Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset

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Buy Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon. Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset . Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: White Black

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Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹13,255

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The lowest Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹13,255 at Amazon.
Buy Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon.
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Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • White
  • Black

Jaybird X2 Sweat Proof Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Profile 2.1+EDR
Bluetooth Version 2.1
Call Controls Answer/End Call, Call Reject
Weight 13.8 g
Brand Jaybird
Color Green
Compatible Devices Mobile, Computer, Tablet
Designed For All Bluetooth enabled devices
Headset Design Canalphone
In Sales Package 1 Headset, 3 Pairs of Silicone eartips, 3 Pairs of Comply Foam Eartips, 3 Wingtips, Carry Case, USB Charging cord
Model Id X2 - Alpha
Type of Headset In the Ear
Wired/Wireless Wireless
Microphone Features
Noise Cancellation Mircrophone No
Power And Battery
Stand-by Time 250 hr
Talk Time 420 min
Sound Features
Noise Cancellation Headphones No

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Esse fone não presta para correr.
If your looking for loud sound or deep bass these buds will be a huge disappointment.
This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more :)
would it still be worth it to get the x2s instead of x3s? found a good deal of x2s for only 60 bucks. should i get it?
cool video thanks!
Ordered mine. so excited for the ear fins. In ear canal ear buds always fall out of my ears and I'm tiredof going through cheap ones.
You plan to sell the jaybird x2?
that dude said $180... Thats my que, time to swipe left.. next video.
where did you buy those? those look like the fake ones. look at real vs fake.
They don't even fit my ears even with the foams
Can you hear outside sounds like.. Car horns?
I've got small ears would it fit my ears
Thanks for great review!
are they water proof? I know they are sweat proof but can I go swimming in them
Do they sell replacement tips ? The soft ones?
Great honest video. My new X2s are charing now. Can't wait to try them out. How long do they stay charged if not in use?
I am planning on getting some new earphones. I know that i want these earphones but i dont know whether i should wait until the x3's come out so the x2's would drop in money therefore saving me money. What do you think i should do???
my note 5 is messed up :( it won't let me put the phone in my pocket while listening to my jaybird x2s. it just skips.
Can these be used for normal purposes like movies or songs( not workout)
Definitely the best bluetooth earbuds of the market
Got them for 20$ on amazon :D
got these for like 20 dollars. Pretty much new. Damn good earbuds.
I just got some missing the fins and all but two tips for $3 at Deseret Industries.
finally i can afford jaybird x2 in 2019!
why I can't connect them with iPhone 8+???
I bought these for $35
do they work with ps4?
Is this earphone still worth buying?
Dont buy Jaybirds folks if you dont plan on holding your phone the whole time you use them. They dont connect while in pockrts, purses, etc. Its a major design flaw that many people have complained about and quite frankly a deal breaker. Dont waste your money!
$30-40 on eBay.. worth
I want it
How about the bass ?
Esse fone tem ótima qualidade de som, mas seu sistema é pessimo, o meu parou de funcionar muito rápido, pesquisem por Jaybird X2 Wont turn on" no google e veja muitas pessoas que tiveram o mesmo problema que eu e a Jaybird simplesmente nao da o suporte devido para fones tao caros
does anyone know if it has any delay
Still using Jaybird X2 after few years.. still luving it... still sound awsome... Now i aiming for the Jaybird Run... 🤗
are they sweat proof?
anybody have a problem with sound sounding distorted and weird while using facetime or siri
Just picked these up today new for 50$ 😏
Could have made the video 1 second shorter
jaybird x2 or powerbeat 2
I bought these and within minutes returned them because of how awfully distorted they sound, so bad they sound broken.
Great Review, noticed you live not that far from me in Charlotte, recognized the jogging routes, keep up the great reviews, I bought some Jaybirds with your recommendation in mind.
1:42 urine test 😆
Your editing skills are top of the line!
How about the bass? I hear trap, rap!
very very flat and low sound!
holy shit ur b roll is amazing
Please dont buy this product. there are lots of reports of issue. Mine stopped working after 60 days. still waiting for response from customer service
Thanks very helpful video review. Subscribed 👍
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jaybird-X2-Bluetooth-Sports-Wireless-Headphones-Earphones-Earbuds-/232179255711?var=&hash=item360ef6499f:m:m9XSaIpfYdq0QessJlED7kQ fake or real? ty
This is an amazingly helpful, informative video. This guy should make a video about how to make good youtube instructional videos.
I want wireless earbuds I can use with my computer, not my phone. Anyone know of some ?
How do these hold up against the jlab audio epic 2's?
x2 or freedom they both cost 130 dollars
does X2 use my sound app?
super clean reviews
I bought mine and returned the next day. Here's my review: 1. poor comfort 2. lacking bass 3. crisp sound 4. great battery life. I couldn't get over the poor comfort and lack of bass, so I went with the SkullCandyXTfree. To each their own, but Jaybird X2's are overhyped and bulky.
can I use the control button on android?
These or the jbl mini bt? For a bass junkie like myself 😊
My favorite “24 hrs” diner and find out what time they close 😂😂😂
Love them thank u for all informarion
Nao comprem se forem correr com ele. Não presta fica o tempo todo caindo.
Watching and Listening to this video while using my x2's lol
damn this guy got the same exact phone, color phone, and even choice of color of headphones
just ordered these for 90 dollars and its gonna get here in 4 days... exited!
loving your reviews, besides funny are very informative. thanks!
I got mine for $80 as well but these things are so nice compared to my power beats 2 these sound way better and I never need these above 60% that's how loud they are
They are great headphones and most BestBuy stores are selling them for $80 which is Amazon price. My only complaint so far of owning them for about 2 weeks is that while on the phone (6s plus) they will randomly just switch to the phone in speaker making you take the phone out and have to click on the Jaybird x2 as the audio output again, hit or miss but it does get annoying because it happens multiple times through a phone call. The first pair I bought through BestBuy had a weird static noise so with the geek squad warranty I picked up this second pair. Highly suggest the extra warranty. Will keep playing with them but if phone call issues keep happening I will get a third pair or maybe switch over to the new Beats Power 3.
Love your videos
Do the Bose SoundSport Wireless please! Can't decide between those and the Jaybirds X2
just wan to ask, are you still using this? can I buy 2nd hand from you?
trying to figure out what Bluetooth wireless headphones to get bruh.. what you think about the epic2 jlab??
dude how can you use them at max volume i have them and i cant even put them on 70% it's so loud
i got mine for $60
Great review. You know you can't sing for shit when no one knows the song your singing along to besides you Lmao
had my eyes on these for a while now, was waiting on the X3's to drop so I would buy it,but then the X2's were 100$ (Canadian) on prime day, I didn't want to waste that opportunity
Got them for $80 on Amazon today!
Amazon Deal today almost 50 % off!!!
Would you recommend these for running/parkour?