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Jerhigh Bacon Dog Food (100gm) Specifications

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Brand Jerhigh
Pet Food & Treats Specification
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Jerhigh Bacon Dog Food (100gm) Reviews from YouTube

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Whats ur breed name
Tagae ang iro ug food imo raman eheheh gigutom sya
Hi...Good, I subscribed, commented and liked return me too please I subscribed, commented and liked return me too please Blue Buffalo wasn't here
Royal Canin is the best dog food.
This is why I make my dogs food. They used to have diarrhea and throw up all the time on commercial dog food. Now they get real food that is fit for human consumption except no sugars or salt.
They all contain soy which is bad for dogs, can cause health issues in the long run. Read the ingredients, contains vegetable oils, that's soy!
How are these arseholes still running a company that has killed pets
So what's the best
Ohh no I give my dogs pedigree #4
Actually i prefer a boiled liver with dog food thats a best way to improve your dog to not picky eater, what Im doung is I boiled the liver and mash it to the dog food and i put some soup of the liver into the food . Thats the best way to feed your dog .
No me feeding beneful to my dogs
Why cant you just do a report and give facts instead of a bunch of silly shit that is useless
the first one, fresh pet just about killed my 4lb morkie
13 worst DOG food*
Thank you. Can you please make video about cats food?
For fuq sakes these companies should be already taken down! FEEDING YOUR OWN PETS THEIR OWN KIND THE FUQ IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!
If you consider your dog part of the family, then feed it like it is. Fresh or thawed varied meats, organs like liver and heart with plenty of green vegetables, instead of kibble which is poison to dogs and causes cancer, other ailments and a short life.
My blue tick hound passed at twenty he at Pedigree dry and table scraps
I have spent hours trying to source the best pet food for my fur baby. No good asking the vet, they just push the brand/s they have at their clinics. Employees in pet shops wouldn't have a clue. So I go on line and it's so confusing. Why don't consumers get recall warnings from their vets? Why aren't contaminated pet foods taken off the shelves immediately. Thank God I didn't purchase Black Hawk, though I have been giving my wee dog Royal Canin dental care which does nothing for his teeth; I'm still brushing them. I don't mind doing this but my dog doesn't like it, so I have to outsmart him. Thanks this video has been invaluable and stopped me from purchasing Advance. These dog food companies should be put out of business. I just don't know how they can get away with it.
I'm Zoey and my papa gives me a raw food diet.I get dry kibbles ( Nature's Recipe) only as a supplement and or for treats in between my meals. Since pops have done this since I was a pup.Must be ok, I survived 2020It's 2021 and I will be 10 in Feb.20th
Science Diet almost killed my Aunts dog. The worst part is the vet pushed her into buying the food! The vets get commission!
Which dog food you give to your puppy /dog let us know in the comments below..
how about Mera?
Farmina isn't grain free. It has alfalfa in it, that's a form of grain
Which food would be best for a red heeler puppy?
Thank You very much bro for giving us such type of important and necessary information
Omg people please dont trust this list! Hey dude u have to make at least basic research! What are you talking about!!!! Hill science and Blue Buffalo kills a lot of dogs and cats!
Burn test? seriously? :) Also google what crude ash and beet pulp does to your dogs... Origin is the best one in this list, period :) don't believe me, just do your research! the normal one :)
Got a 9 week springler spaniel whats the best for him?
What is this hillbilly science.........
OMG dude... You should do some basic research before making recommendation videos.HILLS SCIENCE has killed over 1,500 pets in the USA, and you have it as one of your top choices?Seriously?... wow!
Royal Canin have been more than fifty years in the market, that is a proof that it is excellent and more than enough for dogs necessities. Dogs were wild animals and even though we have changed them through the centuries I believe they will always need some wild and row food. If I had a dog I would try a balance diet: some row food, some koocked food, and some dried food, fruits and vegetables,etc So expensive brands sometimes is just fashionable of today times.
Sir royal canin or acana which is better
Recommendations for a husky-pitbull mix. She has a nice husky coat on her.
Fresh home made food for your puppy , the rest is low quality poisons' that making the vet clinic rich .
What would be the best food for 3 months old French Mastiff puppy?
========need catalogue and price list?(pet food bag,food pckage bag,snack food bag,etc,package box,carboard displaystand,counter display box) plz email us .china factory-shenzhen city,guangdong province-Mainly:platics:BOPP bag ,food bag ,coffee bag,tea bag,laminated bag,zip lock bag,stand up pouchfruit bag ect.paper:paper display stand,counter display box,display self,etcpackage box:luxury box,kraft box,etc.kate@zhiyan.onexmail.comWHAT'SAPP/WECHAT:+8613713814226
Thank you thank you. This is soooo helpful. We just got a Rottweiler puppy and we've been feeding her taste of the wild. I feel better about this brand.
Hi just want to ask what would you recommend for a pomsky puppy?Thanks
Why did RC gain only 4 stars in first round while it seemed to meet all the criteria for 5 stars according to your verbal comment?
What do you recommend for a 1 month old male Labrador puppy ?

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