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Jane's Underwater Technology 1998-99 (Serial) Book Reviews from YouTube

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Recommend me some good fantasy series?
Check this, you may like it for reviewing.......i have also started a BOOKTUBE CHANNEL....wish ma good luck
This cud be my first fantasy read... Lets see...
i have read two fantasies this month inkredia luwan of brida and kalith origin of the kings nine...both were awesome
Read Lord of Rings. You'll love it
Nice review
I don't like to read fantasy series yet I watched this review to end to find to some motivation to go through one... certainly this one didn't motivate me ..
Looking beautiful sankalpita..You makes the review soo suspense that it automatically gets added to my TBR...
Can you make a book review to FIX FEAR by SIC ILL . You can read it in full at fixfear.wordpress.com
How to contact with Author?
This is not fair diI participate manyGiveawayBut i can't win any
thank you mam for such nice video.
4th comment 5th like..Love you didi!
Nice review babe.
First comment first time
Duma Key by Stephen King.
Have you read "Flesh Bait"?
I just finished somethings alive on the titanic. Great recommendation. Thank you.
Shit I need to get into reading again
I like trying to find these books at a Goodwill or thrift store. It just gives you a different feeling when reading a book that has been owned and enjoyed by someone else before you!
100 Fathoms is a great little book. I got this purely on Steven L Kents recommendation. I used to converse with him on his old website (SadSamsPalace. Sadly it's not going anymore) and new he was working on a submarine book. If say he's more famous for his brilliant Clone Rebellion series, but I loved 100 Fathoms.
Omg!! This is like accidentally walking into treasure island!! Jaws,Sphere,Terror all of them are amazing books n the rest that i havent read is now ordered!!
Loved Sphere, read it when it first came out. Meg books are good. Sphere movie was ok. Best underwater movie ever The Abyss.
Very cool recs! Thank you !
This is one of my favorite sub genres as well. You might want to check out Dead Reckoning by M Cid DAngelo and Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant. I really enjoyed those two. Great video!
"the deep," by nick cutter! maybe not to everyone's taste; it's definitely a slow burn filled with flashbacks, and it's irredeemably gruesome at points. i enjoyed it, though, and it's a good cross-section of cosmic and underwater horror - definitely informed by crichton's "sphere."
I just started reading Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant and now I only want to read about water and scary things! Perfect recommendations! I love Michael Crichton so Ill start with Sphere.
Urgh I loved Sphere, even the movie of that was super good. If you like ocean horror have you read The Swarm by Frank Schatzing? That one is really original and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!
Sphere and 100 Fathoms Below sounds like something id be interested in reading :) will deffo check them out some time!
Kill river looks amazing. also rogue wave looks interesting
Great list! If you haven't already done so, check out The Deep by Nick Cutter, that book will mess you up.
This video is so your brand! I sadly have not read that many. I'm especially interested in Sphere. I've been wanting to read it since you talked about it on the podcast
Have you seen a movie called 47 Meters Down: Uncaged? Teenagers diving in an underwater city. Giant mutated sharks. What could go wrong?
when I saw the title of this video I thought no way surely this is such a niche genre but WOW you pulled rec after rec here and Im so excited to dive (haha) into some of these!
Awesome recommendations. I absolutely love Michael Crichton.. I have never actually read Sphere so will definitely pick that one.

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