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Introduction to Manufacturing Processes Book Reviews from YouTube

Introduction to Manufacturing Process Tecnology
Manufacturing Processes Classification hindi
How Things Are Made | An Animated Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
Introduction of Manufacturing Processes
Thank you so much sir
Pdf required sir?
somebody summarize this video plz
Pls make playlists
font size is too much small. moreover you explain well.Thank you.
To get full details visit the
Very helpful
Thank u sir
After listening ur lecture I m feeling sleepy boring explanation I guess some1 has force u to give lecture in youtube make a lecture so tht student can understand easily student cum to youtube to see simple and easy lecture ur making more complicate in lecture
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Thnku so much sr
Sir hindii ka v krtee Han . Kyaa
Jaypal gour
Plz try to cover all manufacturing process in one video... Make it long.
useful for beginers
Very nice teaching items by the way of this video has been also very good explain with absolutely very helpful video for me and Thank you Sir
Sir iski detail me video banao plz
very nice sir ji thanks
Very helpful sir
Sir u forgot Milling machine.
Manufacturing process ka best book kiska hai
Very very good teaching sir
Aaj hi mere IIM ke interview me mujhe ispe grill kr diya....sala sab bhool gya..what is turning and milling
Great teaching .... learning becomes easy when you teach in simple words.keep doing and keep growing
Bhaisahab aapka padhaya hua mujhe laakho me ek lagta mujhe diploma me samjh nahi aaya....vo me mujhe aaj aapke padhane se smjh aagya
Sir apka manufacturing processes k one video dakh paya.. Plz or video upload kijiye?
Menufacturing processes
Thanks sir
Sir machining economy per video banaeeye please
Gajab ha
Hello SirI appreciate your effort but there are mistakes like rolling is not used to make pipes .... The video you gave for bending is wrong etc.Humble request, learners follow you, so please review before postingAll the Best for Future SirRegards
sr wellding ma vedio chiyas
Thankyou Sir jii from heartly.
Sir darivation krai
Zabardast sir very good information
This content is great for fresh grads who need to quickly cram for an interview (like myself!) your videos have really helped me get up to speed and find information I needed quickly
This video is so awesome. I showed it to my Mat Sci prof and they posted it on out blackboard as a secondary source of info. Great job
Excellent animations and comments, thanks for sharing!
Good video, but would like to point out that you missed blow moulding. It would be great if you explain that as well. Thanks
What a great work, i wanna do something similar in my project presentation can you help me please ?
Parabns pelo vdeo. Muito bom
Thank you so very much for such amazing animated videos...
Great content! Do you have textbook recommendation for this subject?
This animations are so nice.
Nice video..
I can't give a handsome cost which your videos deserved. But can definitely give my blessings to you. Be always happy, Be healthy & strong. Be growing .
Excellent video! Thank you so much! I'm a former mechanical engineer who now teaches Math for Manufacturing in a vo-tech Advanced Manufacturing program. My students and I loved this video!
Best vid
Very well done. Helpful Video
My sir showed this video in online class!
He: What do you think about these videos?Me: Bloody hell you teach it so well that I'm willing to pay you my college fee to learn these topics?
8:45 First time seeing a counter clockwise drill bit
Thank you for these very precious videos
Please visit the website
Suggest me books ,please

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