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HP Envy 13-AD079TU Laptop

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Do not buy this laptop ,it has a huge problem hinge ..search over the net you will get many struggling as its a design issue
Design alone, it straight away kills its competitors.
I'm watching this on my HP Envy 13
I have problems with the hinge on my envy so don't waste your money
I have this laptop. If you're sitting on the fence about getting it, get it. I have it fully upgraded (minus the touch screen) and customized from the HP website itself, I was looking for an affordable laptop that can do everything, from lag-free online gaming, to Uni work, to running intensive programs like Adobe Illustrator and Sony Vegas as well a's lighter programs like Netflix (and most gaming laptops start at 1.5k-2.5k). This laptop can do it all, and it's never slowed down, froze or began to lag on me once, despite having multiple programs open (It has gotten hot before, which obviously isn't a good sign), but performance has never dropped which shocked me. I'm not a huge gamer, but I wanted to be able to play things like Apex Legends, and setting everything up literally took 5 minutes; having the graphics running on the highest setting is honestly unnecessary but doable (your laptop will get hot after 30 minutes of playing), having them run slightly above average is the sweet spot, and really, you can't tell any difference between the highest setting and slightly above average. This laptop can actually handle any console game with ease, I haven't come across a problem with any games (despite people saying you won't be playing intense games on this laptop). Not only that, the laptop is small and super portable. and the travel on the keys feels amazing. I've had this laptop for half a year now and use it daily, and the keys haven't lost their touch at all. This laptop caught me off guard as I wasn't expecting it to be so good for the price, but it's probably my favorite laptop I've owned; It's small and super portable, and super powerful. I honestly use it as a gaming and work laptop more than anything, and it handles both of these things with ease. These reviewers don't actually use the laptops for long enough I feel. To get an idea of how it handles games (it's seriously a monster for the price): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPLpDr61KBk
Just received mine - shocked that it does not support standard windows sleep - it will just heat up and chew battery. you have to shut it down every time or leave it on. Why does no one mention this flaw?
Hi! This video was a year ago so I just want to ask how is this laptop going? There are hinge issues with the older version, and I want to buy hp envy but I need a laptop that will last me for about 5 years. Please reply, Thank you❣️
most authentic youtuber !
Does anyone else here experiences the battery drain in hp envy 13 2019 model on complete shutdown ? i lose 2%overnight and this happens everyday. 😞
I'm a new programmer and looking for a great but a budget laptop, do you think this is great? I took a formulary and they gave me three options, this (I know I said budget but if it's necessary or worth paying I will pay for it) Lenovo Ideapad 3 (Great but this is better), and a Lenovo Chromebook (definitely not for programming). So what do you say, Is this worth paying or I better go with the cheaper option (the Lenovo one, Chromebook is definitely out of my options)
How long is the battery life with normal use?
got my envy today .. clean no programs has been installed yet but i noticed it gets too hot and sometimes there is a high fan sound .. not sure why :(
First Lisa Gade review I have seen. Why can't all reviewers talk at this kind of speed? I hate it when reviewers casually waffle away for hours. Lisa gets straight to the detail and doesn't waste your time. Brilliant!
I am in the UK and i got mine for £969. Its a good looking premium device and i love it. HOWEVER, after a year the touchpad has completely died and its not usable at all. A lot of other people has also come across the same problem and HP charges over £300 for the touchpad replacement. I must say for a £1000, HP has the worst touchpad ever. I dont think i can recommend HP Envy 13 to anyone.
price per spec, this laptop is VERY hard to beat. I have a 2019, but I hesitate to recommend it. While it is aluminum chassis, the hinge screws are anchored in plastic and can fail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qclA-EdBdLc
wow.. leslie winkle from big bang theory
I though she was a man because i has no sound on then i heard her voice
Can you hook an external monitor to this thing?
No hdmi😭
this laptop got touchscreen?
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Personally I think it looks kinda ugly, and the screen is kinda square too, I don't really like that. And you don't have the numbers on the right side of the keyboard
How it's is for coding, what about graphics card?
11 cm thickness 😂
Is it worth buying from Flipkart sale in 2019? Heard some issues about heating issues. How's it working for you now? Any major flaws?
What is the best price ?
