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Buy JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red Colours: Red
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JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red Features

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JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red Colours:
  • Red

The lowest JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red Price in India is ₹3,550 at Amazon.
Buy JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red online at Amazon.
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JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red Specifications

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JBB Pool table cloth (4 x 8 Inches) - Red Reviews from YouTube

Pool Table Cloth 101
How To Pick Pool Table Cloth
Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!!
What are the Differences Between Pool Table Cloths? - Pool Table Buying Advice
Ok, I am building a pool table. I play 8, 9, and straight pool. I am marginally better than average pool player (I am clearly not delusional about my capabilities lol) The table is an 8 footer built as close to WPA specs as I can muster with with sub rails cut for k66 rubber. Few q's. Which cloth would you go with for me? Is worsted cloth worth the extra $? What rubber would you recommend? Not trying to break the bank is tough lol. Thanks!
I'm looking at buying Gandy big G. It needs a new cloth. I have been in a league and rated a 6. However that was many moons ago. I am was hoping to get back in the sport. So what would you recomend?
What about Andy cloth 988
Very good videos, I just purchased a very old dime coin Op pool table think from the late 40s early 50s the seller told me. Im keeping it in my unheated garage and its smaller 6.5ft by 3.5. Im very bad at pool but my brother is in leagues and is very good. He wanted me to get 760 Sim for when he comes over, what would you suggest being that its a small table in an unheated / cooled garage? Thanks for the videos helped me put this thing back together :)
excellent video very in depth thx
Liked. Subscribed. We had napped cloth installed at the Senior Center. It pilled a lot at first and was slow. I brushed the pills with the nap and removed them. Having seen snooker tables ironed on YouTube I ironed it with the nap and it came out much faster. It is quite agreeable now.
hey hey, i learned of ur channel from the elegant oxford and i think its really cool what u do, i love watching vids on boots and shoes and also random restoration projects so ur channel just seems the perfect fit !! also I love that aperon you made for the giveaway it is truly a great peice of craftsmanship. also i was wondeing if there were any leatherworking projects that are easy and low budget you could recommend as i want to get started trying my hand in leather crafts but dont have much money to playwith as im only 15. anyway keep up the good work and take care, kyle
I got a 9 foot brunswick. In a detached garage that is heated and cooled but will be economically heated and cooled. I'm in Kentucky climate wise. I feel like a pretty good player. Been playing for about 20 years. I'm mainly a 9ball and 8ball player but will be playing all the different games. Which would you recommend?
I could almost see the tits & ass in the reflection of your glasses lol
Bank pool is it’s own sport , all shots are banks and kicks
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Just bought some speed cloth for a pool table. It has a smooth side where you can see the stitching, the reverse side is slightly fuzzy, like a felt. Which way is up? Thanks.
One advantage that the thicker cloth has from the pro cloth is that they actually jump better and without the jump cue.
ACROSTED IT????? You men across it!
Have u heard royal pro cloth. What are your recommendations
My son just te-fleeced his pool table but he used standard fleece he purchased at an upholstery store and it sucks!!! The balls roll slower and it does not work correctly,,,,,, ):
I don't know why, but I find that my shots respond to English and draw much better on felt as opposed to worsted cloth.
You said in the video that the two different materials are worsted wool cloth and standard grade felt. So, what's the difference between baize cloth and standard grade felt?
Hey,does anyone know why my cloth is fuzzy and thick,I mean I know I need to wear it in but how long does it usually take,and btw I usually play on one about the entire day (meaning morning to about 9 pm) everyday. So when will it become the true speed cloth?
Do reviews on cue extensions.  Butt extensions vs mid-joint extensions.
Thanks for the info! 👍👊
There’s no “T” in “across.”
Glad you're back! Could you please make a review video on the new BK Rush?
He's back! Great video.
Have you covered cleaning? I have a standard table, so some good pointers would help.
Thank you bro for the tips
Dude! A day to late! I just ordered felt yesterday. But I play a lot and need lasting durability. You didn't talk about durability of felt vs. cloth.
There's a reason I stay subscribed. You make quality videos that don't waste time. Thank yoh
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better if you lose the lame music
Who is the blonde lady. Oh my goodness 😃 😂 ❤️
Thanks for uploading the video. After watching the video for 2 min, I knew I had to give up the idea to change the cloth myself and hire a professional to do it for my house.
I am war hing this and just can't help but keep thinking. I want a table like that lol
This looks so intimidating - and I've worked on Benz transmissions.
As soon as i seen all them staples no thanks
1 thousandth liker! Thanks
Horrible video
Yay Mark! He did my pool table too!
2:45 is that the pooldawg its self?
1 min into it...so call a professional? You got it.
Name of the fabric please
If you have an old 8ft table that you'd like to part with, please consider me as fortunate recipient.
From this video I learned nothing. Giess I’ll have to figure it out for myself. This didn’t help me at all.
This dude is so baller he has his mom and dad change his pool equipment for him..
It's nice to learn this, but this looks like something I don't trust myself doing, because I might mess something up, and then I'll REALLY be pissed. If I ever need this done, I'll hire a professional.
I don't know who likes grey pool table, it looks so ugly and boring.
How long did this take total
You'll actually get the bed much tighter by not cutting the holes for the bolts/screws first. When you go to put the screws in the holes it actually pushes the felt down before the screws go though the felt in the holes. In turn tightening the felt just a little bit more. Just that little bit of stretch isnt alot with just one but when you add them all together it ends up being a fairly substantial amount of stretch making it that much tighter....and saves ya a little time cuz you dont have to cut them.
Is mali cloth good?
I'm looking for a Simonis black cloth for my pool table. Other than the fact that dust is more apparent on a black cloth, what are the other downsides for choosing black?
Just bought some speed cloth for a pool table. It has a smooth side where you can see the stitching, the reverse side is slightly fuzzy, like a felt. Which way is up? I'm confused?
I am English but in North America buying a pool table. With the fast American cloth is there less control over the cue ball? also, how long is Hainesworth smart cloth likely to last (on average)?
Wow,informative video...Yea,I heard the commentators talk about the cloth during a tournament match...Stating that American tables use directionless cloth...Which in my mind seems superior to English cloth...So it begs the question...Why don't they use directionless cloth on English tables...Wouldn't it benefit snooker players...Just curious...
What’s the best cloth for English pool?
Lost me at all the color talk. This guy has a plethora of doublespeak
I probably cant afford it if I ask how much this is gonna cost. lol
Replacement of pool tabl
3:38 "The American pool tables that we sell are made from all around the world..." --uhmm....
Are both sides of the cloth identical ? When your cloth gets dirty, can you flip the cloth ?
Would you say the premium Brunswick cloth plays like the simonis 860 from diamond? I love how a diamond table rolls and I didn’t know if the brunswick cloth would be the same.
Which cloth plays fast down the table and slow up the table, this video explains nothing in the differences on how they play.
Is there a name for the dark colour of cloth on the Brunswick table behind you?
More interested in the play, rather than the color...
He's touching cloth... typical Englishman lol
I just have one question, do you ship internationally? You have got some incredible designs.
isn't it "strachan" though?
Great video. Very informative

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