Ion Camocam Realtree Sports Camera

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Ion Camocam Realtree Sports Camera

Ion Camocam Realtree Sports Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features With a 180 degree field of view, record videos in outstanding 1080p and 720p, and record audio with a built-in high quality microphone. Capture 14PM still, burst-shot, and time lapse images., The iON Air Pro Camera is extremely durable and waterproof WITHOUT a case up to 10 meters/30 feet., Storage: Micro SD/Micro SDHC minimum class 6, recommended class 10 up to 32gb (not included). Battery life: approx. 2.5 hours, Compatible with all iON Accessories and Mounts., Wi-Fi PODZ included to enable Sh
Audio Encoding Stereo
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand iON Camera
Colour Screen No
Contains Liquid Contents No
Digital Zoom 3
Includes AC Adapter Yes
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery Yes
Includes Remote No
Item model number 1026
Item Weight 1 Kg
Max Resolution 14 Megapixels
Min Focal Length 10
Model 1026
Optical Zoom 4.6 X
Product Dimensions 14 x 21.6 x 8.1 cm
Supported Image Type JPEG
Video Capture Resolution 1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9) 30 fps NTSC, 960P: 1280 X 960 pixels (4:3) 30 fps NTSC, 720P: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9) 60 fps NTSC, 720P: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9) 30 fps NTSC

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Ion CamoCam Product review
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جيد ♥
One of these on EBAY for $625 ...
BerBerBerBerBerBer!!! Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala!! What the hell is this!
Easy to drop... got it.
قرقر كثيير
Ok thanks for getting back with me
Couldn't find it
Looked on Amazon and cannot find that camera u can find others but not that one
What happened with tactacam I thought you were on their prostaff?
I have an older one that shoots in 720, and I love it. Not as good in low light, but still a great camera. Great review Ike.
I have a ion pro 2 only thin I do not like..I wish you could change the fov.....I don't like the fish is sharp video..take the pod of the back you will get better sound u also can put a pic in it ..I have an Olympus one looks like a T an takes audio to the next level..they have a pro three out is even sharper.i do lobe it just wish u could change the FOV .very underrated camera for sure
Much better than a gopro.. and a gopro is a pain in the butt with all the flashing lights and beeps ...
I like the look way more than Tactacam also, great video
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Would be a good idea to get tHe film tHrougH scope by tactacam and see if tHe knockoff fits fit tHe same way. You tHink tHe wise field of view on tHis same camera would make tHe footage look weird?
thanks for the video and the informations you shared with as... i used to use sj2000 torch camera...still use it but i believe that now the 4k and electronic instability cameras supposed to film better so i made a check online and i was between AKASO v50 pro or v50 x but in the end i deside to order AKASO V50 X because i believe has a better image and stability system than others... the price was about 88 euro and also bought two extra 1350mah batteries to extend filming... i believe you may have to check it too
What kind of Camera are you wearing on your head
Interested in this camera as a gift. I didn’t see a mount included for the gun. What kind of mount did you use?
Punched the 👍 now my screen is broken I don't recommend doing this
Where did you get the gun barrel clamp for that camera?
Killing animals
Thanks for the Post I just found my next new camera
Killing birds for fun? man wat a hero. thumbs down for him
Have u found any cameras that have the close up view like tactacam?
How has camera held up. I got a tactacam solo but not wanting to spend more for newer tactacams. I love u did this video
I have been using a Sony AS-10 which has a 120 degree FOV with Steady Shot turned on (which you want on hunting). Sony's optical image stabilization is great, but they quite making this model a few years back. There are other camera's with FOV's from 90-120 degrees too. Plus 2.7k-4k action cams can be zoomed with digital zoom and still have a good picture. Many are around the $80-$120 range as well as others on each side of that price range.
Thanks for the video. Been looking for something like this for a while. Everything else like it is just too expensive.
Those are good cameras. My hunting buddy has 2 of them. They are well made.
Legend has it, the tree still stands and that fire was never built.
That old pine just would not give up...Did you ever get it down or did it just finally fall on its own? Man you done put the hankerin on me for one of them shotguns.
You are tougher than me to shoot that 10 gauge that much.
just bought one. they are half off at closing radio shacks. thought about buying the last 2 they have...i can buy 3 for barely over the price of 1
worked good on my duck gun
Hello I joined we become !! friends thanks. XD
Great video bro! Nice commentary too. For whatever reason I was laughing more as it went on. Trying to take out the tree was funny when you ran low and started creeping closer. "Damn you tree just fall!! least twitch!"
Great share :-) All the best....Jenny ♫
Bad day for termites!!!!!!
looked like that camera held up to the recoil pretty good. I was hoping u would finish off the tree with some tannerite! lol 👍
tough tree
The end is funny! buffer tube!
Lmao! This is awesome!
East Texas Outlaws, Awesome Video, I like the Shotgun, and the Camera.
That camera did good for that 10 gauge
Tree from hell! lol Camera footage looks Great
Cool video! that 10 gauge must be fun to shoot.
Just love some 10 ga. action. Remember always come over prepaired for any situation haha. plenty of beer not enough ammo.
Nice try, chainsaw works better just not as much fun LOL