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JBB Billiards Table Spider price at Amazon - ₹215 ₹400

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The lowest JBB Billiards Table Spider Price in India is ₹400 ₹215 at Amazon.
Buy JBB Billiards Table Spider online at Amazon.
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JBB Billiards Table Spider

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Batteries Included No
Brand JBB

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I dont like your list at all amigo, those are cheap worthless tables, a table with MDF is not a pooltable, under 200kg same, K66 is a profile type witch has no value, nails sticking out of pockets = damaged balls = wannabe construction, maybe the first one is a bit ok but nothing compare to Diamond, Gabriels, Olhausen ..
Cool 😎
This is actually really helpful.
I beat my mom in pool 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Price just under $2000 you act like that’s gonna make a difference that’s expensive 😂
✅1. Red Cedar Log Pool Table: https://bit.ly/2T6Vwui * Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/30KrT40 ✅2. Mizerak Dakota Slate Billiard Table: https://bit.ly/311v5GZ * Find a great deal on eBay : https://bit.ly/3aeGHx4 ✅3. Fat Cat Pockey Pool Table: https://bit.ly/2IEQLCo * Find a great deal on eBay : http://bit.ly/2Gi2CEW ✅4. Atomic Pool Table: https://bit.ly/2VuLGC4 * Find a great deal on eBay : https://bit.ly/3pAEse2 ✅5. Hustler Pool Table: https://bit.ly/2q5X7ob * Find a great deal on eBay : https://bit.ly/2Maowkj
ahahaha, best pool tables and you start off with a log pool table.... shut the fuck up
This is a joke.Firewood.the lot of them.
No. 3 and no. 2, what a joke! Don't trust any of your recommendations.
I say the same that Dave Murell Diamond pro the best table of the world.
Waste of time!
Anyone who recommends a wood bed table should get fucked right up the ass.
Holy shit that is so bad. Congratulations!
To suggest a wood top pool table in a list of best pool tables really shows the lack of care for quality or consumers best interests. Shame!
All of these are trash
7x8x9 foot is not the dimensions of the table. It means that the table comes in 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot. Playing surface
No price?
Is it me or do these pool tables look pretty bad quality for the most part ?
How can you talk about quality tables and not mention 1.Diamond pro am 2. Brunswick gold crown 3.Rasson 4.Gandy 5. Olhausen
These are all wrong.
I mean philipines
deliver on crismas on sta terisita
I want fat cat 3 in 1 biliard ping-pong and hockey table!!!!!
i want to start playing pool but i'm pretty much not rich so a beginners cheap pool table would like to see one AND A RELLY FUCKING CHEAP ONE UNDER 300 *DOLLARS*
shit review...
Sir ganyan din po yung akin
LOL @ 3:55 and 4:01! Very informative indeed! You just saved me $35.99 (usd).
it too small. There are ones that are @20" which is bit ok
Will i get this pool table in bangladesh
I just picked up a mini pool table for $2.49, but this Westminster model looks so much better. But I'm stating the obvious, Westminster's is $26.
mini pool table tabletop billiards game
You are great in your explanation and proffesional of why this sucks
I got the same one for 8 quid lol
Are the balls solid plastic or hollow
I mean, it is partially the company’s fault because the cloth is cheap and probably not even real.
U got ripped off boy I got mine for £13 in English money. Without a sale!
the packaging is not good my pool balls came in a box my pool table was bigger. I bought mine on amazon and my pool balls felt like the real ones just smaller got it for $16-$17.Also mine came with chalk
this is very cheating
the ball is plastic 😂
I have that but i have chalk. better looking cues and balls. And ball return. Also a brush. And a box of balls.also yours is one of the first mine has premier edition on it and yours dont.
i just bought same for 14€ Saved sum money
I got better one for the same price
The worst one lol
Number 8 how much
Number 6 and 4 have pockets that are literally on the table instead of in the corners!
chh is better in the world 4999
poderia ter falado das medidas das bolas
How much po
I have number 9 but the blue thing is gone I don't find it
Unbox Daily please can I have a shotout
0:55 I have this pool table
10 top mini pool tables
I really like that fat cat table. But it's $1000 Damn it...