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Buy HTC Nexus 9 online at Amazon. Wi-Fi 8.9 inch Screen Android OS 8 MP Camera 16 GB Internal Storage . HTC Nexus 9 available in Colours: Black

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  • Wi-Fi
  • 8.9 inch Screen
  • Android OS
  • 8 MP Camera
  • 16 GB Internal Storage
HTC Nexus 9 available in Colours:
  • Black

HTC Nexus 9 Specifications

Capacity 6700 mAh battery
Standby Time Up to 720 h (3G)
Talk Time Up to 9 h 30 min (multimedia) (3G)
Type Non-removable Li-Po
Camera Features Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection
Front 1.6 MP, 720p
Front Camera 1.6 MP, 720p
Primary 8 MP, autofocus, LED flash,
Video 1080p@30fps, stereo sound rec.,
Video Recording 1080p@30fps, stereo sound rec.,
2G Yes, (GSM 900MHz and/or GSM 1800MHz)
3G Yes, HSPA/HSDPA 2100MHz
3G via Dongle -
4G Yes,FDD-LTE Band 3 (1800 MHz)
Audio Jack 3.5 mm
Bluetooth v4.1, A2DP, apt-X
Infrared No
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
Color Reproduction IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Display Type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Pixel Density 1536 x 2048 pixels (~281 ppi pixel density)
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Resolution 1536 x 2048 pixels (~281 ppi pixel density)
Size (in inches) 8.9 inches
Touchscreen type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
General Features
Brand Google
Other Features
Sensors Accelerometer, gyro, compass
Chipset Dual-core 2.3 GHz Denver
OS Android OS, v5.0 (Lollipop), upgradable to v5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Processor Nvidia Tegra K1
Expandable Memory No
Internal Memory 16 GB (Wi-Fi)/ 32 GB (LTE), 2 GB RAM

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Google Nexus 9 Review!
Google Nexus 9 Review!
Nexus 9 Review!
Nexus 9 Review!
Nexus 9 review
Nexus 9 review
Should You Buy The Google Nexus 9 In 2018? (Review)
Should You Buy The Google Nexus 9 In 2018? (Review)
This tablet is still fast enough for the things I use it for, which is mostly light internet⭐️⭐️>JustU.Faith/Nexus-Tab?畔 and games. I don't do fps games on a tablet however, I have a ps4 for that. I'm talking about games like slot machines, flappy bird (remember that), candy crush and so on. So your experience may differ from mine.
Wassup ppl from the past 🤙
it works well for doing lines on
Battery suck on this device
Crap thing
Hi , would u say the nvidia shield k1 still beats nexus 9 when it comes to gaming and in general? still trying to decide which one is better for me .. thanks
can't live without AMOLED ....
yes yes coc
i really want to own something expensive....looking forward to the giveaway.... sincerely, a broke student. c'mon guys, make my day! 😃
Just hope they keep putting out cellular tablets though
i hear it has a screen 4:3 aspect ratio... how does that affect anything?? anyone ? thanks.
Arguably one of the worst tablets ever made.  As soon as the warranty ran out the tablet started giving me a mosaic looking screen.  I sent it off to the repair center and for only $240.00  (labor) they would fix it.  The tablet cost $400.  I can buy a new tablet for less than that.  What a ripoff.
I'm planning to get a tablet that's not that expensive for my college use. Would you recommend this tablet for me or do you recommend another tablet?
nvidia shield tablet or nexus 9 or ipad air
hey guys can u help me im wondering which android tablet I should get pixel c nexus 9 galaxy tab s2
that guy sucks at Asphalt 8 lmao missed that nitro mang! lol
its a cool tab
Am i the only person who likes this guy???
1:13 What?!?!?!?
