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Buy HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop online at Croma TATACliq Amazon Flipkart. HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop . HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop available in Colours: Black

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Croma ₹99,990
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HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop price at Croma - ₹99,990

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TATACliq ₹99,990
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HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop price at TATACliq - ₹99,990

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Amazon ₹102,319 ₹103,828
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HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop price at Amazon - ₹102,319 ₹103,828

HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop Offers and Coupons:

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Flipkart ₹103,828 ₹103,828
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HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop price at Flipkart - ₹103,828 ₹103,828

HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop Offers and Coupons:

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The lowest HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop Price in India is ₹103,828 ₹102,319 at Amazon.
Buy HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop online at Croma TATACliq Amazon Flipkart.
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HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop HP OMEN 15-AX252TX Laptop available in Colours:
  • Black

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HP Omen 15 Review - Victory
HP Omen 15 Review - Victory!
HP OMEN 15 Review - The Truth
HP OMEN 15 Review - The Truth!
HP Omen 15 2017 Laptop Review - Great Price for Amazing Gaming Performance
HP Omen 15 (2017) Laptop Review - Great Price for Amazing Gaming Performance!
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HP OMEN 15 Review - Super Fast Gaming Laptop!
Starting at $900, this is one of the best gaming laptops this year. HP finally makes an all round awesome gaming laptop.
Dave, do you feel the Omen too bulky compared to XPS 15
Does it run Crysis?
Is 4 and a half hours of battery life only if you are gaming with it??
I have an HP Omen 15 laptop I absolutely love it, but yes the fan gets pretty loud especially in comfort mode. But for me who just plays casual games like Roblox , Minecraft, and Sea of Thieves. It runs perfectly.
Picked up the 2070 version after watching this. Thanks Dave!
Whyyyyy can't we turn the fans all the way off, HP?
After 5 months Finally watching this from my Hp omen 15 🔥 loved it
The dead november scientifically branch because colon psychophysically remain to a rude witch. tense, electric insect
my mom got one of these for herself for christmas, she has a gaming LAPTOP thats 10xbetter than my desktop. not fair lmao
Guys help me choose one : - Legion 5 amd (512gb) at 1069€ - HP Omen 15 amd (1tb) 999€. ???
me who cant hear the mic picking up the fan because of the fan from my omen that i bought after watching this
Fan runs even when it’s idle? No thanks.
He just roasted Intel soo bad😂
I recently bought an omen desktop due to not being able to find components in stock to build my own. They make the only gaming computers at a semi reasonable price that don't look like spaceships with good specs
I'm kind of a razer fan boy, but more than that I hate when people say that gaming laptops are $H!T because it's just not true and I really love Dave 2d channel because he is a clear supporter of gaming-laptops without being irrational.
Yeah this is nice
I think that this is gonna be my first gaming computer. The thermal issues alone is what is doing it for me.
Pay the 10 bucks or your life sucks
3:00 that eye ooohh dangerous
Here's my review ! Hopefully I answered a lot of your questions! hit me up on twitch.tv/mattmoniz I stream every second night or on discord.gg/mattmoniz
Can I install Linux Mint on it?
dont buy. annoying fan noise high pitch ringing in, driver problems for its fan use with its 'hip and cool' command center means high potential itll become a mess. if you look up problems the fans are always a cause (which of course you dont want or 100+f degrees and id say its because of bad driver programming working/twisting with its command center settings. its drivers in general are horrible/horribly programmed. just dont ever buy gaming laptops unless you really are always on the move. laptops just have more problems and are harder to fix, dont do it, waste of money unless you want to take that risk.
Whenever I plug it I. The performance is great when I unplugged it the preform was was terrible
Great review
He is such a positive man
Love this laptop...have the i7, 300 Hz ....great stuff.
I've watched both your reviews for the HP Omen 15 and the Acer Helios 300, but couldn't come to a decisive decision. I'm looking to get either of these with an RTX 2070 and wanted to know which performs better in terms of thermals? The Helios video didn't have stats to compare
while just working or surfing how long this notebook can go
How much can you amplify the RAM?
I purchased and love this laptop... the form factor is a huge plus for me. 5 mths later and no issues for me..
Maybe because of that lid felx, thats why the screen is AMOLED. Since its said that Amoled is a more flexible screen
Hey, can you help me in deciding on an omen? (1) Is fan noise audible at idle. I am a programmer and can't live with that. (2) Can I set integrated graphic card for certain apps like unity 3d etc to save battery?
Hello! I am looking to buy a laptop that is good for music production and also gaming, and I have stumbled upon Lenovo Legion 5 and HP Omen 15. Which audio technology would be best? Also, with the music production as my priority, should I go for the AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel i7? Please note that I am not playing video games for too much. Legion 5: Dolby Atmos HD Audio Harman Kardon Omen: DTS HP Audio Boost Bang & Olufsen Omen Audio Control Support DTS:X® Ultra Thanks!
Still no hp omen amd in canada? Hp’s website sucks.
how much costs laptop
