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Ibanez IUKS5 Ukulele Electric Guitar (With Bag) Features

  • Soprano style body
  • Fully bound neck and body
  • Mahogany neck
  • Sapele body
  • Chrome open-gear tuners
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Ibanez IUKS5 Ukulele Electric Guitar (With Bag) Price in India is ₹21,840 at Amazon.
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Ibanez IUKS5 Ukulele Electric Guitar (With Bag) Reviews from YouTube

Ibanez Gig Bag for AS73 - IGB541BE Power Pad
Got A Ukulele Reviews - Ibanez UKS 10 Soprano
2019 Ibanez Iceman UICT10 Ukulele Review & Demo By Scott Grove
Ibanez Cocobolo EW Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Review By Scott Grove
0:00 I’ve never seen somebody put so much trust in a dog before. Lol
For semi-hollows such as the AS73 you gotta use the IHB541 not the IGB! I got one, fits perfectly!
I bought BK model (this one is BE)
Extra padding comes out at bottom for taller guitars. Your welcome.
Hey dude may be you need to try a gigbag for acoustic guitar. I just bought one, same brand, same price range, it fits epiphone casino perfectly.
Got the artcore bass and artcore guitar with powerpad gigbags correlating to both. Hopefully they both fit nicely
these gigbags are for acoustic dreadnought i think
Hi, would a casino fit?
can rg550 fit in this?
Just bought one its really good quality can´t wait to get home and try it.
What's the dimensions of the guitar. I have an Ibanez GRX20 and based on the dimensions of the bag, my guitar will fit.
Chromacast pro series is a good alternative too. About $40 but more protective
Check out music area tang30 or wind30. About $100 on Amazon but is similar to a mono m80
Would a les paul fit
I appreciate that you spend the time to make this video though I hope in the future you would take a bit of time and dedicate it to showing the wall thickness on all points and what the bottom boot looks like even though we see that the one padded flap gives some protection to the bottom of the guitar. It was something you did not expect when the guitar did not fit but it seems that it kind of took the focus away from what the Gig bag has to offer. I hope you buy one for your ES 175 very soon so we can see how that goes. thx ;-}
Hi I wondered what the length of your as73 is and also the belly widths? I'd love one of these but my as73b blk is a 2008 model.
How would a tele fit in this?
that is a handsome bag, but the tight fit might be a deal breaker for me. You're a polite consumer. By the way, I've enjoyed these recent string of videos (Ibanez gig bag, will a Northerner be treated well in NC?) that feature YOU a bit more. The drone stuff is nice, but these day-in-the-life videos you make are the reason I watch your videos. Call it a combination of a great personality and a talent for representing what it is like to live where you do at a certain moment in time. Anytime you want to make more of these personal videos -- that would be just fine with this subscriber. But I'm subbed for life, whichever direction you take your channel.
why blast that chord to start.... so disconcerting.
Exelent ukulele 👌
Hi, ukelele ibanez uks10 or ohana sk10?
I have the concert brother of this ukulele, the ukc-10. Bought in the local instrument store. Sort of wished I had seen this video beforehand. I've replaced the strings with d'addario nyglut, made a difference. Still, browsing the market for something better (easier?) to play. Considering a Flight ukulele.
I'll trade you my Mahalo for it....
My first uke. Although mine is worth about 115-120 euros after very well service and Martin M600 strings, I still think it is worth it. But it is my first uke, so.. :)
Got one... absolutely hate it it’s pissing awefull Got a super cheap Amoon and it’s amazing
Try Harley Benton uk11
Have you ever tried Kala KA - SEM Exotic Mahogany? Kala Ka- Sem or Ibanez UKS 10? Which one is better?
Speaking about guitar makers making ukuleles, did you try any of Alvarez ukes yet? Thanks for all your great reviews!
can you please tell me a website where they can offer international shipping? thanks in advance
Can you make a review about D'clair ukuleles? Especially for UK26NEQ 26 Tenor one?
Im sure you are really deep into ukuleles. But you cant judge whole companies because your review are totally bad. Its about music and you dont mic up the ukulele to provide a good sound
Some Ibanez Artwood acoustics are decent. Agree they cut corners on this uke - those strings are unforgivable.
