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Buy iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot online at Amazon Flipkart. iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot Colours: White
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Amazon Offers ₹49,900
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Amazon Offers ₹49,900
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Flipkart Offers ₹49,900
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iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot Features

  • Vacuums every section of floor, effectively captures large quantities of dirt, dust, hair, and other debris from all floor types ; Power Lifting Suction ; Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes ; High-Efficiency Filter ; Avoids stairs and other drop-offs ; Gets to work with just the press of a clean button ; Automatically docks and recharges
  • Cleans under and around furniture, beds, into corners, and along wall edges, avoids stairs, obstacles and loose wires, works in cluttered rooms without damaging furniture
  • Effectively finds floor debris in tight spots, even under and around furniture
  • Spot clean mode performs a quick vacuum of debris confined to a small area, such as spilled cereal or an overturned plant
  • Return to home base after cycle
  • Light touch bumper with infrared sensors
  • Infrared cliff sensors
  • 3 step cleaning system, agitate, extract, vacuum
  • Push Bottom Interface: Clean, dock, spot and scheduling
  • Warranty: 2 year on product
  • Power: 14.4 watts
  • Includes: Home base, Cable, Auto virtual wall with battery, Virtual wall halo with battery, Cleaning tool and Manual book
iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot Colours:
  • White

The lowest iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot Price in India is ₹49,900 at Amazon.
Buy iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot online at Amazon Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot Specifications

Additional Features
Room-to-Room Navigation, iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology, Self-Adjusting Cleaning Head, Dirt Detect™ Series 2, Edge-Cleaning, Self-Charging, Virtual Wall, Scheduling.
Indicators Battery indicator, Dirt Detect Indicator, Troubleshooting indicator,Anti tangle indicator, Full bin indicator.
Wheels Yes
Convenience Features
Other Convenience Features • Newly refined, sleeker design. • Intelligently navigates the room using iAdapt™ Responsive Cleaning Technology, an advanced system of software and sensors that actively responds to the environment to make smart cleaning decisions. • AeroVac™ Series 2 bin with a powerful vacuum maximizes air flow through Roomba’s cleaning head to pull more hair and debris off the brushes and into the bin. • HEPA filters keep fine household dust from re-circulating into your home. • Specially de
Pet Hair Collector No
Net Weight 3.8 kg
W x H x D 34.3 x 9
Dust Collecting Feature AeroVac Series 2 bin
Filter High efficiency filter
Type Robotic Floor Cleaner
Run Time 90-120 min

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iRobot Roomba 776p Vacuum Cleaning Robot Reviews from YouTube

