them "this is bad because I said so" with no explanation I've been watching your channel for a very long time now and you taught me so much when I was younger (I'm now studying zoology) mainly about not blindly trusting anyone
Please do more videos about prairie dogs
I would love to see a video on advice for housing rabbits outdoors.
I can't get over the fact that your hair suits you so much
Help Support The Parrot Playhouse Birds By Shopping at Our Amazon Parrot Store!Thank you video and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. My Parrot "Blue" loves Kaytee Exact Rainbow, which is a blessing. Only thing he is fussy with is with the fresh fruit and veg in the morning. If he doesn't like something in the bowel, I soon hear about it haha. He loves apple. But only gets small portions due to the sugar content.
Hi! This is the first video I have seen of yours and I love how informative you are! I have a question. I have a green cheek conure who is about, roughly, 1 year old. She is currently on Roudybush, her breeder feeds all his birds this. I feel like she needs something better because I have hear of multiple ingredient changes in roudybush and she is kinda small. Her weight is about 60 - 62g. I've been thinking of changing her over to Zupreem Natural or Harrisons High potency but I'm not sure which one! Any suggestions? Thank you for your time! I hope you are able to see this!
Thanks for the suggestions on Pellets! My girls love ZuPreem's Pure Fun. I'm having them try the pasta pellets from Zupreem. It's new. Ginger Says TY for showing Thomas and Baby!
What do you think of Roudybush pellets? I don't hear much about them either. Curious to know your thoughts. Thanks!
*IMPORTANT WARNING FOR PET BIRD OWNERS:* The food that we normally give to the canaries (and other companion birds) consisting of a "complete, balanced and top-quality seeds mixture" bought in pet stores or malls, makes the owners trust that their pet is well fed, but it's not so: indeed the birds health is at serious risk.The owners of canaries, parrots, cockatoos, budgies, cockatiels, etc., WE MUST PAY ATTENTION TO DOMESTIC BIRD BREEDERS AND VETS and keep in mind that although we feed them with such a typical seeds mixture, our birds are very likely in danger of suffering an unexpected, painful and practically inevitable PREMATURE DEATH BY FATTY LIVER DISEASE. Canaries, for example, will surely die at 4 - 7 years of age of the more than 14 that they can live.It's sad that pet birds are fated to die early and painfully in so many cases. You have to warn people to avoid it!This deadly disease is very common in pet birds but owners usually dont know or detect it in time. And we cant imagine that *THE CAUSE IS IN THE FOOD ITSELF* that we provide to our birds, in which such *a typical mixture contains low-fat seeds such as canary seed together with other VERY fatty seeds such as niger, hemp or nabine and, in addition, the birds usually prefer to eat the fatty seeds* so that their REAL DIET is unbalanced by excessive fat, gradually causes the fatty infiltration of the liver and in a few years causes fatty liver hepatitis and PREMATURE DEATH to pet birds.*Also the fruits and specially the breeding paste and its pigments and the sunflower seeds can attack the liver* if they are taken too much or for too long.It's a cruel disease that progresses silently and, when its unexpected symptoms begin, they are easily confused with other ailments so the owners usually postpone the visit to the vet at a time already critical for the life of the bird (besides that not all vets are trained to recognize this elusive and misleading disease, even to administer lipotropic and regenerative liver protectors in curative doses, just in case it's that and not a supposed blow). It's a process of slow and asymptomatic progression, but when their visible symptoms begin (acute phase) the disease accelerates.*SYMPTOMS OF THE ACUTE PHASE OF FATTY LIVER DISEASE:* First, progressive sadness and/or pecking, hard belly (in many cases, with a dark spot with a half-moon shape on the belly, which seems a "tumor", to see it you have to wet your fingers to remove the down), falls from the sticks of the cage that seem for "errors of calculation" and then lameness (that make believe that they are by the previous falls, but both symptoms are due to that it hurts the liver), lack of flight and singing, the bird fluffs up his feathers or bends more or less slowly; Then, within a few weeks or a few days, heavy breathing with open beak, remaining lying on the floor of the cage near the food, sudden spasms from time to time (which make people believe that the bird is "epileptic" but it are twinges of pain of diseased liver), abundant greenish poop (caused by biliverdin which if it's not fasting, it means hepatic harm), then black and watery (from hepatic hemorrhages), then a strange purplish color of skin and beak, an excessive appetite and the final "improvement" of a few days (in the last phase, the already degenerated liver becomes deflated by what the bird seems to ameliorate), after which it suddenly dies among seizures (which may seem a heart infarct).For the first symptoms the liver has already degenerated to 80% and only an urgent (and accurate) vet action can save your bird and revert the liver situation. If you simply feed your bird with the loose seeds mixture (even if you give it fresh fruits, vegetables and let it exercise, for example by letting it out of the cage at home), right now your pet's liver is degenerating, and neither you nor your bird know. *Without liver protectors, it's almost certain that your bird will die early and in many cases you wont be able to determine its real cause.