Lol i love Your face when you play :D
Hi, I've just got an Ibanez UEWS5-OPN. Have you reviewed this Uke? I think it's much better than the one you've just reviewed. Much better finish. Beautiful looking fretboard. Only thing I can knock it on is the cheap shitty gig bag.
Hi, can you consider reviewing an electric concert ukulele by kmise? I really want this uke and I haven't found any reviews (videos) on it anywhere. I love your channek and I hope you'll think about it, thanks.
Have you ever tried the Mahilele 2.0 Soprano? I've seen some people on here playing it, but am unsure of what to think of it.
Do you think you could you suggest me a good beginners instrument on about a 40$ budget?
Whoa, don't like the sound of this one. It does sound like it is out of tune (sometimes) :(
Thanks so much Doc❤️ received mirrored add ons today.
Thanks so much for getting back to me. You’re awesome!❤️
Love this! Where do you send it to get the mirror plate added! 😊❤️
Does the design with the wood extension at the cut away area bother you when playing at the higher frets? It looks like it could get in the way. Your advice or anyone else's that have tried one of these would be appreciated.
Hey Dr. groovy, did you ever get the parts from Kamn? Been hoping to see an update on this. These are finally available in Canada and mine will show up in about 2 weeks 😁
Man! They thought of doing a uke but not an acoustic 6 string iceman? Crazy! I hope they do one!
hello ! i’m wondering if there’s a website to find this ukulele for a lower price ?
starts playing at around 10:08
Good on you, Scott!
Got myself two of these icmens!
Ibinez will be selling these by the freight train load..
Fruit fly............I know it's juvenile as hell but that's funny!
I just want to say hi to you Dr. Groovy😊😊😊 by the way, I used to message you through email (my name is IAM) I was the one who has the same birthday as Gene Simmons. Peace to you Dr. Groovy and I do like your videos. I forgot to say, that is a fine & fun uke 😁
Got mine from Amazon tax free, free shipping. Should get here Saturday. Had my eye on these for a while, looking forward to playing. ^_^
The out of state tax is really annoying. I was very irritated when I saw that I have to pay tax on my Sweetwater orders now.
Awesome acquisition and review Scott 👍
Great set up you have now Scott It looks great ..... keep it up
You need a white uke to match your dr groovy white iceman.
Always great to hear from you and see you Scott!!! Absolutely love your guitar collection and I love your playing style man, and to be honest I simply like you as a human being you're a decent guy. I support you in any endeavor you ever wish to follow through with I'm behind you 100%.
I recently got an Ibanez uetw5. It has a truss rod. It had a tag saying the strings were Aquila Nylblack but the strings were clear, not sure what happened there. Do the black strings sound better?
Ibanez ukuleles are underrated
I got lucky and bought a great mahogany one used for about half price. It came in an Ibanez Power Pad gig bag, which is a really nice bag, and you can get them for less than $30! Edit: Sweetwater lists an Ibanez Iceman UICT10 electric tenor uke at $249, not sure if the link will post here. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UICT10BK--ibanez-uict10-iceman-tenor-ukulele-black-high-gloss?mrkgcl=28&mrkgadid=3333171101&rkg_id=0&product_id=UICT10BK&campaigntype=shopping&campaign=aaShopping%20-%20Not%20In%20Stock&adgroup=Guitars&placement=google&adpos=1o18&creative=337993469464&device=m&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQjwo7foBRD8ARIsAHTy2wnZ68LSBjVHLVBj5Gt8AgjC1rAQ2auOV-dEm25m6NsELv_qm4SxO4oaAhGVEALw_wcB
Dang that sounds amazing! Been looking at several including this one. I love my Ibáñez acoustic-electric guitar! Thanks for the in depth review. Wish the tuners were enclosed & wish it came in tenor.
What aspects I’m I looking to see If I got the right one? Nice video dude.
Wonderfull playing dude, keep on rocking, grooving ;) what do you thing about uew15e model?
So helpful!!! Thanks for your detailed and honest review.
I like the reverb.
Really like your playing Scott. Can you tell me what the width of the neck is at the nut on the ukulele?
thanks Scott for sharing your knowledge.
