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Hydroelasticity of Ships Book Reviews from YouTube

S. the Book (Ship of Theseus) - Book Review
How Was Natalie Haynes "THOUSAND SHIPS" Really? | Book Reviews on Moan Inc.
Book Review: Ariadne (a myth retelling)
What a great review! Thanks for breaking the timelines down like you did. You are concise while seeming off-the-cuff, that's a rare quality!
Hello Tika, Would you consider reading another atypical book as a beta reader?
I'm about 20% into the book and had to go looking to see if there was any good criticism. Other than a couple chapters, I was really disappointed with the shallow, unsurprising "voices" that we're supposed to be excited to finally hear from. There is some good stuff, I appreciate what she was trying to attempt, but it also relies on too much summary peppered with the occasional scene.
I had read only song of Achilles before A thousand other background of Greek mythology for me.I struggled a bit with song of Achilles but actually I loved the second bookit solidified wat I knew and gave me perspective of trojan n Greek womenI loved it
I think this book actually did a great service to the classics because even if you have no idea who these characters are, you *want* to by the end. You don't have to know their stories to hurt for them, and I cried over multiple characters I'd never "met" before. It created a hunger in me to find and read their stories. Now I tell people they should probably read it with some amount of knowledge about a few characters, but I think it opens more doors than it closes.
Oh my I loved this book
reading this book right now, so glad to hear someone else has the same opinion
I struggled hardcore with this book and watching your review made me not feel completely crazy for not loving this book.
Fab review! Completely agree
Hey, Moan Inc this is surprisingly delightful video. thanks. :)
Do glad you reviewed this one, I’ve been on the fence about getting it.
I loved once upon a river.
More Than This - If it takes that long to get to a cool part, it's much too late.
Makes sense that your eighteen minute DNF’s of 2021 didn’t even make it to 21 minutes. That should be a new rule here on out: DNF vids as long as the new double digit year.
Patrick Ness Burn was on my list of worst books of 2021. I only gave it 2.
The bone ships From memory I think Angela said in her pattern master reading order video that the 4th book can either by the 4th book or the 1st book because it was the 1st book that was published
Awww. To be fair, More Than This' pace isn't linear. I have yet to read a book by Patrick Ness with fantastical elements.
I loved More Than This but it takes a little time to pick up for sure! And I'm nervous because I'm reading The Bone Ships for a book club in February but the hosts also loved Ruin of Kings - another one I haven't read!
I DNF'd The Complete Sherlock Holmes at like 80% because I just couldn't do it anymore. I was so bored. I also DNF'd World Without End (sequel to Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett) because I am really tired of cis white men casually throwing in sexual assault towards women just to prove that the bad guys are bad guys. Like, you can have evil characters without making every single one of them a rapist. It just got to be way too much and it was making me angry because the writing just felt lazy at that point. The entire book was also a carbon copy of the first book, just instead of building a cathedral, they were building a bridge. So. Yeah.
I dnf'ed Promise of Blood, Dragon Republic, Over the Woodward wall, and Son of the Storm.
how do you have a sweatshirt that precisely matches the color or your video elements? great sweater Tower of Swallows is where the series lost me, but I just had to of the Lake was worse my series discussion I too was like "ummm where is the frickin Witcher" I've been so hyped to read Memory but someone recently told me they thought I wouldn't like it and then you dnfed the second one souh oh
Love your shirt btw
I just finished reading later by Stephen king I really enjoyed it glad I gave it a try The four winds was great but a sad one for me
I only dnf these books in 2021 Cemetery boys The ballad of songbird and snakes The heiress Turning point by danielle steel
DNFing is self-care. even if I personally loved Bloody Rose lol
I finished the witcher series last year. All I’ll say is I wish I had stopped after the short stories, so I can’t say you’re missing out on DNFing there!
I also DNF'ed Once Upon A River and The Troop for very similar reasons. The first, like you said, very lyrical and just not my cup of tea. And, the second, just nope. No way I could read that, haha.
Unpopular opinion - I was not a fan of The Troop. It wasn't the body horror, it was the direction that the characters took. (I did finish the book) I only DNF-ed one book in 2021. It's non-fiction, Rabid: a cultural history of the world's most diabolical virus by Bill Wasik & Monica Murphy. I read about 120 pages. Many of the author's tales, had only a whimsical connection to rabies. I should have DNF-ed Solar Express by L E Modesitt Jr . but I didn't
I’m getting into The Witcher at the moment and feel nervous hearing about the lack of Geralt in the full novels. I do quite like Ciri though so it might be okay, but it’s sad there isn’t more Geralt. :(
Just listening to you describe The Troop made me uncomfortable.
Interestingly, I've never read any of the Witcher books. I've only played the games, but I could tell that at some point the writer (for the games) started trying too hard or something. "This must be as gritty as possible, even if it makes no sense to spend forever with this character who does nothing other than get boned, in a very gritty way. Did I mention that it's gritty? Grrrrrrrr, I'm gritty!"
Love your enthusiasm, thanks for the recommendations. I loved Ariadne.
Hello Susan this has helped a BUNCH ty sm quirky feminist! U hooked me gonna get the book now ‍‍
I wasn't planning on reading Ariadne but after watching this video I'm definitely going to have to pick it up I've read Circe (which I LOVED) and The Song of Achilles (which I didn't like as much as everyone else seems to, unfortunately ). I'll also have to check out the other retellings that you mentioned as well!
Circe is still on my TBR but I read Song of Achilles and liked it! What this book did to me is making me realize how ashamed I was of my lack of general culture. I know that books are there to help me acquire a certain level of knowledge but at 47, I still want to read just for fun. But then I watch you and tell myself, grow up Julie! Learn something today! So it’s a maybe if it gets translated to French.
Hi Susan! The book that is in my TBR is Circe! I hope I’ll read it this summer.
Ariadne is on my TBR. Since I know little about myths, I think I need to buy Mythology as a reference. Great video!

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