*Hepatic lipidosis it's not only deadly by itself when the visible symptoms begin (sometimes even it does not warn at all until few moments before the death). Even before the acute phase it predisposes the bird to suffer infections, as it weakens the immune system. Obese pet birds have an higher risk of many other diseases, like arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Obesity in birds it's not so apparent but it's more dangerous than in other animals like mammals.So in addition to giving to the birds lipotropic and detox / regenerating hepatic protectors preventively and routinely, breeders usually make their own mixtures with low fat seeds.*PREVENTION AND/OR TREATMENT:* The time to act is NOW that your bird doesnt have yet the visible symptoms. It's necessary to ACTIVELY PREVENT THE LIVER DEGENERATION. Fortunately it's easy to do it: *It's very advisable to substitute progressively (within some weeks, as per the instructions of the manufacturer) the mixture of loose seeds for some pellets compound food of seeds, fruits and vegetables (preferably those that already include liver protectors), because this prevents the bird from filtering and eating mostly the fatty seeds (but without insisting if the bird does not get accustomed to eating pellets because he could die for starvation within a few days).**And, whatever the diet, it's CRUCIAL to add to the drinking water or to the food a LIPOTROPIC LIVER PROTECTOR that includes carnitine and / or choline, betaine, methionine, etc., (and it's very convenient to add a DETOX / REGENERATING LIVER PROTECTOR with thistle milk, boldo, artichoke extract).*Liver protectors are not medicine but cheap food supplements manufactured by pet bird vet laboratories that remove the fat from the liver, clean it and favor its recovery. It's essential to add them to the pet birds diet to conserve their liver. It's something that breeders and vets know, but we the owners usually don't know.It are appearing in the market compound feed for pet birds that dont include fatty seeds and that already include several liver protectors. *But the vast majority of owners still confidently feed their birds with the typical mixture of loose seeds with little fat and other very fatty seeds... And their birds continue dying for hepatic lipidosis in a large number of cases (likely, in most cases).* Now we know that, as fatty liver disease develops from the daily food itself, its most likely THE FIRST CAUSE OF DEATH OF PET BIRDS, and more so as the bird ages.Webs on FLD:Liver disease is a slow, on-going progressive disease where the liver tissue is replaced with fat. When the liver disease has progressed, the bird may suddenly appear ill. One of the sadder diseases many avian vets see is that of hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease. It's sad in a number of ways since often the birds are very ill, life-threateningly so, or possibly having died suddenly. Often the owners have been unaware of the dangers of feeding their beloved pet the seeds, peanuts, or other fatty foods the bird obviously loves to eat. These are truly cases of "loving your bird to death". Any bird can fall victim to fatty liver disease. Dietary deciencies of lipotrophic factors such as choline, biotin, and methionine may decrease the transport of lipids from the liver. The clinical manifestations of hepatic diseases in ornamental birds are much more frequent than people could imagine and in many cases they are not appreciated, progress in a silent way and when they are evident, vet action may arrive late.Most any avian symptomatology should be considered as if it was a pathology that could be serious, and not allow the disease to develop because then it will probably be too late. We must closely investigate the symptoms, take preventive measures that dont harm (such as giving liver and intestinal protectors according to the leaflet) ask for advice from vets, breeders, etc. and procure the most appropriate treatment RAPIDLY, but without rushing in the treatment or with the doses in such small animals. If the days go by and the bird doesnt improve, it's necessary to continue investigating and, if necessary, change the medication in an informed and contrasted manner. Doing nothing or stopping research usually ends up with the bird dead, but acting without being sure of what is done and in what dose, it likely ends the same way. It's necessary to obtain and confirm the sufficient vet experience and have the serenity to determine in each case whether it's convenient to hasten to do and / or administer what medicine and in what dose, or if its better not to do and let the situation evolve without medicating for the time being, or according to the medication that has already been administered.A limp in a bird is not always an injury caused by a blow, but the symptom of a disease of some organ (usually the liver or an intestinal disease) that needs to be discovered and treated ASAP. When in doubt, change diet to one with the lowest fat possible (only birdseed, or with other low-fat seeds such as millet, chia, fresh fruits and vegetables) and administer lipotropic and regenerating liver protectors in curative doses immediately... although nothing could foresee a fatal outcome. There are also food supplements protectors of the intestinal mucosa and stimulants of the immune system. In doses according to the leaflets do not cause damage, it will surely save the life of your bird (if it's not too late), and will keep them with a basic wellness.
