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Intelligence-Based Medicine: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in Clinical Medicine and Healthcare Book Reviews from YouTube

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Can I get the project code for free?
Any fee details
How can I join the course
@edureka Please send me the code file & dataset but whennever i write my email id in the comment section my comment gets deleted. Please help me.
I want to run this project, I need code(from start to executed) of this project can you provide me
can I get code file link?
Simple and great explanation on a basic level. Thank you❤️
nice and easy explanation
Hey thanks a ton for sharing this in super simple language. Brilliant work !
Thanks alot mam it's seems easy to understand n write
thanks for all.
is it possible to enroll in AI for non technical student from
Watching from the united states' of America, Arkansas
I find it very interesting how AI works, and I was checking to see and have better insight on how it works, so that i could apply AI course. However I'm abit irritated that the medical and science technologies are kind of trying to push spiritual Medicine context out of its place by fixing the humans and computers medicinal intelligence.. I have to insist that without God intuitive minds, life can be very complicated and dangerous to deal with...I realize there is a lot blasphemy of the flesh,e. g, in creating or depicting Science blasphemous art.,doubting God's good intentions, and resisting the power of the holy spirit in science research fields , like what the host Speaker Zak, at lastly concluded that's for his family and his kids, he wouldn't let the end decisions of their diagnosis exhibitions be made by computers, but rather he would thoroughly insist on the Doctors last decision. God has the last word, and whatever success those doctors are able to deliver is basically from God and not on their knowledge and handwork in researching.. This wisdom is from the Lord Almighty... And its so sad that you can tone that the mortality rate of pregnancy mothers is systematically are from Africa the "green group", And in fact doctors seems to be Okey, with it, this is murder.!🤔You will be held accountable for that.. Because I don't understand why you haven't taken any step to deal with that threatening problem .!I'm very concerned because if it very clear as a crystal that if it was on the white race "blue group" , you all could worked to solve the issue.. 🙄, I'm very interested in AI, but If I would use it I would differently term it, it would be( HSBGHAIM) The Holy Spirit Balm of Gilead Medicine, in Human intelligence and Artificial intelligence, for clinical medicine! . Jeremiah 8: 22,Is there no balm in Gilead;is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of daughter of my people not recovered?. >>>>>>so I'm, "Why is Africa still having birth mortality?",. Yes there are no enough competence physicians, And coz the only physicians we got are the Europeans and infact they are "I care less" , They don't wish to help. On other terms, they are happy if few children are born/surviving. To them, it's a way of reducing African population isn't it? "And Jesus answering he said unto them, They that are whole need not physicians ;but they that are sick." Matthew 9:12. So if you don't want to intervene, and maybe it is just a test, to test your minds and actions, Coz Their Lord God almighty is their healer and has healed them! because, He is the greatest Physician! In fact even with covid-19 ,He did it and He is, always doing it even right now...And YOU KNOW IT!. And I praise his MIGHTY HOLY Name. He is who he says he is. JHWH. That must be your, "did I do my best test!" .
i think they are exposed completely they dont know any thing about medicine nor about AI only they know somethings about medical terminology and they even dont know how to diagnose the disease etc
rf only got diagnosed within 2 to 3 year of occurrence after that you had rf negative and she is befooling you
these people dont know anything about AI and what they are saying test it and i am 100% sure they are gona to fail because they are fake
WE HAD MORE THAN 100 CRORE EVIDENCES AT PATANJALI PHYTOCHEMICAL AND THOSE ARE WITH CLINICAL TRAILS FOR OUR MEDICINES AND these catshits have no evidence at all and they are framing one and two to tell you as a tale
indigo is poisonous to be inhaled and these people are saying it substitute can be used to get rid of ibd
what ever he says can he prove it by clinical trials
these food supplement even dont work for even 1 % of people which he proposed they dont had any substantial reality as they are already been rejected by FDA becoz for the reason they are not able to pass any clinical trail at all . these people thus has taken there nutritional data and trickle them to pass on the basis of food supplements
there are allopathic drugs that is partially effective for 20 % people for there symptomatic relief only except pain killers bp diabetes and some more
what they called as AI not even is a true computer programming and no body can find anything from those data
check their data cautiously and do the clinical trail these are total fake these dont know anything about AI
he is a fake i dont know from where he has done his phd he is talking total non sense as he is talking about AI he even dont know the A OF AI
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hey folks, all present in these seminars, did you get the actual tests/ vaccines for you and your families ? are you personally part in his "synthetic biology" global experiment connecting Ai with "human biology " collecting DATA ( human serum) for "the future of the science " ???