Hi, Guys I've heard it doesn't support calling feature but in this video he said something about receiving calls while playing games. what did he meant?? Thanks
Definitely the worst review I've ever seen. And I've watched reviews in English made by Chinese people which was barely understandable, however the quality of the review was much better. This is just an extremely biased "review" (bashing). No one asked you to compare it to the iPad. It's a review, not a comparison.
Why didn't you call this video "Nexus 9 v/s IPad air"?
im getting thr 32gb for 350 on amazon
They should change the name of the channel to if its not an iphone then its not an iphone period.
Nexus 9 is all that I want. And I will have it.
So when are we getting the Nexus 9 Review? And the OS on the tablet feels like a blown up version of a phones OS? What about apple because apart from a few gestures their OS is the exact same as the phones OS. How much is Apple paying you guys to make these videos
Why would The Verge let an Apple fanboy do an Android tablet review???
anyone else's eyes almost fall out from rolling them every single time he said iPad in this android tablet review
This guy should work for Apple... what a fan boy!
The reviewer is ill informed. The Tegra K1 on the Nexus 9 has only 2 cores, 1 lower than the number of cores the iPad Air 2 sports.
they lost 200 subscriptions with this video
This is coming from a die hard android fan, he isn't wrong the nexus 9s main competition is iPad for gods sake of course it was mentioned. And as far as the review of the tech it is a pretty weak tablet.
Please all Go unsubscribe The verge, R.I.P. garbage...
wow... I'm stunned.
Lol @ number of likes vs dislikes
This guy is android hater
is this a nexus 9 review or a nexus 9 vs ipad comparisson? i mean wtf. seriously? this is a poor poor poor review...sorry a poor comparison cause thats all it is.
Wow 6K dislikes
0:01 No ones chasing anyone, the tablet was invented long before apple made one. 0:03 You make "low cost and small" and "high resolution" sound as if they were bad things and apple is higher up and doesnt need those things? A good screen is good. The nexus 7 and 10 both have great screens, and the 7 is super cheap. Its also way more portable than the ipad mini, which is too big to go anywhere and not look stupid. 0:14 Errr no the only thing that they have in common is their looks and amount of RAM.  Try using Google to research before you spew shit from your mouth. Thats what this video is, just you throwing up all this bullshit acting like its true. Im reporting your video simply because its listed under "Science & Technology" when really its false information and spam. 0:30 "basic black" PLEASE are you serious ITS THE SAME COLORS AS THE IPADS!!! Google just decided not to name the colors to something you wouldn't be able to see what color it is for sure without looking at the actual device. Also, did you like jack off right before the video? because i had a nexus 7 and it never got THAT dirty, only like a fingerprint or two. Compared to any apple device, i say the nexus design and material is way better than apples so-slippery-you-drop-it-once-a-week metal finishes. it also doesnt help that they are so thin and light that  it makes it slipping much easier. 0:46 Some people prefer their device buttons "silent and sturdy" rather than "obnoxiously loud and protrusive"  1:10 Literally all the shots you got of the screen disprove those ridiculous claims about it being washed out and full of backlight bleed. Go ahead just go to the time stamp and actually look and you will see the opposite of what he says. I guess you can call me an apple die hard, and i can call you an isheep, but the nexus 9 is definitely better, and even if all of what you said WAS true, the nexus 9 would be better, because it runs android. Also this video is improperly titled it should be "nexus 9 vs Apple© iPad Air 2 (sponsored by Apple©)" So every should report the video in the "+++ more" tab. Thanks for helping clean up Youtube! 
well.. at least they arent sugar coating it
*_The screen is superb.⭐️⭐️>_**_JustU.Faith/Nexus-Tab?朕_**_ The colors aren't overly saturated and the color accuracy is spot on. Overall a very well calibrated display. While it doesn't have the 360ppi pixel density of my old TabPro 8.4, I can't really say that the difference is easily noticeable. It's definitely sharp enough at 289ppi (hey, the iPad can get away with having 265ppi)._*
looks pretty much good and solid for emulation and simple games. the aspect ratio is perfect for the kind of games I like.
