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Ibanez RG421 Electric Guitar : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments

Item model number, ‎RG421BBS. Back Material, ‎Mahogany, Rosewood. Body Material, ‎Mahogany. Colour, ‎Sunburst. Number of Strings, ‎6.


Ibanez RG421 इलेक्ट्रिक गिटार : Amazon.in: म्यूज़िकल इंस्ट्रूमेंट

सामान्य नाम, Electric Guitars ... Ibanez S520 - WK, 6 स्ट्रिंग्स इलेक्ट्रिक गिटार, दाएं हाथ से, ...


Ibanez RG421BBS Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Features

  • Wizard III 3-piece Maple neck
  • Mahogany body; Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
  • Jumbo frets; Fixed bridge
  • Quantum pickups
  • Cosmo black hardware
  • Case sold separately
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Ibanez RG421BBS Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Price in India is ₹41,094 at Amazon.
Buy Ibanez RG421BBS Electric Guitar (6 Strings) online at Amazon.
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Ibanez RG421BBS Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Reviews from YouTube

Ibanez RG421 + Blackstar ID Core 20 V2 | Killer Practice Guitar + Amp Combo
Ibanez RG421 Electric Guitar Demo
New Guitar Day! - The Affordable And Beautiful IBANEZ SA!
Ibanez RG370AHMZ - NAMM 2017 (first full review)
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This is exact set up that I've tried in a store. Perfect combination!
I'm so torn with this one and an Epiphone Les Paul Standard lol
I like this guy, he is real with these cheap guitars
You can PLAY ... subscribed.
I love your entusiasm though. I'm just making a joke friend.
I BBBurguseesed dis luvleee geeDDarrrr. Lol, ... Person from 'INDIA' showering shit on China? .... only one way to settle this? ... FIGHT! lol.
Hey dude. What do you think of a Scheter Floyd Rose SGR. Its about 20k compared with a Blackstar IDCore 40. I don't have a guitar store nearby to test it out myself. So maybe could you help me
can you please suggest between Rg421ahm and Rga42fm. Does you guitar fees heavy in weight?
Price kotoh amplifier er ?
How is the bass on this amplifier?
I have the same guitar and amp. I use a clean boost into mxr phaser Tubescreamer then a vt999 into a clean channel and it sounds amazing! Putting a tube pedal with 12AU7 into this solid state amp is amazing!
Is this guitar taking well the low tuning setting ? i'm searching for a guitar for playing metalcore and learn the song i like in drop B and A
Price please
What settings should be on blackstar amp..If we connect multieffect unit like Zoom G1xFour?? If we need to switch both clean and distortion effect on Zoom
This amp or Marshall mg15cfx which one should I buy?
they also have trem bar or not?
Great video. Lovely guitar, I bought this guitar also but had to send it back due to it being unplayable from frets 1-5 as the nut was really badly cut and the strings were lying on the fretboard, also it had nasty black marks on the guitar body. I think this along with many indonesian guitars skip the quality control. People beware.
Hi this is the guitar I'm thinking of buying, would it play well with the fender champ 20 ? Also good point about the lead , no one ever mentions this ?
Everything about this guitar is fantastic, thank you for this review!
That volume knob placement :/
This guitar or Yamaha 120h pacif.? Which one is better?
A great guitar that you managed to make sound horrible.
My sounds cheap and muddy, ;/ IT DOESNT CHUG
What model of Ibanez is the one In the background on the first row towards the right side of the video, looks like a olive green color?? Next to the one that fades from black to grey!
This is useless, this Ibanez is a Beginner guitar. If i could afford this amp i would buy a more Expensive Guitar too. Literally no normal Beginner owns a Speaker with a Laney Head with tubes
The amount of times I paused the vid just to see how you got that clean tone
This or the Jackson JS11?
rg421 or the rg350dx? Or any other options from ibanez, my budget is only below $350 :((
In case any RG421 owner sees this, how's the action on this guitar?
2:21 - face-sea-book page 😂😁
Can anyone explain to me the difference between RG421 and RG421 EX? Is it just the design of guitar/wood used? The EX isn't on Ibanez's site at all, I'm looking at one for Aus $600 online (American $400ish). It's the only RG421 they have on special but wanna make sure the EX won't give any surprises, pics and stats all look the same TY in advance!
I had better tone when I was 14 with a Line 6
Can you do a video on ibanez rg 370zb?
what a douchebag.