What do you think of Harrison's bird bread? I bake it for my birds.
I love that you did these video. My first budgie was addicted to seeds. Her avian vet told me to switch her to pallets. I did over 2 years ago. She's so healthy now. My budgies love Harrison's. Plus they eat vegetables and fruits now. But I want to thank you because I never thought about pallets are like crackers sitting out all day. Great point.
My birds all like different pellets. I wish they would all like one type of pellet to make feeding easier. My Senegal love Tops Pellets, have you ever tried these?
Thomas is speaking along with you lol
You deserve million of subscribers amazing channel
Hello April. I love this video so much! It really has helped me. Ive looked everywhere for good pellet brands in australia but cant find any really. But this has given me a good idea of what to look for. Ive looked through all the ingrediants of the pellets you mentioned and will try and find something with similar ingrediants over here. At the moment im feeding vetefarm pellets. My birdy gets vegetables in the morning and sprouts and pellets for dinner. Fruit on occasion but if i do give fruit, its usually berries because of the antioxidant properties. Seeds and nuts as treats. I have a little green cheeked conure and because i work from home at the moment, im home all day so i dont leave something in his cage all day. Instead i do a few training sessions with him because i love it and he loves it. I do trick training and flight training. Or ill get hi, to forage instead of training. Of course weighing him daily and regualar vet visits! Thanks again! Loved this video!!!
HI April...I'm glad you made this video....birdtricks..com made a video of all pellets saying they are bad for your parrots...they really trashed Zupreme and Harrison's...they also say that things keep evolving and that people need to stop listening to everyone...I bet they don't get blood work done on their parrots...Kudos to you for another great video. ..
Speaking of pellets I just went to the parrot store and got my birds TOPs pellets Ive heard very highly of this pellet. My birds eat chop with just vegetables and now they are gonna eat a very healthy pellet. Im very happy that I can give them the best.
Ciaques are delicate rainforest flowers.... THAT WILL KILL YOU IF THEY HAVE THE CHANCE!!!!!
Heh. I have been following you and your wonderful bird family. I wish others would educate themselves about proper foods . I had to stop watching one of my favorite utube young couple that bought a umbrella cockatoo at age 1, now is 10 yeas old. They knew nothing about birds never mind large parrots. So many aweful things they keep doing. Like they feed him peanut butter several times a day. Whatever their eating , even dairy foods. They rub the bird under his wings and pat him kn his back. I know this is stimulating this bird causing him to get turned on like birds in the wild. They have no childern yet but plan to and can't begin to think of what's comming when they no longer give him their full attdntion. I also follow Birdtricks because they adopt the same healthy and educated way as you do. Yesterday I watched in disbelief as this owner put this huge bird on this strangers shoulder who was freaking out afraid of this large bird maybe attacking her eyes etc. Thankfully this time they were kucky. As a fan I commented saying how dangerous this was and on social media the owner told me if I didn't like what I saw then don't watch. I was heart broken. This bird is sweet but they simply have no idea what they are doing and how one day the bird will get sick living on mushy peanut butter etc. I tryed so hard to nudge them to other sites that they could check out but to no avail. So I had to stop watching them. I know this bird is going to end up with thousands of others waiting to be adopted. Sorry for this long post but had to get it off my chest. Thank you for all your hard work and care that's overwhelming to your birds.
