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Buy JBL EON-One PA System - Black online at TATACliq. Key specs are not available. JBL EON-One PA System - Black Colours: Black

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JBL EON-One PA System - Black Features

  • Key specs are not available.
JBL EON-One PA System - Black Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on JBL EON-One PA System - Black at TATACliq, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest JBL EON-One PA System - Black Price in India is ₹64,999 at TATACliq.
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JBL EON-One PA System - Black Specifications

Additional Features
Additional Features Perfect For Live Music, Conferences, Events And More
HDMI Inputs -
HDMI Outputs -
Remote Control No
Unique Thing 3 Listening Positions For Different Environments
Product Depth (Cm) 0
Product Height (cm) 0
Product Weight 18500
Product Width (cm) 0
General Features
Audio Features Built-in Subwoofer
Color Family Black
In the Box EON ONE Transport system, Protective padded cover, convenient rolling board, User Manual
Number of Speakers 6
Type Home Theatre
Technical Features
Cable Length (m) Others
Connectivity Bluetooth
Performance Features Maximum SPL Output: 118 dB (peak)
Warranty Description 1 Year
Warranty Summary Manufacturer Warranty

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JBL EON-One PA System - Black Reviews from YouTube

JBL Eon One Compact REVIEW & SOUND TEST DEMO - All-in-One PA Speaker
JBL EON One Portable PA System Review
JBL EON ONE Portable PA System Overview by Sweetwater
Buy it here (Currently on SALE) ✅ are the songs played?
monitor out? means i can pair with another set of eon one to get louder? ;)
Wich one is better than jbl one pro?
Nice speaker and great vocals !
What is the different jbl eon one pro? Wich one is better?
Can we control bass and treble while playing the audio through bluetooth streaming
Great for an outdoor speaker over rockville shit without any shitty bass. Nice system
Please review Yamaha Stagepas 1k
Wonder how it compares to the Denon commander?
Can i place the jbl on top of my tv entertainment? I have no space to put on the floor
Oh noooo loud Noise out side
Is it better than partybox 300
I also have jbl eon one ,, right on your channel
This guy has a belter accent
How does it compare to rcf evox j8? Thinking which one to buy.
I have Yamaha Mixer 10 Channels, where can I connect it to the JBL?
Is this the loudest portable pa speaker you can recommend? Thanks
can you review the new JBL EON ONE COMPACT. thx
Not enough power, when vocal sing out music getting low lousy for karaokejbl shall think about itjust spoil jbl reputation
Check it out here: ✅ US: ✅ UK: review man!
Better than a partybox 100 or 300 ?
Great review!
Can it be used as a karaoke machine?
I have the Bose s1 pro, how does this compare? I wanna get the jbl, which is louder and more bass, and how is the battery on the jbl?
Can you connect to other Bluetooth speakers? I know you can connect to other eon one compacts but what about other jbls or other brands? Even if using wires how would you do that?
4th hahaha Greatings from Chile!
Man I love mine! I have two!
Good channel. gather all The knowledge you can! oh, and happy dare day! xD
How many audience can cover? Outdoor and indoor if we have pair of them?
O o
I placed an order last night, and I can’t wait to see what the fuzz is about with this awesome tower PA by JBl. I will make an update review once I received it on Wednesday.
His forehead is really shiny.
What's the peak wattage?
Please JBL EON ONE 1 ok. i no money i love JBL EON ONE Very love Long time But I do not have money love love JBL EON ONE
I have just purchased one of these mainly because of the portability and I have to say I am extremely disappointedI have been in the music business for 40 years and hold my hand up I probably don't know at all. The reverb best word to describe it without writing a book rubbish. I'm using a shure SM 58 microphone with a van Damme lead and there's just hardly any volume at all when you connect a laptop up to it for backing tracks that is a little bit louder. When playing backing tracks there is far too much bass to me and you can't control it. I watched so many demonstrations of this before purchase and that's what encourage me to buy I just have a feeling mine is a Friday afternoon job. I certainly wouldn't recommend this item for use as a PA is it just does not live up to its name. Portability yes but the base isn't as light as I thought it would be.
The high frequency and mid frequency range needs more power and better dispersion without sacrificing low frequency. The bass is awesome so don't change that.
Hi I have a musician tropical music two keyboards two voices bass octapad and timbal working us with sound console question? eon one suport a lot of range frecuences and how people cover?
I have an Eon One. At 40 pounds, it is portable, yes, if you have lots of muscle. Anyhow I've had one for a few months. The Mic Preamps are pitifully poor, and I just found out they have a fix for it. So tomorrow I take it to a repair center 80 miles away and will have to leave it there for a week. I got no notification on this fix; I guess it will cost JBL to fix each one so they have not notified buyers of this fix. Hoping the fix will workbut played through a mixer or a mic pre-amp it sounds awesome.
So annoying to see companies rip off designs and form factor
I prefer my two powered 1990's JBL EON 15 PAKS with built in four band eq, four 1/4" inputs for guitars etc., an XLR for mic 800 watts of power and your done! perfect for my solo gigs!
Would this be a good DJ system going out of a controller with XLR outs and into this system.
우퍼가 좀 작다. 우퍼를 10인치 12인치 15인치로 선택할수 있었다면 ㅠ
Excellent system, I checked out one at my local music store. It is very light and the sound was amazing and in your face. My particular concern was the bass sound. Its amazing , you would think to would be low to the floor but its right there in your face, fools you into thinking its coming from the tower. Two thumbs up, its JBL and they are still kicking ass
I heard this system at guitar center, it's no joke.
i need advice , do you think this can handle playing the nord c2d ( hammond ) so heavy bass , and also i'm not fan of the bose for my voice that's why i also think about this jbl , tx
Why does he reminds me so much of Thiojoe?
If you think this mixer is better than the Bose, then you have never played with the Tonematch (TM). First, the TM has 3 XLR's and 1 1/4 inch. For a small band, this beats the 2 XLR's and no 1/4 inputs on the Eon. The last four channels on the Eon are wasted in a small band situation. Second, the presets and effects on the TM are amazing. I use this all the time in a small band situation. It's awesome. Granted I have the L1 II with B2 bass but the thing never ceases to impress me.
Tested both of these side by side today this model sounds amazing, im a musician with a very critical ear. so they are even to me the bose L1 and this give and take in diff jbl has a way better bass response I played some drake on both and theres quite a difference between the just has a more full also has 2 channels with 1/4 inch and xlr for inputs both with effects built in for control and bluetooth is built into the unit. Bose with 2 inputs one xlr and one 1/4 inch and no affects built in or bluetooth. While bose loses the mp3 playback battle it triumps in the live music sounds great when ur directly in front of it but when u stand to the side it loses a bit of consistency while bose gives a solid 180 degrees of consistent crystal clear felt a bit lighter to me but its 2 items to carry where jbl has consolidated it into just is on sale right now making it $899 compared to jbl $999 Bose good for around 100 people im not sure what jbl is suited for.maybe someone can tell me. If I were a DJ i'd get the JBL hands down for live gigging musicians the opposite
I bought one. Going to compare it to my Bose Compact.
As a Bose user for over 5 years until I switched to the HK Elements system, this system is more comparable to the Bose "Compact", NOT the L1. I would have to hear it in person to give an accurate opinion but over all I HATE the way JBL speakers sound. Hopefully, they improved the sound with this model. Seems to have a lot of potential but again. got to hear it in person.

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