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JavaScript Cookbook Book Reviews from YouTube

Front End Dev Book Recommendations
Front-End Development, HTML & CSS, Javascript & jQuery by Jon Duckett | Book Review
5 JavaScript Books I Regret Not Reading as a Code Newbie
⭕The one book I regret not having as a beginning web developer || Jon Duckett JavaScript & jQuery
Hi how lang is take to learn java script
I cant hear you bro its really low
Thanks from Brazil!
I hope you didn’t crash and burn. I know a lot of people who purchased all the books but then stopped. How are you getting on?
Im 6 months into coding would the JavaScript and jQuery book still be beneficial for me?
Hello sir python best books
Thanks for this video. I had some questions about a few and how they related to each other and this was decent as an overview.
thank you for sharing books
I'm doing "Eloquent" right now. I really love the book. I've always wanted to learn to code, but this is the first book to really keep me engaged.
Great video thx! Im staring to learn with some basic knowledge. Do you know if a new edition 2018/2019 of the html css Javascript jon duckett's books has come out? Thx
I'm 35 and also learning front end development, been studying for over a year now but kinda slowed down the process due to other responsibilities (like baby sitting). Anyway, keep grinding and good luck with your journey!
The book fell apart within the first few weeks of reading it. The bindings just gave way.
hey after 4 years man . this a different account but oh i really would like to thank you for talking about this book it was a great help back then when i first started and ofc i was learning from a boot camp back then but still the book was really helpful thank you so much and i think he have published another php and mysqal book as well totally recommend its easy to understand better then or other books ( based on a personal experience )
Are these books still good for a beginner in 2022?
where can i buy those?
I can’t find the new versions of these books
Yes u say the truth about the book i have read it
still recommended in 2021?
Hey I did full course on html and javascript and now I can code and make website full fronted even learned bootstrap , still do I need it now or is it okay with out all this
are these books still relevant in 2021?
Hi, if you don't need this book, can you please sell to me? I checked the price it was very high for new books. If you have any other programming related books, which you don't need it now, please tell me I will buy it from you.
Can any one send me this book in pdf format please ir is a request.
can I find someone here from Morocco who can buy me this two books, please?
HTML book has many errors- plus flash is a waste now. Its been killed off
Eloquent JavaScript Also Better for Learning JavaScript
I cant buy. Dont stock in Turkey
i want to get these books
is this book still relevant for learning javascript today ?
I got these on Amazon. They are awesome! Your review on them is excellent! Side note: Jon Duckett has “PHP & MySQL: Server-side Web Development” coming out February 24th 2021 (for your viewers that want to step into backend work)
I want to buy this books, but I don't have any background on programming, I want to start coding my own websites, should I get this books? if so, which one of them should I begging with, can anyone else give me recommendation on other books for a beginner
Thanks for the tip. I've been doing Codecademy's terrible JavaScript course and I came here looking for a better way. I'll be picking up these books.
The initial book is not really classic with all of what this word means. Maybe you labelling it this way can be attributed back to the fair proportion of the book being JQuery and the absence of of the latest and greatest syntactic sugars
eloquent javascript just burned my mind. Not for beginners definately
I didn't heard if hemmingway wrote js book , thanks I wish we have some javascript examples books, and something like js tricks book
Thank you
Pls can you do one for python too
Very coincidence, my first book towards js is JavaScript and jQuery: interactive front-end development. I love it a lot, very helpful. I must suggest it
I need a good book in JS Functional Programming sphere
Are these books all useful in 2021?
January 2021: Still waiting on the Jon Duckett PHP/MySQL book.
Brits def add street cred
Please send this book ?
Thanks a lot right now I’m learning JS with no CS background. and it’s not easy, thank u for suggestions . I’ve already read Jduckett’s books , but now need more new edition book to understand , i should try Kelly’s book
I bought Jon Duckett's JavaScript and JQuery a while ago, because I already bought and read the HTML & CSS book a few years ago and I like having books that match Glad it is highly regarded! It's really nice to have a read when you want to give your eyes a break from a screen.
Jon Duckett is legend
Thank you!
Eloquent javascript
U dont kniw js
Up and going js
Javascript and jquery by john ducket
JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett available here: I'm am Amazon affiliate and may make a small commission if you buy something. How to Get a Job in Web Development course: this book worth getting even if it's not updated
I would not recommend it for an absolute beginner I got to say I found it difficult to follow I have no prior experience in web development so when I purchased the book it was solely based on the web recommendations which for what ever reason I followed. I eventually got into O'Reilly Learning Web Design which then helped fill in the gaps then could I go back and really utilize the lessons in the book. Also the book fell apart within the first month of ownership.
They have index. I discovered it myself in the beginning of 2021 when my boy was sentenced to home schooling with heavy video usage. You are so RIGHT lady RTC!
I feel the real reason these books are so successful in teaching it’s concepts is the way the page is designed
I had just ordered this and I just realized it was from your site too haha! but you're right I tried doing video courses and its just more efficient it seems to have a good book to study and future reference.
Is it true the softbackk version falls apart ? :(
Is this still relevant today?
If you don't need this book now means, can I take it
are this books still relevant in 2021?
Hi, if you don't need this book, can you please sell to me? I checked the price it was very high for new books. If you have any other programming related books, which you don't need it now, please tell me I will buy it from you.
i need this bookkk i need a second hand yes its really anyone want to sell pls contact me :)
I learnt a lot from his java&jquery also html/css It's great book and very informative.
In the era of $10 udemy courses. In 2021, I'm considering buying it. Also, I told my wife that I want to buy the php & mysql - Jon Duckett when it gets released.
is this book still relevant today ? would it be a good investment ?
HTML+ CSS of John's duckket is good book but js + Jquery not much good
is it good for people who don't know anything about programming in general, as a book to start learning the basics of javascript?
I like this book too. By far the most beautiful and well-laid out book. The problem is that it doesn't have real exercises. It gives you code, but everything is already done for you, so. that's not really an exercise. And you need exercises to learn.
Is there something like this but for python?
Is this book still worth it today in 2020

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