Used ones starting at 59 dollars for 16 gb memory
Im still using this tablet, eventhough im intended to sold it but the speaker sounds really good i like it lot, i changed my mind to not to sell this tablet 👍
Harsh review. I'm watching this on my N9. Booyaaaaa
Are apps and games still able to be downloaded
The slowest, most unresponsive piece of **** I've ever wasted my money on. I can't even post something on Instagram without the device freezing and needing a cold reset. Absolute crap touch register and bad display and super low volumes. Ugh my stomach turns even looking at it.
Informative video, but the voiceover style is just not for me. To my ears, it sounds really monotone, and as if he's breathlessly reading off of a script, without many inflections or natural pauses. My brain wants to check out because I don't feel like I'm listening to someone really engaged in what they're speaking about.
This tablet has one purpose and one only , install a compatible Linux distro. You can go with a regular rooted rom , but that is a waste thats what phones are for. Especially because its so easy to do over ADB . I would still use this device, it still has better specs than the newest raspberry pi (not the 3a+ the 3b+) plus it works great with an assortment of OTG gadgets. Even with the touch screen I still would rather connect a hub and get some extra storage an extra wireless interface and whatever other peripherals. I still like the way it looks, its low-key at least for what I want to do with it. The bezels are on the thick side but like I said , I wouldn't be touching the screen unless I had to rather use a BT keyboard/mouse , most of what I do is in the terminal anyway so I do not need to hold it. They also make some pretty nice keyboard cases. So is this worth it in 2018-2019 I would say yes considering around the holidays they were selling tablets with comparable specs in the price range you discussed brand new. At least you can own the Nexus, an iPad may look nicer , but unless you jailbreak it you really cant do anything too useful with it. I use an iPad mini with the folio case and back lit keyboard, with no pointer integration the only way to use a mouse is downloading BTC stack after a jailbreak, and I still have to run iOS, its useful for VNC and SSH thats about it. What bothers me most about the Nexus is the fact its made by Google , I avoid google by any means , youtube is the only google service I use.
Do not, I repeat, Do Not!!!! Purchase this tablet. I have one, bought it in 2015. It worked great until it's first update which damaged speaker sounds which was infuriating, because as from new it had a great sound. Camera okay nothing to get excited about. The real problems started around 18 months ago. The battery gets incredibly hot to the point the tablet shuts down, you don't need to be using it for more than 20 minutes and it's hot to the touch. This has overtime caused damage to the battery which now gives a constant incorrect battery percentage, the tablet hangs constantly or completely freezes with a black and white corrupt screen and the only way to resolve is to manually power down. For a tablet that cost new, nearly £400- I have had nothing but issues. Please don't waste you hard earned money on this tablet, it will not be worth it.
Don't buy this trash, extremely slow, extremely hot, battery drain so fast
I have Nexus 9, I buy it in January 2015
It's the stupid new tablets that are outdated, bezels have a reason to exist, my Nexus 10 is far better than any new iPad or other tablet because of the bezels, it makes the tablet more useful, your problem is you have been indoctrinated by Apple's and other companies (to be fair to Apple they didn't launch this stupid trend) to consider bezels to be a bad thing.
Could your voice be any more depressing? yes man please improve your voice...
What is that game he was playing?
Best is best
My tablets a nexus 9 and its lasted me four years with only a small crack. It's quite good for art and drawing from my experience
The IPad air 2 is almost 3 times the price right now. How about comparing this tablet to the Fire 10 which are both similarly priced right now. I want something inexpensive to watch videos and surf the web. I currently have and nexus 9 and love it but the battery does not seem to fully charge anymore and it seems to have slowed over the years. Should I buy a new Nexus 9 or switch to a Fire 10 (or anything else for that matter)?
Tedious presentation
I'm looking at this because my iPad is a piece of sh!t, and I would not waste money on another Apple with a worm