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The lowest J. Reynolds JRPKSTBK Mini Electric Guitar Price in India is ₹19,670 at Amazon.
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J. Reynolds JRPKSTBK Mini Electric Guitar Reviews from YouTube

The Cheapest Electric Guitar On Amazon vs my custom Fender. Beginners Should Buy Electric!
Carry-On Travel Guitar Demo - A Rockin, Solid Body, Mini Travel Guitar That Actually Sounds Good!
Lotus Mini "Les Paul"
My J Reynolds strat custom with Jerald Rae
Please note that re tone controls, seems I have mine wired differently to a standard configuration and so the wiring on this guitar is completely normal. And I might also mention that I hardly use the tone controls on mt strats anyways. I do on my Tele's but not much on other guitars - seem to get the sounds I want my amp tweaking! But apologies if I was misleading, it wasn't intentinial.
920d loaded vintage 64
can someone please send me the link to the cheap guitar :)
Currently working through your beginner course on an £85 Harley Benton tele knockoff and couldn't be happier with the purchase (both of the guitar and the app subscription). Obviously as a total beginner I haven't really got much to compare it with but it stays in tune long enough for me to complete a practice session without worrying about it, it's comfortable to play now my fingertips have started complaining a bit less and any problems I have with the tone a the moment are more to do with the fingers playing the thing than the quality of the pickups. I did take the opportunity to add some electrical shielding in the pickup cavities when I changed the strings which had a noticeable effect on the hum but other than that I've haven't had to change anything to make it playable.
i made what i know now was the proverbial mistake. i bought a $250 steel string acoustic guitar in an effort to teach myself how to play. i tried several times but my fingers hurt so badly, and it was so difficult to get a decent sound, that i gave up completely
I thought you were Norm Macdonald
I've got a Justin strat copy I bought for $50 in a pawn shop. The neck feels like a 57 Fender. It's got active electronics too. It just looks like sh.. The pawn shop wouldn't even loan me $20 on it .
Does look nice.
Guitar sound HiFi Amazon🤣
Great review Justin. Did you ever do a lesson from the blues shuffle you played? I'm learning it from watching but a lesson would be easier. Thanks
Just bought a second hand electric for £42 on eBay, I know she wasn't expensive but I bet she'll work fine for a newbie. Thanks for not being a guitar snob and reassuring us that a cheap one won't definitely be hideous!
"Begginers should buy electric!" Me with my acoustic wondering why is it so hard to play:
Great vid!
62 pounds is like $300 American right? LOL Used to be I think, now maybe $100 or less.
Well done!
At that price, being playable and holding tune long enough to learn basic chords and simple scales. It's a winner. That guitar, a sanding sponge, and YouTube videos can change a kid's life. After some chords and such, a bone- nut. More improvement, locking tuners. Keep them interested. Any instrument teaches valuable patience. ☮
would be a great guitar for beginners and in time learn how to change to better strings and set action and intonation etc and then when you try out better guitars in the shop you het that feel of extra quality that comesnwith the price
It would have been interesting to hear the cheap guitar with the pickups lifted up to the correct height. My Strat Plus with Lace pickups sounds 'thin' with the pickups too far from the strings...
Well, i can't afford even that one 😟
Omg I could play this while I roller skated 🤤🤤🤤🤤❤️ Coz I keep smashing in to shit on my big guitar
Awwwww it’s so cute !!!
Slide guitar ?
Can it be used at gigs?
sounds great! Where is it made? Hope it's not ' made in china ' tho.
Very COOL It's a electric 6 string baritone ukulele
I want this yes its expensive but I do want it I have a Donner travel amp that's badass this would be brill with
Does anyone know what's the total length of this guitar?
I received mine friday and been trying to play but it will not stay in tune. Very unhappy with this purchase. Even when it is in tune it sounds like shit. Using katana air amp and tried blackstar amplug with headphones
If only they had gone the full 9 yards and made it headless... I used to have a steinberger copy that was tiny, added one monster humbucker and plugged into a jcm900 full stack, he he he...
