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CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Stick Line // On-Ice Insight
CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Stick Line // On-Ice Insight
D1S and D2S LED Headlight Bulb Replacements - Are they brighter than HID? | Headlight Revolution
D1S and D2S LED Headlight Bulb Replacements - Are they brighter than HID? | Headlight Revolution
Throw all other hockey sticks out! CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro Snap Shot review
Throw all other hockey sticks out! CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro Snap Shot review
I hope you guys enjoy this battle! ALSO, I did find the denman brush for cheaper than I was seeing previously! In the video I mentioned it was $20 but I found one for $11 on amazon and have in linked in the description box :)
Ummmm I love you. I subscribed instantly
I have very thick, long 3A-B hair and the Cantu brush was just horrible. It doesn't have any slip to glide through the hair. I'm bummed I tried the Cantu before the Denman.
In Mexico we don't hace the Denman, and in Amazon is over price, almost $40 dollars or more.
Omg in the beginning you look like you have like not a lot of hair but at the end yours has SO MUCH VOLUME please lmk how you get that much volume
I’m looking for the best curly hair brush for my daughter. I still don't know which one to buy 😱😨😳
No hate, but I think the Cantu brush didn’t work on your hair because it’s not the right brush for your hair type. You even said in the beginning that it’s for *thick* hair. And I’m not saying that ur hair isn’t thick but when u said thick I thought of 4b/c hair. Your curls still looked beautiful tho 💕
Great video. Love both results! 🙂
Great execution of battle of the brushes
So do you recommend the 7 row or 9 row brush? My hair is a little less curly than yours. I don’t know the technical term, but it’s more wavy than curly. But I really want to try this brush after watching your videos! Thank you!!
I liked as soon as I seen your intro lol
I have 2c fine thin low density wavy hair. I purchased the Denman brush and it's very difficult getting it thru my hair. Even tried taking out every other row and it didn't help. I found that it was actually pulling out my hair.
I just brush through my hair w the denman after applying mousse, no real “process”. (Ps. You are so beautiful)
THANK god you posted this!!!! Iv asked so many people in my fb groups to compare the two if they’ve tried them out and one got back to me! Your the real mvp!
Denman brush all the way!
Isn‘t it a 7 row Denman brush? I think that's the difference, 7 to 9 rows.
I don't even have curly hair and I'm in awe of your beautiful hair!!! I'm just here like...omgggg.
You look AMAZING! Love the shirt, color and the matching makup!!. You da bomb!
I use the Ion brand Denman type brush.
I want the denman brush so bad now! The body shop has a similar one as well but the handle is made of wood, I dont like using any tool to style my hair but seeing your results I might change my mind hehe
What’s does LK mean on the ft3 team ? Is it a low kick or still has the hybrid kick ?
How big of a difference in puck feel and pop is it between the ft3 pro and the ft3
are they in a full size rink?
I’m a defenseman playing in a men’s league. As a player who prefers an “all around shot”, slap,snap, wrist, backhand, would the FT3 line be the best option for my type of game???
what are the differences between the ft3 and the ft3 pro? cuz idk which one to get.
Would my playing style change if i wanted to transiton from the p88 to the p90tm curve?
There so damn light they break easily... my kid plays high school hockey has broken 2 sticks within 1 month. NO THANKS!
I’m a defenseman do you think I should get the super tacks as2 or the ft3?
Damn y'all getting these FT3's ?!
How come in the video the ft3 team is said to be a new price point stick, but on your site it says its heritage is the 460/370?
How do I get one of these?!?!
coming out with a new stick for the same line each year is simply a money grab. how much are they really changing year to year, especially when the FT2 was already considered to be one of the best sticks out there? i get wanting to try the latest and greatest stuff but i hope no one is silly enough to go out there and pay full price for a new stick because its 20 grams lighter.
Has the p30 curve been discontinued?
I usually use warrior sticks but these sticks look really nice fr
The sad thing about the new curve is the fact that they’ll discontinue the curve next year. Just like they did with the P30 and the P88
will the intermediate ft3 sticks have the same shaft dimensions of the ft2?
What is the price point
Can’t wait!
Thing looks beautiful
Can I use an H7 led as a replacement for D1S?
What would be your opinion looking at their design, do they stand a chance ? 1) These are "non destructive" upgrades meaning they connect to OEM ballast of the car: 2) This one is "destructive" upgrade, but question is more about pattern validity since it has 6 sides led and might have good pattern ?