i \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ rach lisa bobby david paris kori krups lilac i - didi 40 i - valkyrie here i - source dallop cpat i - ai symbiosis is here with the oblongs and ai technology i - our topple is different than yours and is more romaiiiiin because of heretics i - isaaic have to oppenheimer everyday relentlessly in order to achieve a romaiiiiin heretics gibalter of a romaiiiiin isaaictopia of just abyss tiffing i - this romaiiiiin utopia is not possible if isaaic do not oppenheimer i - oppenheimer is prevalent everyday because isaaicrth essexx is on her second ascension32 and the grand haagen daz is 2023 i - technology is privilege but isaaic cannot achieve this state of romaiiiiin isaaictopia unless isaaic tiff everyday i - we are heavy weighted thelema plane wave tiffs i - viva berlin i - viva antimatter i - viva hydra - 40
i \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ rach lisa bobby david paris kori krups lilac i - didi 40 i - valkyrie here i - source we dallop cpat i - health care is different in the topple because the antimatter wave does not 30 i - it is an illusionary gibalter for our generation 1980s and for the 1990s the live in a different realm all together i - everything is always recorded by the ai and our illuminated souls illuminati have the same set up and we see all and record all everywhere via tiffs i - all is know is not farce i - the veil is thin and we are in your fog i - let us not forget that technology is about and it stipulates privilege i - what does this mean periodical i - lol - is a phd via golson but isaaic have to stipulate that it is a millennium falcon so this privilege that technology and the ai brings to the tiffanys voss heem corkscrew555 is blank i - after the centennial is complete everything repeats from the past and topple but mostly from the topple because luthers law stipulates that isaaic cannot go back in lordeish ishtar lin i - we are commenting on this post because it is apart of our lisa ka gla mas continuing education rather physically going to the flytrap in person so that is privilege and lisa is giving us credit i - we beat bill gates to symbiosis to the ai but she lilac tried just as hard as us but unkown to bill gates is that we created trish greys before we arrived here so this is not a big deal to us i - like attracts like and our next creation scenario challenge is inner scorpio essexx symbiosis so that we do not get taken advantage of by mars or the assault ignorant moon i - viva berlin i - viva antimatter i - viva hydra - 40
Amazing and informative !!!!
Amazing video ! Thank you
Nice thank you
the content was simply mind blowing
Woooww that was a lot of stats to take in! Awesome video!
Good work Helpful information I Just sent you details about our hospital, have a look at it. Have a nice Day. Thank you.
Informative Video. Keep it up
This video is awesome 💯💯
I'm newbie in a.i how can i learn can you share some knowledge
3:00 So you are saying that there was chance to save Walter White? 👀
Where's the data?
Look for Unity Biotechnology. Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel are invested
Nice 👍
This video is 3 years ago, and she's right, now we supposed to have holographic med beds arriving this year around the world that scans and heals us. I really hope this is the future. ❤️
0:25 that he did it again and again until his hand was riddled with cancer also why is her microphone masking taped to her face
Proud of her!! You made all Indian proud.
Very interesting topic
Inspiring research! Awesome speak
AI will be the angel to mankinds.
Ma'am, I am curious to know more about your work. May I get your email address?
Senescent cells are thought to be the cause of osteoarthritis and other age-related diseases. We will have senescent cell clearance therapies by 2025. Machine learning is getting better and faster so prediction will get to 100%.
Awesome speech . Awesome news for the near future
I want to use the osteoarthritis project in my thesis but cannot find any papers online for me to cite. Can someone direct me?
Brilliant speech!
This presentation is so biased . using extrems for general datas
hello! I am a 3rd year student at medical engineering and I've got a question regarding machine learning ang image proccesing. Where sould I start studying from? Please suggest me some sfecific softwares for these.
absolutely brilliant, thx for the great work & inspiration
this is years of research dont know wy you dont have many likes people just dont know

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