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The lowest J10 1510 Mens Casual Office Corporate Evening Dress Oxford Patent Shoes for Men in Colour Black Price in India is ₹1,699 at Amazon.
Buy J10 1510 Mens Casual Office Corporate Evening Dress Oxford Patent Shoes for Men in Colour Black online at Amazon.
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J10 1510 Mens Casual Office Corporate Evening Dress Oxford Patent Shoes for Men in Colour Black Reviews from YouTube

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How to note fake patent shoes
How about finerals?
Hey. It's okay to wear patent leather penny loafer shoes with jeans ? Thanks from Israel 🇮🇱
Just stopped by for some advice. This video is almost a decade old, and the word still hold true. Goes to show Antonio gives timeless advice. ...and yeah, I won't be buying the patent pair I was itching to buy.😄
casual shoes have patent leather too.
ever hear of mirror gloss
Patent leather are great when working as an usher for Broadway theatres.
... or diplomat!
. back in the day but still gold!!!
Indeed , however here in Chile patent shoes are worn by wealthy refined people along with a suit , we dont wear black tie down here
As a private driver i wear patton leather shoes everyday and they look Great!
I wear them everyday!
Wear Patent Leather and support the troops!
As an older man (age 88) who enjoys ballroom dancing, I often wear black patent leather shoes at a dance.
jump to 0:40 if you want to skip hearing this man telling you how much he loves you and that you can have is Nobel-prize winning e-book on how to differentiate between left and right socks for free
I wear patten leather with all my suits. As they come in a plethora of colours one can have a set to match every suit. And you can find semi-formal to casual shoes in patten leather from oxfords to derbies. Stacy Adams has a great collection of patten leather shoes in many colours as well.
I have to admit that since i discovered this channel i watch it allot. I don't even have enough money to dress like that but at least i try.
A loafer or derby with a white sole is an alternative to sneakers.
I'm 24 years old..now i'm really trying to level up my style after watching this chanel.
This should be mandatory watching for tech industry billionaires who think shorts, flip flops and a T shirt from a Chumbawamba concert is business casual.
You're trousers are too loose...🙂
Awesome ...thank you very much for saying in detail
Sven, I almost always wear cuffed pants. I see you wear your cuffs much bigger than I have witnessed anywhere. They must be over 2 inches. Please comment.
Since I discover your channel I have change my whole wardrobe I'm 45 year old. now I dress age appropriate like you mention once thank you I feel great.
Please tell me who makes the olive green derby's pictured in your video.
Your tips are always amazing, Rapha. I'm trying to adapt them to my workplace in Sao Paulo, but it's not easy to dress more elegantly in Brazil. Everything here is so casual... I work in a newspaper where people hardly wear leather shoes. It's 90% sneakers and tennis shoes...
I work in tech as a programmer, I’ve started wearing brown derbys and feel more comfortable this way even if I get more looks now. When autumn comes I’ll try adding some tweed to my wardrobe and I will probably be seen as pretentious by some and dapper by others. One of the comments I’ve gotten for my shoes is ”what are you doing on this floor? Sales is down there!” The culture in tech is very much acting like you’re above dressing up or that you don’t care, which is something I don’t particularly agree with.
My office doesn't have customer interaction, so a lot of people just wear jeans, s t-shirt, and sneakers. I'm about the only guy who wears driving mocs, loafers, Chukka boots etc. at the office. As for clothing I typically wear a dark wash jean paired in the winter with a nice sweater or dress shirt and sportcoat and in the summer a nice short sleeve dress shirt or a polo shirt. I've had co-workers say I'm the only one in the office with style lol. I definitely agree with not dressing down just cause everyone else is. Know your environment and dress accordingly even if nobody else is.
I go with Ecco boots in wet weather.
Make a video on leather jackets
You have a nice style... 👍👏
17 formal business wearers clutched their pearls
What about Louis Vuitton?
Are white buckskin shoes too informal?
Who needs to pay those expensive manner classes when you can just learn free from this true gentleman!Great work man!