Thank you Scott!  a few years ago I toured the Daddy's Junky stores (I sure do miss them) for a Rosewood Ibanez Uke and finally found a good one, I tested around a dozen before I found a playable one.  The good news is it looks and sounds amazing and holds a tune extremely well. Glad I found this video as I would have picked up a guitar amp.  Can you recommend an affordable PA or acoustic amp to start with and would I need or want a pedal?
Pinol Guitars, there was no REPLY option on your comment, so you will probably never see this.  Anyway.  I can already let you know that your instruments are beautiful.  I love the Cocobolo and Sapwood like I have on my Taylor 914ce.  But, I would HONESTLY not buy a single instrument on your site.  None of them meet my requirements. The only cutaway instrument is your classical guitar.....ALL OF MY INSTRUMENTS must be cutaway.  So, that took me out of the possibility of buying one right away.  Then there were the SUPER UGLY PICKGUARDS.  A guitar doesn't need a pickguard if the player knows how to play properly, but if you feel the NEED to put them on, those are easily the ugliest ones I've ever seen.  You've got BEAUTIFUL instruments and then this big puke spot that just kills the look of them.  For inlays on the fretboard, sure....but not as a pickguard, just horrible.  I'll check back now and then and see if there is something for me.  But at the moment, I wouldn't even stop and play anything because of all that was mentioned.  Simply the truth, nothing meant to be mean, just pure honesty.  Again, I would probably buy one of EVERYTHING you have if they had a cutaway and no pickguards.  Cheers.  I'll put this letter on your site as well, so you know I wrote a reply. Scott Grove Groovy Music Lessons.
We Are a Custom Handmade Guitar/Ukulele Cmp from Florida "www.pinolguitars.com" Since 1934 & We Sell 250 per/yr. Solid Wood & Better Craftsmanship at a Fraction Of The Price! We Would Love For You To Try One Out & Tell The Truth About Us. All of our Guitars and Ukuleles are Cocobolo Rosewood....
Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous. Thinking about buying this one...
well what about Martin, Gretch and Fender Ukes?, I own a Gretch, it's my first Uke, and it's perfect, it basically stays in tune, and the action is nice. I played a couple of Fenders, they were pretty nice and I heard that martin is the best, everyone that has a Martin brags that martin is #1 and Martin sells a Good Uke Starting in the 200$ range.
I wouldn't stress too hard about the Ibanez Indo stuff. Yea, it's kind of hit or miss compared to their Japanese work, but I have two Indonesian Ibanez RGs as well as a Japanese RG Prestige and a Korean S Prestige (before they went to the Team J. Craft factory in 2008). They're all excellent and while the Indonesian ones obviously aren't up to the level of the Japanese ones, their quality for price in comparison is rather good. Maybe it's different for these ukeleles and their electric acoustics, but I've never really given Ibanez a real hard consideration for anything other than their electrics. I want to give a ukelele a shot without breaking the bank though so maybe I'll check this one out! Thanks!
Looks great !
Hmm, without getting something custom built you probably won't get a real Hawaiian electric. I'm assuming you usually go to Oahu. Next time you are there find a "Koaloha" in a shop or visit their factory. I think you'd really dig the Sceptor model. Koalohas are th best sounding ukes in the world, hands down! As for asian electrics, Lanikai or Kala's Higher end stuff is great for the price point. Certain Mexican Martins are pretty good too.
Are they electric? I go to Hawaii every other year and keep going uke shopping and haven't heard anything I like yet. I've gone into all of the places that are supposed to have the great ukes and it's the same old Applause junk hanging everywhere. Plus, a cutaway is a must. Send me a link to a great electric with a cutaway, built in tuner and preamp and I'd love to check it out. Thanks man!
Scott, I run a music store on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you are ever interested in a real handmade Hawaiian Uke, I'll get you a great deal. :) Don't get me wrong, I really love the Asian ukes. All the pros out here use their Chinese Kalas and Lanikais on gigs and their Hawaiian ones at home and in the studio. There's absolutely nothing in the world that rings like a handmade Hawaiian Koa uke. It's truly uncanny!

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