Iszy Billiards Tech Style Billiard Ball Set

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Iszy Billiards Tech Style Billiard Ball Set price at Amazon - ₹9,783 ₹16,734

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Iszy Billiards Tech Style Billiard Ball Set

Iszy Billiards Tech Style Billiard Ball Set Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Iszy Billiards
Color Tech Style
Height 10 Inches
Length 10 Inches
Size 2 1/4 "
Style Name Tech
Weight 2.7 Kilograms
Width 3 Inches

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I’ve been wanting to review these myself. Thanks for doing it!
They look great Bryan! And the price is fairly reasonable for this quality. Thanks for showing and explaining.
What do a set of these new Predator/aramith balls sell for.
Thanks for all of your videos. Super helpful. Quick question if you know or have a second. Is the predator 9k the same cue as the Blak, Thrown and Icon cues just minus the beauty? Thanks
I'm going to look into these. My an is to upgrade balls cloth and cue this year.
Hi Brian - i've had a set of the Aramith Premier balls for a dozen years, and just recently ordered and received a set of the Aramith Tournament (haven't even played with them yet lol). What's better about the Predator set here, than the set of Tournament balls that are top of Aramiths line? Desmond
I'm really traditional and when the cloth is anything but green or blue I don't like it. It carries over to the balls too. A pink 4 turns me completely off as does a brown 7. I understand the reasoning but that doesn't make it OK. IMO the ARCOS balls are about the same as any of the Aramith duramith technology tournament or black balls which is a very good thing. I think about the only difference between any of the duramith technology balls and the AROCO balls is in the coloring. If someone gave me the ARCOS balls, I'd learn to love the brown because I think those and the Aramith duramith balls are about as good as it gets. Same thing if I got the TV tournament set of Aramith balls with the pink 4. I'd learn to love pink.
Have a set of seaming balls I like. Next $400 is going toward composite LD shaft.
These balls do look amazing. I wish I had a set, but I play with centennial balls on my table which are also very good with high tolerances.
I have the cyclop hyperion ball set. I'm very pleased with them, but also curious how these are, and if the arimith black are as good or better
I think the cue ball alone is worth the money. I had a mudball for years until I got aramith balls.
Wish they continued with Arcos 1 balls. (Pink 4 ball) Thats my only complaint.. However i am happy with the Aramith Blacks i own 😀
Has pool interest spiked with covid?
I got my arcos balls back in December and i love them.
I love my Aramith Tournament set.
Lovely set of balls, I really like the aramirh black too but I know not everyone's as keen on the look of them
Love them!! I’m jealous!!
I have Brunswick Centennial balls work great
The colors look great and I always liked the Brunswick centennial balls and these look like them.
Those are amazing pool balls. Thanks for the vid. I will order mine on your link.
I had these not pool table
This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "pool hall interior design" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Fensaiah Conavid Review - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.
That’s an awesome set
I like the nfl balls, should I buy those and do people actually play with exotic pool table balls?
This is my favorite set of pool balls. That was an amazing gift. My Birthday just passed if anyone would like to buy me a set. Just the striped balls will be fine.
gosh they're amazing! The 9ball is insanely beautiful!
I'm curious what these look like on black felt
I'm undecided which one to buy
Do You like them more than normal ones?
Made for TV? My first impression was “cool,” but held my opinion until I could see the balls on TV. Having watched several matches of the 2020 Mosconi Cup, the “cool” factor is waning for me. To be fair, it is new, only 9-ball and on Simonis tournament blue clothe. Aramith makes great balls and Simonis makes great clothe, but are the colors compatible for TV? Does anyone know of a compatible combination of clothe and ball colors which may improve viewing pocket billiards both in person and video? Having watched pool both in person and on video (TV, and now on computer/phone/tablet) for decades, I’m of the opinion that our sport will benefit most if compatible colors are found for video viewing. Any thoughts/opinions?
"Guy cleaning his balls"@ 0:45. Can't believe no one in the comments noticed or said anything yet. Awesome :)
I have always loved the orange 5😊 always been my favourite pool ball, but there is no orange in this beautiful set😊
Cool Love the colors are really vibrant.
I am so happy to you, The Billiard Corner!
At first I thought these were ugly and ridiculous, but after some second looks I have to admit they’re pretty cool. Going to get a set. 👍🏻
I don't know what it is, but I don't like the black on the striped balls. Guess I'm just too traditional.
Love the quips
2” or 2” 1/4?
0:44 “a guy cleanin his balls” 😂😂😂
the audio is not loud but great content
I like your video keep up the good works, by the way I watch all your video, but you never intoduce your name
Wow so nice... 😍