HTC One M7 2300mAh Battery

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  • 2300 mAh
  • Lithium-Polymers Battery

HTC One M7 2300mAh Battery Specifications

Key Feature
Brand HTC
Model ID One M7
Mobile & Tablets Accessories Warranty
Warranty Duration 6 Months
Warranty Type Manufacturer Warranty
Product Compatibility
Compatible Model Brand HTC

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 htc one m7 price in india
HTC One M7   Battery Replacement 2300mAh
HTC One M7 Battery Replacement 2300mAh
HTC One M7  glimpse into the battery
HTC One M7 glimpse into the battery
HTC One M7 Battery replacement
HTC One M7 Battery replacement
HTC One Challenge, Day 24: Battery
HTC One Challenge, Day 24: Battery
Thanks for sharing this. These phones are pretty tricky to open, and I had quite a bit more trouble than you did as they've added adhesive to the model I have. However, your guide gave me the confidence to try it. At least it's not glued shut completely like my Galaxy S6.
I do not recommend to disassemble the battery. Risk of explosion!
Thats so complicated for replacement battery
Apnr video Clo LGS a..tnqs
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VaiI.apnr nmbr Paua jabe.amr phn reperanig.korbo.........................
Seeing this makes me very angry and want to assassinate whoever designed all phones like this and to destroy those companies which have intentionally done this so that you will buy a new phone. The exploitation of the people on this planet by Big Tech according to USA predatory Capitalism is reprehensible. There is no earthly reason why the design to connect and install a battery should be so impossible for the average person. Someone gave me their old HTC phone from Switzerland after they bought a new phone. I had NO smart phone until 18 months ago. I still used my Nokia which in 2006 was a top phone and quite expensive. 2012 the battery needed replacing. By 2017 it needed once again a new battery and it wasn't worth or possible replacing. Batteries for all my 5 phones from 1998 until 2006 were totally easy to replace. Backs popped off with a flip of a switch, clip or something and Battery just popped out. I learned that when a battery is overdue for replacement it swells. That is what happened with the Nokia and so it damaged the removable back panel which was no longer replaceable as well so there was nothing more to be done as Nokia no longer exists.. Unfortunately this HTC ONE which is a good enough phone sufficient for my needs suddenly I noticed the other day that the glass screen is lifting up which means the battery is swelling. Seeing this video is probably helpful for a tech wiz but not something I will attempt. It is enraging that all the newest technology whether phones, notebooks, tablets whether Apple or Android are designed so as to make them next to impossible to repair or replace things and are nothing but Big Business and Corporations to suck billions of whatever money out of people most who struggle to survive financially. They have forced people to be dependent and then hold you hostage to buy new equipment every 2 years or suffer the consequences. It is a pity humanity is so passive, ignorant and weak minded because the people have the power. If everyone stopped buying and updating the companies would panic and change their tactics. But people are too frightened and at this point too addicted. I am not and think I will just opt out of it all. Thanks for the video. I am sure there are some who will be able to carry out this action without problem. I am sadly not one of them.
Ada battery htc one 801e nga
This looks like a hellish phone to repair. Was my 2nd Smartphone I ever owned and I loved it... Btw the screw you removed at 3:00 was not put back at 5:30
LMFAO --- Yeah...No Problem ... SMFH
Tio tu eres una maquina👍
Much better than other tutorial on the same subject.
I've replaced the battery of this bad boy, now my htc one wont start. I guess I won a new round of surgery
Zepsułem sobie przez ten film telefon
Nierealne w warunkach domowych
So If I have a Phone that I dont use, can I put ITS battery into the htc one? I am guessing I cant, but I really dont want to but another battery. Pd:Or maybe there is a way to know If a battery from a certain Phone is compatible with an other, but I dont Know
Oh My? Is like watching open heart surgery. Everything had to be precise. Otherwise it won,t work again.
this guy put a picture of his store at the critical point of this video, i.e. when he starts opening the device!!!!
I love my HTC One M7 and I've had absolutely no issues with it from the day I bought it brand new, but the battery life is getting worse and worse. I was hoping for an easy way to pop in a new one but it looks like you need to be some sort of quantum physics engineer to put one in. Time to start looking for a new phone me thinks.
Loved this phone, kept it about 3 years, but that replacement is brutal! I would of definitely destroyed it trying
Hey my power button isn’t working what does that mean?
I used the free repair plastic blue chip cover remover that comes with the 2 screwdrivers, The blue tool thing kept breaking so went with the pick and it worked. My cover was a bear to remove and i almost gave up lol. I paused the video as i made progress to complete the job 4 hours later. I spent a lot of time with the back cover being factory glued didn't help to make it any easier. Anyway Thank you for posting your repair video because you saved me from buying a new phone. Thumbs up and I subbed your channel too. Peace and You have a good day bud.
the bateri suck or just my phone?
I m trying many times charg but phone is not on. how can on ?
It's worst because it's full metal body that overheat and battery dies even in all day in powersave mode.
It's worst in battery
Mine is great on battery power it lasts me 2 hours more on 20 percent it takes a long time to drain it down though
I will never buy an HTC phone again, the reception on mine has been utterly pitiful and the batteries are hopeless in my experience. In fact, any mobile with insufficient memory, lack of sd card support or user replaceable battery is a one way trip to poverty.
I think this phone is the worse when it comes to battery I think. I have had it over a year now. I use whattsapp a lot and instagram a bit and regular phone calls and scrabble game. From full battery it gets me to about 12 30 in the day then I have to be charging it. It cannot get me through a whole work day at all. I bought an app recently and its crap too and doesn't help much at all. I am ready to upgrade now
I watched a 10 minute video, my battery dropped from 48 to 44 percent.
can someone help me? i have a s3 and i really want a new phone. the lag on the s3 is driving me crazy and i just want the htc one as a beater phone. is the battery way better than the s3? and does the htc one lag after a while? cuz the s3 does...
please help my htc one wont charge when i plug it into a wall only on my pc
Sitting at 17% with 12h 14m use
All Tegra phones are battery killers
I would get the S4. If you want an aftermarket battery with more MAH you have that option. For example with my Note 3 after replacing the battery now i'm able to use my phone for three and a half days with out charging it. Also hardware wise the S4 is the best on the market as of now anyway. The two best phones hardware wise is the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Samsung Galaxy note 3. I picked the Note 3 because of the bigger screen. Software wise its android the skys the limit when it comes to customization. Rooting,custom roms,emulators and much more. Im sure if you wanted another phones interface to look like the HTC and not compromise performance im sure you could do that too.
very normal ^^ i lost even more some days
Can confirm.
@Diego - there was no battery % setting when this vid was made. That came with the android 4.3 update.
It does have the physical battery percentage it's in the settings :-)
Hey don't diss the iPod, it's a great piece of hardware.
because the htc one has a smaller screen but the same resolution so more pixels per inch
i'm on 22% after 26 hours