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IBS MS5 Sumo 11 in 1 body Vibrating Heating Relaxing Pain Relief ...

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Royal Care RCEM001 Powerful Double Speed Built Floating Action ...

Royal Care RCEM001 Powerful Double Speed Built Floating Action Body Body Massager (Silver) · IBS MS5 Sumo 11 in 1 body Vibrating Heating Relaxing Pain Relief ...


PAYKARS 001-Portable-Massager Massage Gun, Cordless ...

Buy PAYKARS 001-Portable-Massager Massage Gun, Cordless Rechargeable Deep ... IBS MS5 Sumo 11 in 1 body Vibrating Heating Relaxing Pain Relief shoulder Arm ...


IBS 11 in 1 Rolling Massager Features

The Sumo Massager isa physical massage machine that combines traditional massages: punching, scaling and acupuncture.Using the top-of-the-line hand massage machine helps the blood circulation to the kidneys, liver, intestines .... are healthy. Especially this massage also makes the spine flexible, the spinal cord is the place to produce blood for the body, is the total of the nervous system. Such regular massages every two or three times will effectively treat body aches.

  • Type: Full Body (Hammer, Tapping)
  • Power Source: plug
  • Color: Silver
  • Body Massager
IBS 11 in 1 Rolling Massager Colours:
  • Silver

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IBS 11 in 1 Rolling Massager Specifications

Power Requirements
Power Consumption (Watts) 30 W
Power Source plug
Product Details
Brand IBS
Color Silver
Model ID MS5
Model Name Sumo 11 in 1 body Vibrating Heating Relaxing Pain Relief shoulder Arm Accupuncture Rolling
Type Leg, Body, Thigh, Back, Arm

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IBS 11 in 1 Rolling Massager Reviews from YouTube