Use sprouted seeds ( via China Prarie). Add bean sprouts etc. Was gonna say more but ....Main thing is how much of a good diet is too much? Have to watch my less active , disabled as she can get chubby........weighing IS important. Maybe a vlog on good digital scales(?) Lol. Sorry. Like informative vlogs.
Chatty Thomas hardly let you get a word in. Thanks for featuring him. This video is bueno!
I loved this i love the idea of grinding up harrisons and sprinkling on wet food! Brilliant
Hi April...your shade of lipstick is very flattering on you....I just had to say that
do you give your birds chop very day?
How did you get Bluebell to go from a seed diet to a pellet diet?
Do you feed them this everyday or is it once a week
What about apples also can you put a hole apple in there cage
Thank you! I recently got a bird and she was fed seeds most of her life and I've seen everyone say that seeds are very bad for birds but I never really watched/ learned anything about what specifically supposed to eat, I'm going to start trying to transition over to healthy food
hahaha babita you right also can i join you vids plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Oh, I just give my bird seeds and fruits and veggies at random times not with his food I guess Ive been doing it all wrong but my mom wont let me make all these...
I loved this video my brid now eats vegetables and fruitd6
How much should I feed a cockatiel like how many teaspoons or tablespoons of food each day?
My mom is telling me not to feed them vegetables because they already have their food in the bag we bought. And if I did idk how to cut it cause I dont have that thing you have so Im overwhelmed but Ill get through it. Hopefully
my birds are sick and i dont have enough money to help em:(
My mom bought some parakeets on a whim and now Im stuck doing the research to take care of them
Does this count for lovebirds?Cause Im hoping to get one!
Thx for the help i just got bird for CHRISTMAS this will help allot also can a bird eat tangerine popsicles ?
Elle: Kermit! You just dropped a entire chunk of sweet potato.Kermit:idc
How much seeds should you give your bird
One question. Are you able to feed the chop everyday as the base, fruits as an occasional meal, and millet or seeds as a foraging and training food and for them to still stay healthy?
Is zuppreem a good pellet?
I just got a bird and I love him! I didnt get him impulsively(Ive been researching birds for a while, the cage,toys, and safe veggies) He seems really happy and loves his big cage and toys and now Im finally going to try chop! The breeder suggested waiting for about two weeks before getting him off the seed diet. This video was so helpful!
Thank you very much! Im gonna try this
Can u serve this in stead of there normals food like instead of giving them pellets or seeds can u give them chop instead of there seeeds or pellets?
I would like to make it but what if the pieces are too small or too big and my cockatiel chokes
Elle I need some of your help. can you put the whole grains in your amazon shopping chart? It's kinda hard to find I can't find it on amazon. I'll see if you put it in the amazons shopping chart! Thank you so much!
Thank you for this video!
My bird biscuit refuses to eat veg so I tried this and I will try feeding it to him tomorrow morning
Can I use frozen veg in my parrot chop? Defrosted before serving... Please give me some tips
Question, when your making the grains do or can you put salt or anything like that?
Wow very helpfulLove all your videos dear
Super helpful,
I'm getting a bird in two days so thanks
Can I put it in the fridge for a few days?
Can budgies eat this
Thank you so much for the great content. Its really helping me create a great home for my new birds my dad got me. The chop looks YUM! Thanks again!!!! Keep great videos coming.
Why do I wanna eat it?
I dont have baby agurla or dill and bok choy do i have to put them in?
Can we give a budgie uncooked cauliflower?
Is it OK if we don't blend the vegetables or boil it and just cut them and put it in the parrots bowl?
Uuuuh I have a 8 month green cheek conure, and had been feeding her seeds before I watched your channel. She is kind of picky now, so is there anything that I can feed her to stop the seed diet? (When I put seeds on her veggies, she just picks them off)

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