If anyone could offer advicem to someone interested in playing, I am looking at the Ibanez RG421 and the Yamaha Pacifica 112J, probably gonna pair it with a Blackstar ID: Core 20 v2. I am wondering which is better for classic rock to modern metal (At least in that range).
I've bought it, would recommand to anyone especially for the ones who want to play metal (I'm playing it with a katana 50)
The new RG421s have meranti body instead of mahogany.... I saw that on Ibanez site
i'm drooling on the two jems ................ the blue and the light blue ..........
Is it good for Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus?
Just bought the exact same one as this last week. Same PU configuration HSS. Very versatile and has amazing tone. It’s a Stratocaster and superstrat all in one.
Is this guitar made for Linkin park songs etc?
Should I go for a 2 years used Ibanez sa?
I was looking at one of these last night and I thinking of selling my les paul to buy one of these
If you were going to spend 200 to 300 for a first electric guitar what would it be? I have been on a acoustic for about a year.
I adore the SA series rounded pickup rings. It's a shame they are not present in any other guitar series.
What is the difference between 260 FM and 460 QM
Makes me want to stop saving for the Prestige and go for this step down. Save lots but stay stylishly Ibanez 😁
Ibanez sa260fm vs Yamaha pacifica v212fm which one should i get?
Hi, was wondering if you have any thoughts on sa Vs sew? Can't work out what the differences are !!
Wow beutiful
What guitar is that ?
2 things I really miss: 1) what is the body wood? 2) Neck dimensions????
Hi Darrell, Ibanez sa 260 or Yamaha pacifica 112 v?
If only it had 24 frets it'd be prefect
Can someone tell me what model is the guitar?
I wish they would make a 7 string version
The SA160 is no more available here in Italy at least in shops. But I tried the SA260 and I found it sooooo good anyway, with pickups that don't need to be upgraded, IMHO. That axe has jumped at the top of my next-guitar-to-buy list.
You have like 6 tele wtf
I got the same guitar but I swapped the humbucker for a Seymour Duncan invader and the neck pick up from a fender strat and it makes a killer mix !
The intro sounds like "What I Am" by Eddie Brickell (I'm not affraid of too many things)
This has stainless steel frets right?
Заебись, когда на чистом звуке играет только по квинтам))
Oh, man tune guitar before review
Literally just bought this from you guys!
I've ordered last week Ibanez RG370AHMZ from London online music instrument supplier. It's 2nd now after 1st had to be returned with same manufacturer defects 👎All frets hasn't being polished at all which makes this guitar totally unplayable as per strings bending. There is sagnificant metal rubbing noise, feeling like I'm trying to bend string on sand paper instead of gliding on proper polished to mirror grade fret 👎Also on 6th and 5th string there is a horrible buzzing on open string and basically all fret points too. Please watch my short videos were I've even compare it frets and bending action between this new Ibanez RG370AHMZ and my old Ibanez RG550DX from 1992! Watch those videos with your headphone on and kindly let me know if your experience was the same or similar to mine. It shouldn't be like that. Now I'm waiting for 2nd return collection then 3rd delivery. If it happens again then no option then to choose different supplier or call Ibanez and ask what's going on with this particular model? Ibanez RG370AHMZ (new) - 6th and 5th string buzzing on basically all frets https://youtu.be/VdCUKmZpVfo Ibanez RG370AHMZ (new) - frets not polished vs RG550DX from 1992 https://youtu.be/YCpVRO5AdEw
Is this one a good first guitar? Im just not sure yet, I've seen some good and bad reviews about it.
PLEASE, can anyone tell me which Ibanez is the 'yellowish' one at his left? I fell in love with that finish. Thank you and great review!
Hi, can you please tell me the difference between rg470ahm and this one? I found same feature in both guitar...
Is this a good guitar for a beginner or can i find something quite good at a lower price?
An indian guitarist reviewing guitars? That's literally my dream job.
what is the weight ?
Ru an indian origin
this is my new guitar lololol
I fell Inlove with this guitar. Im gonna sell my other guitar 😂🤘
Sorry, but it will be better when you get your skill to play guitar.
A lot of buzzing needs a good set up first.
a little out of tune after tremolo use?
Thank you, this was very helpful

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