All right! Get mine tomorrow! Thanks! Next day: It’s very good, but I’m using mine with the Positive grid Spark amp. Thanks for sharing. I think you could make anything sound good. Peace.
It has a tap.
Carry-On Doctor, Carry-On Cruising, Carry-On Cleo ... and now Carry-On Guitar 🤣 Now we just need a Firebird pickup in there :D I could see one of these making a guest appearance with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain :)
Does it have a headphone Jack?
Dagan, you rock. I really like your sound. You are great at demos. The poor man's Phil X.
I’m sorry but why did you not play little guitars you of all people should’ve known to play ir
its a shame they dont make them for lefties :/
I play 12s normally what would I put on here?
I need one of this In my life
Holy Shi*...I want one!!
Anyone know where you can get one of these? Ive wanted one since I saw this video
I love that thing. Small scale electrics that are descent are hard to find. Just reminded me of my 76 paul custom that was 20 lbs. How much ya want for it?
Dont think poplar is that heavy. It might a different wood on top like alot of real les pauls
Never underestimate the little ones😂
If you EVER GO TO SELL THIS I want it super bad. can't find oneanywhere
Thinking of buying a short scale length guitar similar to this to tune up as high as possible, do you find it's better for higher tunings on this length of guitar and if so how high could you generally go?
Silly in the best way. Still playable unlike a lot of other novelty instruments but still weird and interesting.
Here's a tip. The way to avoid going out of tune with finger pressure is to use a heavy guage set of strings. Use heavy strings and your will be ok. Light guage strings on a guitar like this is a disaster.
Where you find this ????????
Does it go out of tune just like the original?
Could you maybe use this as a travel guitar?
The music store I worked for in the late 70s/early 80s carried Lotus guitars. They were ok copy guitars. Not the greatest. But reasonably priced.
Please give me so beautiful 😂 (Really good)
Gotoh's Delta Series 21:1 are supposed to be the best cleaners on the market they have features no other tuners I have such as Teflon plated gears. What impressed me about these was when I saw a video was somebody replacing these onto a Taylor acoustic and it made a major difference in the overall tone of the guitar I never thought a tuner could do that much of a difference he gave me better on my neck's and sustain in a little more volume this is on the acoustic guitar so I feel like if you could hear it that much on the acoustic it's pretty noticeable and I'm listening to it on a cell phone speaker so you know and then when you said that was a short scale guitar I thought the high ratio of 21 to 1 wood probably help that 19 inch scale guitar a lot and make it easier for you to tune because that's the highest ratio tuner that I know of. God Bless Y'all Jimmy in NC....
That aint no axe thats a hatchet right there
That's not a guitar, that's a 6 string electric ukulele
That's a hatchet.
I'm not a big fan of a lot of distortion especially the way a lot of guitarists sound today,but you always have a really good sound,I would say vintage from the 70s distortion. What kind of amp or pedal do you use? Not that I could afford it,lol.
You can use some baking soda and super glue to fix the nut. Just put a little bit of soda on the notch then a drop of super glue. Then carefully re cut the nut with a hack saw blade. So it raises it up. A new maple neck sounds like a great idea to me will a fender neck fit ? I see tiger striped ones on ebay for a 100 bucks or 200 depending on how nice you want it. Maple flamed is what they are called I guess. I see one of these on crags list should i get it. Its really cheap 70 bucks.
You must be blind? Funny you're referring to color. I bet you have an exceptionally awesome ear for abnormal buzz and things that are wrong. That was my first guitar and I loved it. Cheers man
A friend just gave me his old J Reynolds strat clone. I'm replacing the strings and a few missing saddles from the bridge, then once it's operational I will probably move on to a black pick guard . Looking forward to seeing what yours looks like with the maple fretboard...
Cool strat man !!
nice video man!
Hey bud...new haircut lol?

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