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Buy Hoya 62mm Close Up Filter Kit (+1/+2/+4) online at Amazon. 62 mm Diameter
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Hoya 62mm Close Up Filter Kit (+1/+2/+4) Features

  • 62 mm Diameter

The lowest Hoya 62mm Close Up Filter Kit (+1/+2/+4) Price in India is ₹10,999 at Amazon.
Buy Hoya 62mm Close Up Filter Kit (+1/+2/+4) online at Amazon.
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Hoya 62mm Close Up Filter Kit (+1/+2/+4) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Hoya
feature Hoya HMC - 62 mm Close-up lens kit x 3
Item model number Hoya Close Up Set (+1,+2,+4) 62mm
Item Weight 136 g
Manufacturer Hoya
Model Hoya Close Up Set (+1,+2,+4) 62mm
Model Year 2010
Product Dimensions 23.9 x 11.7 x 3.6 cm

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Hoya 62mm Close Up Filter Kit (+1/+2/+4) Reviews from YouTube

How to Use Hoya Close Up Filters
Hoya Close Up Filters +1 +2 +4 (Macro with ANY Lens)
Are close up macro filters worth it?
Filming Insects With Macro (Close-Up) Filters
does the settings of the camera matter? you did not mention that
Hey Joy! This is super helpful! I did have a quick question though, it looks like you just hold these filters up to your lens. Do you have to screw them on to the front of the lens or does simply holding them in front of it do the trick?
Thank you, I was wondering if you could stack these!
I have a sigma 18-300 mm & a closeup filter. Will this do &!should I not zoom out? It’s a bit confusing. Thankyou 4 any help you can share
Sorry - I just watched this - I have a question. I attached my macro lens to my camera lens and I can't get it to focus. What am I doing wrong? I have a Sony A65, and I attached the filter to the box 55mm.
I just ordered a set. Hopefully I'll be able to capture insects without getting quite so close. Thank you for taking the time and sharing.
Does it matter what order you stack the filters in?
Hi Joy, What aperture do you shoot with the close up filters. Thank you!
in what order do you connect the filters?
Hi beautiful lady :) .thanks for this video. you explained this filters so great. i have a question. is there 2 elements macro filter in the market?
Do you make your own styling boards? I would love a video on your styling kits! Did you make this one yourself?
Thank you for sharing about these I just got these myself. I couldn't afford on my budget yet new macro Lens so my local Camera Shop suggested these to get in close to take pictures of miniatures.
Hi I buy and sell stuff and found this in a box it’s a Hoya ultra 62mm uv(0) japan, can you please let me know what it’s worth.? Tia.
Does the +1 closeup filter only work for macro photography or can I use it normally for portraits and scenes? Just want to make my 35mm lens less wide distortion.
Hey Joy! Would you recommend using these over a macro lens?
nice dog
Hi Joy, a couple of quick questions. How does using close up filters affect depth of field or is that still simply a function of the f stop used? And secondly how is using close up filters any better than than taking a high resolution picture and zooming right in? I'd value your comments. Mike
If you use these do you still use a macro lens at all on wedding days?
Great information, and clearly presented. I'll definitely be picking up a set of these.
How long does it usually take to get a gallery back to your brides?
Crisp clear video. Thank you.
thanks, I will buy
I run a children's wildlife group and take photographs as we walk along so I don't get much chance to hang around for long at any one spot and fiddling around changing lenses is undesirable. These are a great boon for me and despite buying the cheapest ones I could find they have lasted me a few years without problem. I bought myself a very cheap generic led ring flash and perminantly keep the middle range close-up lens attached to it ready for deployment. It allows me to quickly detatch the whole thing when we move on and I am ready for group and landscape shots before my next macro opportunity. Recommended.
Thanks for the video
nice examples.... what would you recommend . close up filter or reverse ring for macro photography... thank you..
Awesome video!
I can see the potential of Close-Up Filter especially if you'er doing insect with Nikon 70-300mm that would be the cat's meow alternative would be the nikon 200mm macro that cost $1,000 and I don't thik there's z mount macro lens available yet.
Magnifying filters are usually disappointing. Extension tubes are better value - or buy a vintage macro/micro lens. There are significantly better mag filters from Nikon, Canon Nisi etc...
have you tried a macro bellow?
As aprofessional photographer since 1969, I would ask WHY do you call these filters? They are supplementary lenses.