I had issues with my unit fluctuating on the wifi and I checked to make sure it wasn't my wifi, but everything else kept a steady connection. This happened twice with my first purchase and then the exchange purchase for the same model. So, after watching some videos I ended up with the Lenovo Legion 5. I think both are great though.
This video was silently about fingerprint magnets on the 2020 HP Omen laptop.
the thermals tho i got one of these and even in balanced mode its super hot
Have had this laptop for less than 6 months, it began making an annoying 'ticking' or clicking sound any time it was powered up. Contacted HP, they said it was most likely the fan and that I should send it in for a repair under warranty. that was on Nov. 15th. I was informed today that they earliest I was likely to get it back was Jan 29th of 2021!! So, terrible construction/quality control (develops problem less than 6 months in), and terrible customer service (takes 2.5 months to get a simple, small repair performed). Also, the fan randomly spins WAY up under non-load conditions (just browsing the web) and is super loud. I will never trust or purchase HP products again. Buyers beware, do NOT buy this laptop!
What do you guys think of the HP Omen 15? Also, two brain farts in this video. 1) I said 7700k, I meant to say 7700HQ for the cpu and 2) I said Diablo instead of Doom for the game I tested. That is all.
I use this laptop and its great your review was spot on, I have the 7700hq with the 1050ti (upgrades 16GB RAM / 120hz 1080p LCD / 1TB SSD) runs games great and very usable as a daily driver because of the weight, its not too heavy and the good battery life when not gaming, keyboard is great and very comfortable (apple-ish pre 2016) for typing and your rite the trackpad is a bit garbage but tinkering with the trackpad settings its gets a little better (not much lol). if anyone has any questions about this laptop reply to this message and I will see what I can do.
I just bought this laptop today . I hope that worth it.
Hey, I've been using this Laptop for around 2 years and I'm having problems with it overheating very quickly and resulting in my fps to drop a lot. Can't really figure out what's the problem here.
Thats just a pavilion power with a omen Logo on it Lol
I have the same 16GB variant, and genuinely it's working all perfect, though I feel that the touchpad sucks sometimes. I have used it for the past three years, and after so harsh daily gaming, I find the battery output has subsided. Else everything works perfectly.
*I'm only finally leaving this review because I've had this laptop for 2 years **lnfo.help/YamahaR?a1** and I'm finally upgrading (or, to be honest -- downgrading). It was my daily driver for all 2 years, usually for 8+ hours a day, and playing Skyrim with Photoshop open in the background... never an issue with speed or processing. Really a great laptop.*
I have the hp omen 15. It works terrible. I can play games but the fps are absolute crap
Will this handle gaming and streaming via streamlabs at the same time fairly decent?
Сломан слот СД
I have the 15.6 with carbon fibrate
Is that normal that i dont have the card mvmi pc ai drive!? I dont have on my laptop
"I know, I know, I suck at life" These words have changed my life.
I'm saving for the GTX 1060 version of this laptop.
I have this very same computer its a great computer like the speed of it
can you make a video about Thunderobot Dino laptop gaming?
What is the Hz
Are the fens really noise or is it ok?
The omen or the msi gv62?
Does this version supports thunderbolt3 connection for eGPU?
If HP lowers the cost of the upgrades and improves the keyboard, this would be a very compelling gaming laptop. Also, does anyone know if you can just yoink a 230W charger from a different laptop and use it with this? It looks like a standard barrel plug, but I don't have any other chargers on me at the moment. That could be a solution for anyone looking for more than 10 hours of full system load at a time.
In my country this laptop costs 2140 $, is it a good value cosidering build quality and the major flow of the screen flix..? If I bought a pc, it will cost the same.. 😢
Blender Benchmark please !!
does the thunderbolt port support charging of the laptop? i know the amd version doesnt but idk about the intel version
would this laptop be worth £1060 brand new with the RTX2060??
Man no1 liked the old omen logo. I personally loved it.
I recently just undervolted my rtx2060 omen i7- 10750h laptop via omen gaming hub and ever since I under volted it the temps are low but the CPU reads -2.6ghz in the gaming hub, voltage around .96 - 1.26, and temps around 35c - 60c. Is this normal?? I'm mostly concerned about the clock speed if anything. Before I did the under volt I remember the clock speed to be around 4.5ghz in the gaming hub command center. Please help, this my first premium gaming laptop and it was very expensive lol. Also hp said since I've done the undervolt it automatically voids the warranty which is weird to me considering that they have that option to do so readily accessible
its a lot better than my old omen laptop for sure
I'm looking at the laptop, but I'm confused because of the models and prices. On the HP US store, there is an intel option with i7-10750h, RTX 2060, 32GB of Intel Optane 16 GB of ram and 512 GB of ssd, for $1200. Then there are two AMD versions. The first one has Ryzen 4800h, 1660 Ti, 16GB of RAM and 512 GB of ssd, for $1250. The second one also has Ryzen 4800h, it has RTX 2060, RGB, but it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ssd, for $1100. Which should I go for? The intel model I mentioned was the 15-ek0026nr, the first AMD model is the 15-en0029nr, the second AMD model is 15-en0036nr
He sounds like kreekcraft to me lol
Does this Intel version have MUX switch? Which one do you recommend more, MSI GS66 or HP OMEN 15? They are both similar price and OMEN 15 have slightly better graphics card which is 2070 Max-Q.
Can you tell me what is the model number for this one?
Would this computer be recommended for photography and video editing? Or is it necessary to purchase a monitor for these purposes?
Is this laptop good for doing business?
i dont understand why people don't like short key travel, it feels so much better
Does it have an RGB keyboard?
What is the Name of that Game?
900 dollar? That thing cost twice here. 😔
It looks cheap !