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HP HP12C Financial Calculator (10 Digits) Reviews from YouTube

HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator REVIEW
First Look at the HP 12C Platinum
HP12C Financial Calculator Use
TOP 5: Financial Calculators
Can you show an example of division in both rpn mode and alg mode? Preferably division of numbers by a number other than 12.
This review is rich in details. I like the comparison with others graphic calculators. Maybe you talk about others financial calculators, hp 17 bII+, hp 10bII, casio fc200, etc.
Amazing video resolution .. my monitor is only 1080p but looked like 4K! The camera you are using is simply awesome. Excellent review. I bought a HP 17bII+ yesterday and was curious about this calculator which looks so adorable that I am tempted to get this one too!. The 17BII+ has bigger keys which are sort of comfy for fingers. It has a menu driven system and wondering if you have any thoughts on this calculator vs the 12C Platinum. Subbed to your channel as was totally blown away!
Hey! Just subbed to your channel! Have you ever thought of using SMZeus . c o m to help you grow your channel??
I have the original 12c and the keys on it have a nice soft click feel. The Platinum keys sound like the keys on my 30b. Although most HP calculators since the '70's have had a harder click to them, the soft click of the 12c has a nicer feel in my opinion and is a joy to use. Plus it's quiet and won't disturb anybody in a library :)
I never really got the RPN 'cult' until I saw this video! If you have a complex calculator like this, but it has only a simple numeric display, 'blind' RPN is probably less error prone than 'blind' algebraic. But once you have an alphanumeric display and can display the expression as it is typed, it gets less clear. Even if the display is multi-line so you can see the whole stack so RPN is no longer 'blind' it is still pretty marginal and the learning curve for RPN becomes the barrier. Once you have a full graphical display and can show the expression in 'textbook' form IMHO RPN has completely lost any advantage except for a few niche cases (parallel equivalent resistors for example). The tragedy is that the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater! The RPN stack is a very good way of organizing memory function and combining it with a history list. It would be relatively easy to combine RPL and textbook in a mode-less way. Just type a number if you want RPN or an expression if you want algebraic and press ENTER to have either the number or the result pushed on the stack. All that is lost is the implicit ENTER before operators in pure RPN mode.
on my original Made in Malaysia HP 12C calculator (three-button cells, serial #MY8270xxxx), it took 8.1 seconds to calculate the Bond Price. So the current Platinum model is very fast.
I love HP calculators, but I ignored the financial models because I was not interested in them. then a few years ago, I got a 12C, and let me just say this calculator is amazing. I now own about 10 of them. I was even able to write a program for solving Heron's Formula for the area of a triangle given only the lengths of the 3 sides.
Hi James, thanks for an excellent overview of the HP 12C. There are tonnes of HP 12C videos, yours is the best. Happy to have subscribed to your channel
Star Wars was released in 1977, but didn't come out until 1978 in Japan, so it's possible that's where you got the 1978 date from.
The undo feature is nice. I wonder if are there multiple levels of undo? So, after undoing the "2." deletion, are there stored values of 2.5, then 2.56 then 2.55... The web emulator for the 12c platinum has a different annunciator for undo which disappears after calling undo once. On the physical unit, the annunciator appears to stay after the first call.
American brand (HP). Signed in Germany. And made in Philippines. 🤔
I hate the "Platinum" which was the only one I could get to replace my ancient HP12c. Specifically, it displays "RPN" all the time... and I can't turn that off the display. Very annoying.
Your voice is so subdued . can't make any sense. please increase your volume.
Hello I am working on calculating the amount someone would offer to buy out of a lease I used the following formula but I am not coming up with an answer that would make sense. r x t .08 ENTER 1 = .08 .08 g [1/x] = 1.08 ENTER 10,500 X $11,374.51. Is that the amount you would reduce from the yearly payments due if you multiplied $10,500x12
Thank you
Great explanation!!Thank you
You can also calculate 7+9Enter! (Oh, my HP 17bII+ was in "ALG" mode, sorry!) The HP 12c allows a quicker solution if you use your N [g]12x and the i [g]12/ for the monthly periods and interest! See the booklet of your HP 12c ... :D
What's the lifespan with this calculator roughly. Mine is 20 years old and I don't know if it's the battery or the calculator but it's wrong and I need to take a state and national exam in 2 weeks.
Fantastic, I went from clueless to expert mode with using the TVM function on the HP12C Platinum financial calculator. *2 thumbs up!
Very nice presentation!
It’s really helpful to understand HP 12c. Thanks
Great video. Makes it easy to use the 12c
Thank you. 2020 June 13 I am preparing for an online exam in RSA!
lmao a tablesaw and a phone ringing in the background im dead yo
Answer the fucking phone brah!
Thank you so much. I used one of these for years for real estate but never understood it as well as I do now from watching your video. I am going to continue to watch. Who knows what all I was missing? lol You explain things so plain and I appreciate you.
Thank you so much for this helpful video!
Thank you so much this has helped me so much
REG is register not regular
Thank you so much! The video was very useful!
What would you do if you wanted to calculate the average interest you’ve earned for a period of not exactly a year? Let’s say 4 years and 3 months. Would you tap in 4.25??? for four years and 1/4 year? or 4.3 for four years and 3 months?
I have had my 12c since college. I will give each of my kids one for Christmas and have them watch this tutorial. After I quiz them I will have them put 1000 away from their summer jobs and go through some TVM scenarios. Like me I hope they use this calculator for every major financial decision.
Thank you very much for a clear explanation of HP 12C. It helped me tremendously!!
The HP 12C is a completely obsolete calculator that costs 5 times more than any modern calculator with millions of extra features. In the exact courses, the teacher asks the students to buy a calculator and each student chooses a different model and learns how to use it. Only in financial math courses students are REQUIRED to buy the HP 12C and have to learn how to use it to key the key. I do not know if the students in this area are stupider than the exact ones or if the teachers in this area are stupid and only know how to teach using this calculator. The result is a technological backwardness of 30 years and an unnecessary expenditure of money. It was the extra time that students spend to learn how to use it. This calculator: There is no alphanumeric display, It uses "Polish reverse logic" that is not intuitive and is what makes learning difficult, It has no advanced editing feature of the number entered, It does not save the calculation history. To evidence bad faith in this process. Suffice it to say that there are mobile apps that emulate this calculator. Then no one else would need to buy it. But that no one teaches.
Wow thank you very much great examples and explanations.
Best 5 Financial Calculators 1. HP 12c - https://amzn.to/2QsuFJr 2. Texas Instruments BA II Plus - https://amzn.to/2Qsce7A 3. Calculated Industries 3415 - https://amzn.to/2QxU98c 4. HP 10bII+ - https://amzn.to/2Qy2dWE 5. Casio FC-200V - https://amzn.to/2QvF2w3
Best one: Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator
It’s not Bee Ell Ell, It’s B2 (II roman 2)
BA II plus or plus professional for cfa 1?
Calculator for Real Estate ?
Qualifier Plus 3x is crap; HP 10b2 is way better
BA II+ "...and a slide case to protect the screen" anddd that's how you know its sponsored
Not B LL but B 2 ... Second version op 10B, damnit dude!
ba II+ professional verison???
ll? No II = 2 in roman numbers! :D

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