Should You Buy a ROBOT Vacuum Cleaner? (Roomba 980 Review) | The Tech Chap
iRobot Roomba 980 Review: क्‍यों खरीदें, क्‍यों न खरीदें
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Levi would be proud
Robot vacuums are very convenient. I use it every day! The video was very interesting! I will come to play again ♪ Please come to our channel. With love from Japan :)
lol my boy even do vacum reviews
I just want one because it's so adorable 😭😭
I just bought a refurbished one for $323.00 US dollars
At that price, it might be cheaper to hire a cleaning company once a week! Though I understand that statement might not be true all over the world.
cool intro🔥
Should you buy a roomba? If you have money to blow and want a fun useless toy for your kids or pets, then yes. I hear this product is for cleaning floors though. Perhaps a replacement for the standard upright vacuum. It isn't. We have a small home. I can vacuum the whole place in 15 minutes if I take my time. This thing, two hours old, meandered around the same 10 square feet of floor pushing dirt and pet hair from here to there for about an hour. I know, it has to learn the rooms. I can deal with that. I can't deal with a vacuum that doesn't vacuum. If this thing was under $100, then I guess it could be "written off". These things range from $500 - $1000. For that money, a vacuum better vacuum.
You sound exactly like mehdi hasan 😬
*Can this thing clean blood and poop?*
Never buy the cheap ones because they don’t work with your iPhone and they don’t pick up anything
Stop been lazy get your ass up and vacuum
they start like this, and in 20-30 years they do ur dishes aswell
That's the greatest intro of all time
You can find in google: *robotnox vacuum* This is cheap and GREAT one, better then mainstream vacuum robots.
Personally I prefer "RobotNox Vacuum Cleaner" (you can find it in Google by searching this) Not cheap, not expensive, but perfectly designed & working as it has to. IMHO much better than Roomba and other "mainstream" robots.
Can someone recommend for me a good brand and version please
**Gets Detroit: Become Human flashbacks**
I need one of those
सर मेरा बॉयज होस्टल है साफ सफाई के लिए क्या खरीद सकता हु
0:16 after knowing the price Me- ghar aur tijori ka kona kona saaf
It’s a demo not a review. I’d rather call a salesman for this! I’d like to know if this thing will work in Indian apartment set up.
Bekar review
My roomba at home
Hom much price
70,000 is more than entire money i pay to my maid in a year
Is there any service centre for this robot in India Bangalore?
Do they provide extra filter???
Buy best robots vacuum cleaner from Amazon
Waste of time this product
Does it picks extremely small dust n hair or just paper n big garbage
Very nice demonstration
What will the cost of this
Mi Robot Vaccum Mop P Best and latest Robot Vaccum of Xiaomi Launching in India It's also better than this Roomba Mi Crowdfunding - Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P Hey! Check-out Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P on Mi Store at I😍XIAOMI
Wow super price?
Max 15000 is ok for such products
Maintainance cost availability of spare ?
Jesse Pinkman brought me here
The cowardly bamboo molecularly warm because vessel ultimately settle below a pumped activity. workable, vagabond bottle
How long do these typically last. I dont have a problem spending the extra money on a high-end vacuum SO LONG as it last me more than 4 years. Im thinking about the Roomba i7 but its $800.
2:05 the cordey beat the one you said was doing the best, the eufy 11s in each os these categories, why is it not given due credit?
i own this robot T8. The port to auto-evacute the dust inside the bin is too small. Therefore, be prepared to empty the dustbin yourself EVERY TIME. Other then that, it works good. FAIL FAIL FAIL🤮😡
Wow.. your house must be sparkling clean ✳️✴️⭐
Until you no longer review "free" vacuums I can't take anything you say seriously. Thank goodness Consumer Reports aren't given free cars, or we might think a Land Rover is reliable because they sent them a new Discovery for free.
I searched this because my mom bought a robot vacuum
Hey thanks for the amazing video. Can I request if you can make video for UK Market with UK price link. To me it looks massive price difference between robot in US and UK. Thank you
Hi, sorry to ask this, do you have more information regarding mamibot?
Just got my deebot and auto empty today!!!
Can you comment on the upkeep for these types of vacuums? We bought a lower tier range vacuum and within a year the area where the brush rotates had somehow heated up so much that it deformed the place where it sits, which completely destroyed the bot. Oh, and it seemed like each week we had to take it apart to remove dush/hair (lots of cats) from the interior because it just kept hitting we had to clean the sensors off. Who knows...maybe this was just a lower tier bot and that's just what you get?
Thanks for great reviews. I saw this video the other day on latest update of the S6 MaxV... Impressive - meanwhile I just bought the Ozmo T8 & AIVI , but the App mapping is so buggy, that I gave up on it and returning both Deebots. I wanted to love ecovacs, but it never managed to fully map my house (says cleaning is finished half way through the rooms). Expanding the map is then not possible. Also the map division is extremely buggy, making practically impossible to create specific rooms. Too bad !
which is the best for hardwood floors?
Here’s a video idea how much EMF do these bad boys give off ?
Which model is the slimmest one !?
Plz do full review on Xiaomi Eve Plus Vacuum
can you please review indibot
We are no RoboT
Is there a "best for people with pets" category?
We have the roomba 866... Don't judge me but it's changed my life lol! 😆👍 Also recent minimalist 😍 xxx

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