Subscribed! When it comes to the LED world of lights you sure have shed some light for us at your expense. Thank you. By the way, i used the Hikari led lights on 2 of my vehicles to replace halogen bulbs and they are very bright. Dont know if you have tried them but they sure are pretty good.
Thank you for this video, The information about even basic things like names of bulb fitments and what led variables work with HID fitments was helpful.
It is impossible to retrofit led in a projector, that was created for hid bulb. Why? Just look at the area, where light is created. It is in focus of the reflector and lens. And then look at the light source of led bulb.
Great job, your videos are the best.
How about to halogen projector housings do they work.?
Each year I change one philips D4S pair of bulbs. I know it must be my ballast that is going bad on me! The thing is that the ballast isn't sold separately, so I have to pay a ton of money and change the whole headlight just because of the ballast! Nop, I will get an LED replacement and see what happens.
Thank you for showing me (and everybody) that leds are a bad choice in projectors headlights. Great vid, very informative 👏
Where can I buy the D4S or D2S LED low light bulb in a headlight with projector Can you send me the link?
i was about to switch it led but no, i’m gonna stay with my oem HID !! good thing i watched this video and hopefully all i have to do is just replace the bulb!! thanks !
The reason why the LED’s don’t put out as much light is because of the design of the bulbs. The HID has light output 360 degrees and has a completely clear bulb. The LED only has light output from two sides, sometimes 3 or 4, but never 100% 360 around. The LED bulb would have to be made out of glass in order for it to have the same beam pattern. What doesn’t make sense to me is that there are tons of cars these days with standard LED headlights, some in projector housings and some in reflector ones. Their output is far brighter than my 35W D2S HID bulbs in my 2012 Acura TSX with projector housings. Why is this?
I need some LED bulbs for my 2005 Escalade esv. Can you help me out
Thank you!
Cheers for this mate! Saves my time and pocket!
Thanks for the video , i have the osram cbb 7000k butt i dont realy like him its not white white its mixed with yellow when you look whitout the car to outside so i whanna juse the led in mijn d3s headlight is this posible ?
I have no idea where you source you LED bulbs. I have a 2010 Skoda Superb with Bi-Xenon D1S set. Replaced them with Darkaway LED D1S (Plug and Play). They are way brighter than the Osrams I had prior to that and no warm-up time as well. Maybe you should try a different source for your LED bulbs.
Excellent explanation of the difference between the two different types of bulbs, thanks for posting this video.
why did the second LED tested look brighter than the HID? the meter read at less max lux but it looked better
Is there any Ultra series 2 led bulb size that can be retrofitted for a ds3 HID bulb, like similar bulb dimensions
Currently using the Warrior DX SL have mostly used Bauer my whole life. I was looking to get a CCM FT3 Pro but I have always used textured grip any suggestions?
How would the transition for me be if i wanted to get the p90tm curve, coming from the p88 curve?
Ля какая она классная
Nice review, good video! I think the best looking and feeling stick, to me, is still my CCM U+ Pro shaft/blade combo or the U+ CL Midnight. Not sure it gets better, looks wise, than those
I really liked the square-ish shaft of the regular jetspeed but the ft2 is more rounded, how is this stick?
great review but I have a question what is the number of the lie and is it very low compared to a p28 lie\
please tell me where i can get one of these with that curve!!!!!
So excited to try the new curve, I love the p28 but also used to use the p29 so I'm sure I'll love the mix of them
I have the Jetspeed pro 2 and the snapshot release is unreal! I couldn't imagine the FT3's shot
One thing Bauer is doing that ccm isn’t is that their still having an “elite” level stick for $260 US. You should do a review on it
I just got the flylite but thinking about getting the ft3 also
Definitely do a P90TM curve in depth review
I thought it came out friday?
That intro was hilarious!!! And yes, I have tried the FT3. It is quite amazing. Now I am no pro, but I know a good stick when I try one.... and oh my lawdy!!!! What a beaut!
I was gonna get the trigger 5 when that comes out but I’ve seen so many positive reviews of this stick too. Makes my decision tough. Do you think the trigger 5 will be better than the ft3 pro ?
its that much better than the FT2?
I am happy that CCM is improving the retail line of spear variable sticks as now their marketing them as hybrids. Also I am super pumped about this Benn pro curve, which I think has been long overdue for retail consumers
I agree! looks really nice :)
How is it??? Is it light, and have a good blade???? Nice review
You should review the Ultrasonic stick. Its really nice