Self-Massage for IBS, Colitis, Crohn's & other inflammatory bowel issues - from internalgardens.com
Diet Plan to Lose 2Lbs in 1 Day / 1KG in 1 Day
TMJ Exercises #1 --- Jaw Pain Help --- Teeth Grinding
How To Use An Acupressure Mat
"That's when you need your TaiChi the most." Thank you Loretta.
I am happy that i found this video. Thanks. I have IBS for 27 years and the daignosed Crohns at the beginning of the year. I tried many things, myself, with my doctors no result. When i hear someone who has experienced all herself and got healing i find this very hopefull Why is the massage so helpfull, does it incease bloodflow, chi, i am allways curious. About how long did it take for you to feel results. I know this can be different with every person but i would be interesting to know.
Thanks for this video, the explanation was really comprehensive and useful! I will try the self massage
Thank you so much, mam
Thanks for sharing this, I will give this exercise a try! I really really need it.
I know I will catch flak for this, but here it goes:  I have been observing more and more that when people give up wheat and wheat-containing products, within 2 weeks, most symptoms are GONE.  Also, watch out for food items that contain carragennan.  Studies are finding that some people get irritation in their colon from carragennan (a seaweed-derived product, even if no allergies to seaweed).  Google all this info for yourself and draw your own conclusions and experiment on yourself.  Keep an open mind.  I recant my original position that corn is a problem.  It's more so the wheat.  Nowadays' wheat is a mere ghost of what our grandparents ate, due to intensive alteration with genetic modification, hybridization, and treatment of herbicides and pesticides required to grow the "desinger" wheat crops that form the bulk of our wheat consumption nowadays.  Again, you can research all of this for yourself.  Don't keep your mind so zipped up in ideologies. Research and test.  Observe. Everyone's systems are different.
Thank you for sharing comments, folks.  I apologize for not getting back to them right away (I'm bad with that sometimes, sorry!).  Some comments on here are set by Youtube that I can no longer reply - probably b/c it's been a long time.  Rest assured, I will reply when I am able.  You can also contact me through: internalgardens @ yahoo . com
Carbonated drinks made me invent this procedure myself as I stopped drinking fridge water for years. I stopped fizz madness last year... thanks for confirming this move, sister! I use natural ginger blended  in juice with fruit n in my beans...lol
Thank you, it helps so much.
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful exercise which clearly helped you a great deal. Just a notice to other sufferers of bowel problems: The advice about stemming from a cold condition may not apply to you so best to get some time with a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor if you can find one. If you eat lots of ginger in the presence of a heat condition you might feel worse. Just friendly advice - not meaning to be negative or confrontational :-)
Gonna try this on my wife; I assume it can still be done by another person as well? She has a hiatal hernia (as do I), along with IBS, internal hemorrhoids, and diabetes. Getting her to eat more veggies and less soda is the hard part!
Thanks for this video. Yes, I remember my parents always advised lukewarm water or room temp not from the fridge!! :) 
Thank you. I have been a shiatsu practitioner and Have used some of this with good effect but your more in depth type of massage is something I am planning to do long term. Thank you.
Hi. How long does it approx. take to see the (first) results? In case of colitis.
Is there anything for Acid reflux?
You're a very lovely lady...your future is immense in whatever you do...
Huge perk that she introduced the topic of ambient drinking of fluids...we do everything wrong in this country....room temp is the coldest we should drink our fluids....and.....we should only drink our fluids before or long after eating....thereby not diluting our gastric chemistry....makes sense...doesn't it?!
Is green tea just as effective?
These ingredients you do this every single day or does this last for a week?
Lemonade with sugar or without ?
Dose lemon and lime juice work
I’m just going on a juice cleanse
*__* Hi.
6:19 Yea i’mma just Have 8 Cups of water each day XD
I think you should say use a straw because lemons stip your enamel off you teeth big time x
6:07 should I put carbonated water?👁👄👁
So after we stop the diet it came back . So why should I try it
I watched in the year 2018 still coming back 2020😂😂😂 considered extra pounds were & are closest friend ✌️
1 minute to gain 2 pounds 1 day to lose 2 pounds
6:07 thank me later
but can i add one tablespoon of sugar for my homemade lemonade?- pls someone tell me-
Can I do this in periods?
do you mean we have to drink lemonade with sugar ?
Me l am in my bed
Anyone else here in 2020...? No just me okay
Do natural popular lose weight method like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I've heard many amazing things about this popular weight loss diet plan.
This video series is the real deal! For the second time, these videos helped my TMJ after flare ups. I did the exercises in video 1 in the morning, and the ones in video 2 before bed and started seeing a noticeable improvement in 4 days. My dentist gave me a single exercise that wasn't doing anything -- I fully believe the combination of the exercises, stretching, massage and relaxation are the key. The open mouth ones are killers, but after working through them, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Dr. Fields!
Thank you so much! I already feel less tension. I really appreciate that these were real time too. It helped me do the exercises at the right pace.
1 year ago i had an infection in one of my jaw tooth on left,also an mandibular ganglion grow, after i extracted the tooth,after a year my left side is still double chin. And it looks unsimetrical. Hope this will work. Especialy that my left side was so sharp before a had that problem,sometimes i still feel that submandibular ganglion. I will give it a try, hope my face will look better after
This saved me T_T
Excelente é fácil de fazer.
Does anyone know if TMJ causes dizziness?
When opening/closing should I try to not pop my TMJ, or just power through it, or not do the exercises at all? I can open with less severe popping but it requires shifting my jaw laterally while opening.
This was awesome!!
Thank you SO much for doing this!!
Dr Adam Field this is the best video ever....t hank you.
Great exerses thank doctor
Wow! Instant relief! Thank you.
How often should these excercises be done each day?
Hi...I have TMJ pain and I want to remove my wisdom teeth, can I do it or it will make my TMJ pain worse? I have referred it to my doctor and he didn’t say anything helpful.😌
I was moving my jaw and then i heard a sound from my left ear. After that day i feel pain while eating , and pressing my teeth against each other. Is it Tmj ???
This was so helpful! The exercise where I had to open my mouth while pushing the tip of my tongue toward my bottom row of teeth was the hardest part. But afterwards I already felt less pain and I feel a great improvement in my TMJ. I'll be sure to do this daily. Thank you very much for sharing!
Oii it actualy worked i had pain for a long time and its alot less
amazing man
When I open my mouth as wide as I can and move my jaw leg to right my right side of the cheek makes a grinding feeling. If I keep doing these exercises will it fix it or is it something else?
https://bodyscalescientific.com/products/acupuncture-mat I bought this mat and i have to say that it help a lot for my back pain and my nek pain!!
Its a great tool with a multitude of benefits. Not only because of the physiological responses such as lowered heartrate and increased temperature, also heart rate variability increases. Patients also report a decrease in stress and anxiety and an increase in energy. Through target pain relief, chronic pain and worst pain intensity is reduced because of resensitization of pain receptors which have stored pain memory. You can reverse it by stimulating those receptors again and thus erase pain pathways in the body.
Nice vide only I had problems reading the text because of the white letters on a light background.
I jus got one! Feels awesome after a couple of goes!!! Really cool video thanks!!
they use the word "may" a lot
Can you also do this to your arms? I want to buy for my mom because she just had stroke and complaints of pain on both of her arms and hands.
New Products available in 2020(NEW) in case you guys are interested shapeyouofficial.com/products/pressuremat Hope you all LOVE them ;)
This is a great and helpful video . https://yogibodyworx.com/products/massage-pillow-massage-yoga-26450 BASE YOGA ACUPRESSURE MAT/ACUPUNCTURE MAT FOR MASSAGE/WELLNESS/RELAXATION AND TENSION RELEASE £21.95
Does anyone who has leg pain find this helpful?
I have just bought one of these and it is brilliant. I have a problem where I have a constant buzzing sensation all through my body, it is something left over from an addiction to benzos a few years ago. When I lay on the mat on my back, it reduces this sensation to almost zero. Gives me a few minutes break from it each day x
I actually bought one of these mats to myself on this nice website I found! https://matmassagers.com 🔥
Hey acupremat... I specifically won’t buy your product because of your ridiculous number of comments here. 🙄
the picture does not say that this mat is very small (40 / 70cm). The pillow also looks larger (23 / 29cm)
Cheers for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about - Schallingora Registry Alteration Scheme (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing exclusive product for healing your body with acupressure without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend Sam at last got cool results with it.
Some compagnies doesnt tell us it could be dangerous for some people to use it.
Great to know how to use but HOW LoNG should we maintain a position? it's painful just few seconds...
loving my mat! Bought it here: https://recoverxdirect.com/products/acupressure-yoga-mat-pillow
you guys should also try acupremat.com

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