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Buy IPP 7W LED Bulb (White) online at Amazon. 7 Watts E27 White / Cool White 1 Bulbs IPP 7W LED Bulb (White) Colours: White
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IPP 7W LED Bulb (White) Features

  • 1 pcs LED BULB 7 WATT - WHITE -- Long Life - Superb Design E27
  • 7 Watts
  • E27
  • White / Cool White
  • 1 Bulbs
IPP 7W LED Bulb (White) Colours:
  • White

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For a comprehensive understanding of IPP 7W LED Bulb (White) we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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IPP 7W LED Bulb (White) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand IPP
Cap Type E27
Height 15 Centimeters
Length 6 Centimeters
Material Plastic
Part Number 1ECO7wE27
Wattage 7.00
Weight 70 Grams
Width 6 Centimeters
Brand IPP
Color White
Colour White
feature 1 pcs LED BULB 7 WATT - WHITE -- Long Life - Superb Design E27
Manufacturer International Premium Products
Size 10 X 13

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Price galat h sb bulb 100 se km h
Crompton best ha
Sabse acha crompton ka hai. Mere yaha 90rs me 2 year guaranty milta hai.
Very informative.
Good info
Good priya ji....continue your good work
6 saal pagal ho kya
Filhall app he bhut bright hoo
Nyc presentation
I liked your presentation.
Namaste madam ni aapne mobile ke saath kaise bulb test kia tha ? Please batana
Namaste madam ji aap ne bulb mobile ke saath kaise test kia tha
Apne power factor ki bareme nehi bataya
Philips is best.
Very nice
Which is better 7 watt or 10 watt
Perfect demonstration
I will be buying a ring light which will be put on top of my monitor that I sit right in front of. Is 9 watts enough to light me for shooting?
i have gz4q 10w watts bulbs and its still alot brighter than the 9w led bulb
sir which is best?
bhai 5 watt ka incandescent bulb led mai hai kya plz uski pic send karo
I began the video and the quality was quite bad. I was like "Ahh, got to be from like 2009 or something" but in actual fact, its from 2016!
how to convert 100watt to 2 watt
Do you have any problems with the 5 or 7?
What would you suggest to get ?
did u buy an american camera that operates at 60fps & not 50 like the Uk grid?
very nice show ,good
This is a trash led bulb very hot led is not have heatsink and led die another 1 mounth i buy it and after 1 mounth is dead 1/2 LED IS DIED after repaired 2 times and change 6 led i considered this led bulb is a trash if you buy it change capacitor 4,7uf with 50 uf 100v and remove glass because led is very hot and die very fast
@AtomicShrimp tell me can i use it as room light for room size 3x3.5m ?
All of the bulbs tested are flickering. You might not notice flickering in real life by looking directly into bulbs, but you can observe consequences of flickering when moving head or walking and loking into them or when moving open fist in front of them - you will notice "strobe" effect, or the light might appear wierd, unstable. Bear in mind that those bulbs are flickering at 100 or 120 Hz, depending on the local mains frequency. Next time buy "world voltage" bulbs, that is bulbs that can work everywhere in the world, both at 110V and 220V. They are usually marketed as 85-265V. They do not flicker (at least non of them I tested) - neither on camera, nor in real life (you won't notice strobe effect).
Thanks for this great review! Have you given these a longer test? How are you enjoying them?
Nice to see the three side-by-side in the ceiling fitting. Also nice to see that the sellers are finally starting to encapsulate these things instead of leaving the LED contacts exposed.
CCD video camera ;)?
will those bulbs fir USA sockets ?
I don't see any small sockets like that here in the USA. Are they special fixtures ? Our bulbs have much bigger bases, although I do own one screw in adapter that can take a small base bulb (Christmas tree light or Night Lite size base which is about 7 watts. It allows me to use the tiny 7 watt bulb in any lamp fixture. We run our lamps and appliances at 110-120 Volts AC.
Speak English
Amazon ya fir Flipkart ka koi link hai please
App ka nam kiya he bro
Bhai chinaa ka maal heChala to chand tak varnaa sham tak
I want To buy this can I buy 1 or two for a room for lighting
lets see how the black button works
nice information, .......good to guide
Seiing your First Video but suscirbed your channel like unboxing video'skeep more unboxing regular
What is the warranty of this bulb
I see your video and then buy this bulb
Is light ka price kitna hai
amazon pe 290 rs me milta hai
bulb is awsome but i told u my bro u r looking like south hero vijay
strangest thing ive ever seen sounds horrible too anyways nice video keep up the good work
riple to diya kar
You didn't given the link for Indian buyers..BangGood app is not for us..plss give the link...
app name ?
You can buy it from Flipkart in just Rupees 330.Here is the link:- kitne ka he

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