These Closeup Lens fiters have been given a bad rap! If you use them one at a time and stop them down you will get good results. I notice that on most of your shots were at F4, you need to start out at F8 or F16. Use a tripod, so shutter speed will not be a problem.
Nice video charles I went out with my +10 close up filter for the first time last month, never used it before, definitely had to focus stack the images and got some good results shooting some mushrooms. Never thought of putting the tripod centre column upside down, I should have done that it would have made it easier 👍
Nice vlog here, interesting content and it's a good review of the filters with good descriptions and examples. Feeling more natural too
Interesting review Charles. I have the 105mm Nikon f/2.8vr macro lens and the image quality is astounding. I bought it second hand on ebay and even so I wouldn't say it was cheap. Until I got my 70-200 it was my most telephoto lens so I found lots of uses for it besides macro. It's a nice focal length for portraits for instance. However if someone told me they fancied trying out some macro without spending lots of money I'd say great, you don't need to spend any extra money. The best cheap tool is the crop tool in the editing software you already have. Most modern cameras produce image files way bigger than they need to be for the most common use - posting onto social media. The optimum image width for uploading to instagram is 1080 pixels. If you crop in to that width on most files you'll be amazed at how much 'magnification' you get.
My favourite one, the halo around the tiny mushroom is everything! ^_^ https://youtu.be/TPnlPaSsofc?t=368
Love the intro to this, so soothing!
Love this Vlog. Well put together and the information on macro lenses was really helpful.
Some good tips! (Plus you’re really coming along with the vlogging!)
Great shots again 👏
Great video Charles, great to see the results from these cheapo filters as I’d never heard of them before. I went to extension tubes before buying a dedicated macro lens. The only thing I think might have helped in your review, is to have had the no filter shot on the left of each filter shot so we could see the differences side by side as a constant frame of reference ;-) Great job thought! 👍
Enjoyed the video Charles 👍. I've never thought of setting my tripod upside down like that to take shots closer to the ground but it makes a lot of sense to enable photo stacking on macro shots
Hey Nick, I tried the same but I am not able to focus even with +10
Nice video lol thank you!
Hi, From what I see, these filters seem to suffer from a lack a contrast…
Awesome video
@Nick Schrader, great video ! But one thing that might make it harder to focus when stacking the close up lenses is that I noticed you mentioned you added them with increasing numbers. Rather than +2 , then + 4, I think it's supposed to be done with the largest number first. At least that's what I've read. Currently awaiting my close up filter in the mail to find out for myself, but have you tried this, or know if it's true?
Great video!
I've noticed on some YouTube videos of bees; the bees are moving about in an unhealthy fashion and I've even seen some on flowers fall to the ground dead. Something in our environment is killing these bees ( particularly the honey bees ) Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
You speak like Angel
Thank you for this beautiful video. I can’t wait to use my new filters and enjoy the little and magical details of life.
Good Job ;)
Good Introduction of video. Really people need to stop by and notice and appreciate these small Little things and their world. It makes every cell in your body to calm down.
great video... I was in a situation where I never knew anything about macro photography. I got into it because I wanted to focus on nature/wildlife and landscape photography. Once I learned about macro I was deeply intrigued but didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on macro lenses. So, found out about these lens filters and for a mere $13 , I have to say I am extremely impressed. I do find some of my shots are "foggy" but as you say in your video, I think I am just getting greedy and wanting to get too close. I find it harder with insects for some reason. My macro shots of plants/flowers turn out fine but insects are tough, not sure why. I honestly do love these filters. Another option is getting a reverse mounting ring ( I also have one) and locking your aperture, detaching lens and reverse mounting but I only do that indoors. I am worried about doing it outdoors as so much dust, dirt, pollen etc and get into the lens and cause issues..
What is your focal length?to cap
Great video! I've been having a hard time deciding if I wanted to invest in the 100mm macro but I think I might just try these out first.
Nice overview with pros and cons!
Excellent videography as always man

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