Please do more brand centric and conversational videos like this , I loved it
Love the conversation
Great work Gentlemen.
Try sending a repair pair of your shoes to Bedos Leatherworks at Virginia. He does every everything by hand.
For cheap work shoes, where I don’t care what happens to them, I’ve always gone with Aldo or Banana Republic.
Hi anyone out there seeing a cap toe leather shoe lace up with pleats the pleats start where the cap ends and the pleats stop where the laces begin so in the hole fold of the shoe area. If anyone has seen it let me know thank you
Absolutely love the conversational episode. You can’t beat a couple of gentlemen sitting down to converse in some fine leather chairs.
All shoes are very beautiful and you vive me desir to buy much shoes !!¡!!! And i wish the best for you and family for a long time and much Love in your life private for eternity i wish much success and Sun in your life private and professionnel
I would like to see you review shoes $300.00 to $600.00 range.
look at these to ''men'' lol dress shoes are a waist of leather! where real boots like a man, are be a fancy boy like these 2 dorks!
out of all of these, which did they like the best?
Yucky colorful selection... There ain't 1 single black leather boot here!!!!!
how to clean suede please help a polite suggestion for preston please dont point the base of your shoe towards your elder i.e sven
Before I saw your channel I only used the military issued dress shoes for almost all occasions with different suits yes that also included the infamous the *"Four- in- hand"* knot
I NEED the boots version of this video! Please!
If you actually read the Beckett Simonon web site... The text literally right under the price... You'll see that the crossed off price isn't their price, but "Traditional Retail". Their price is labeled as "Made to Order", which is what waiting for 5-6 months to get their shows is all about.
Excellent video format. The back-and-forth conversation allows me to contextualize the information much better than just a single opinion, where it's hard to decipher what the reviewers bias might be! Of course the two reviews also simply give me more data points. The topic of brand comparison at this price range is exactly what I'm looking for. I think you did a good honest job. I don't think you could have condensed the video much without losing quality so I don't mind the length. The timestamps are a necessity and you did give a short conclusion of sorts at the end. However, I think the video could be taken to the next level with a more structured synthesis and perhaps some visual reminders of previous grades. Maybe you could've even rated the shoes on different dimensions and made a graph out of it!
For Europe irrelevant video, there are so much better shoes in the same price range.
I just turn it on and there's a guy sitting cross legged with the sole of his shoe facing the guy whom he is siting with. Before I was 12 I was taught never to do that. So much for being the authority of social societal proper manners.
They’re brogue not oxford?
What do you think about the Ludwig Görtz shoes? Kind regards
The more I get into shoes, the more I like these
Well...I think these shoes are really cool! They are beautiful! I'm a woman and I love to watch your videos.
They look stylish from a distance, on closer inspection...I'll continue browsing.
I would love if a brand would make women’s oxfords/oxford heels with that same style/ quality. I feel like there aren’t a lot of well made but stylish women’s shoes for younger women. Either too bold, cheaply made or dull looking.
Beautiful shoe but homie this isn't walnut, the color is cognac brown; lighter shade. Take it from a guy who worked at Men's WearHouse ;) Keep up the videos!
Frank Vogel?
Can you make a video on leather belt Vs fabric belt?
May I say as a single mom ,this helps me more then I could explain. I'm hoping my 5 year old son can influence others around to be a better man into days society.
i dont know about the quality, but i love the look
Lol Preston said fashion brand so hatefully 😂😂. Shoes are a no for me dog
I watched this whole thing and I'm still watching the cut out videos cuz I just enjoy this "conversation" format SO much.
Will you do a review of Carmina shoes?
Maybe try moreschi?
As someone who prefers a little bit of "loud" in my accessories, I rather like these shoes! To put it in perspective, I would never wear a solid or striped tie, and most of my ties are from J. Garcia. I like some bright, loudness in my accessories!
I like those shoes..updated version of spectators
They look like Something from China for £6 on wish
LoL 😂
I love that you're doing reviews

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