Which will be better HP envy 13-ah0042tu OR HP pavilion x360 cd0050tx in terms of battery , display nd performance ???
Thankyou sooo much....finally I've found a video i was looking for 💕
Can we play game
Will this laptop with i3 be relevant even after 3-4 years ? Will it lag too much ?
Hey shayantan do you still use this laptop ? How is the performance after one year, does it run smoothly or any type of problem took place ? Is it worth to buy it now at 50990 ? please help me to get a good light and thin laptop with great battery life at 50000, How will be the hp envy core i3 8th gen at 56990, I also need backlit keyboard. It will be great to hear from you.
hey shayantan as you attached extra storage of 119gb of samsung, my question is that, did you attach it with the help of external port or any other way ?
Is Microsoft surface laptop better or this one? They both are on my budget. But i am afraid about 128gb ssd. Will it be enough for a student who is not going to play games or stashing the memory with movies.?
How is your battery life?
Is this touchscreen? Because dusra videos meh touchscreen dikha raha hao
Share one mone video on this laptop..please..
mujhe hp envy 50k me mil rha h flipcart me kya mujhe le lena chahiye???
Abi kuch der pahele Flipkart mereko email kia iss se pehele maine is modelka wishlist main add kia tha Hp Envy 13 2017 ad079tu is modelka Rs.50990/- price dekha reaha hai.lekin price is too high.
Do they sell it offline in stores?
Bro i came after ur review for new model in amazon Suggest me btw new model And asus ux430un Asus ux331ual
Wait wait it doesn't bend backwards to tabley mode??
Too bad its onboard RAM. I can’t upgrade the RAM to 16GB. Is 8GB powerfull enough for editing at Premiere Pro n Ae?
Is it good for video editing?
All the new hp laptops have absolutely stupid 360 hinges. They screw directly into plastic. They can tear out from completely normal use. Once they do, the lid no longer pulls the hinge open. Instead all the pressure from opening the hinge is against the screen itself. I've seen so many
any screen protectors + keyboard guards?
Which pens have a good compatibility with this for drawing and writing?
By far the best reviewer when coming to laptops.
please make video have higher resolution
Is this better or Envy x360?
What's the fan noise like? I read that the fan is really loud.
the best review for normal people like me so far!!👍🏻👍🏻
Is there any hinge issue in 2020 envy ...as it is there in previous years models....??
Hi! Jus want to ask what particular model is this and can this run autocad? thank you❣️
quality video modding but viedo quality 480p in 2020, you are not serious right?
Which one to buy - 400 nits brightness with 100% sRGB or 1000 nits brightness with 72% NTSC?
Does anyone have a loud fan issue with the envy 2020 when starting up the laptop and when charging? ( It’s like jet engine when taking off) 😑 annoying
Is the hinge better than in 2019 were it broke too fast?
can it do gaming?
What do you think of the HP Envy 13” Lineup for 2018? What other laptops do you want me to review? Would you like to see more computer/laptop reviews on the channel?
This is very nice superb creation very gram full 🤩🤩😍😘 how much this
What about microphone?
Is this i3 or i5?
Is there much difference between this model and the i5 nvidia MX250 version? Or are they basically the same? I’m looking to play sims 4 and the expansion packs with no lag. But I’ll be getting the i5. Would it be suitable?
hows the battery life on this?
Dope t-shirt! RIP Guru.
Bestbuy website says it has HDMI connectivity?
lol hardsidk is not upgradable lol
I want to buy the HP envy 13" 16gb RAM 2019, for 1080p video editing, however, here in Serbia, we only have Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics. Worldwide, it's sold with Intel UHD 620 or NVIDIA MX250 GDDR5, but here, it only comes with Radeon. Is it worth buying it either way?
Hey guys, do you think a 13 inch laptop is good for a university student?
How are the reflections, is it very shiny? I used to work with a mat screen, but this laptops has so many other benifats
That's a really nice laptop
I found i5 version at pawn shop for $225! Score.
Is it good for programmers and security analyst?
How to set up the fingerprint?
I am planning for hp spectre 13inch i7 8gen 16gb ram# but dDr3 is stopping me🤮🤮🤮 Any other thoughts? Guidee
Can it play Minecraft though?
_🌌1AM Jul 14 2019~_
Affordable 1200$