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How to Create a Mind Book Reviews from YouTube

How to Create a Mind | Ray Kurzweil | Talks at Google
Summary of How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil | Free Audiobook
How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil - Non-fiction Book Summary and Review
460th comment
Ray pay someone $50 to plug a usb cord into your asshole when you die instead of dragging the world into your Frankenstien experiment.
this guy is negative charisma. he should hire someone to write his speech and someone to deliver it.
He is great😍
Now fallible man can create a mind???? Arrogance with be the death of humanity
4:51 I'm sure the creators of Hal said the same thing about Hal, lol.
I predicted Ray would make accurate predictions.
He has the jewellery of an Albanian mafia boss
the question is: can machines think and feel like us? does a search engine have consciousness of searching for the results? to me it is a definitely yes
Interesting points on the development of information technology and surely a very skilfull engineer with powerful entrepreneurial ideas. But did he not want to talk about the mind? 🤔Could not find anything on it in the whole talk... 🧐
He talked about technology increases, which are well-known, but he did not talk about 'how to create a mind', or the greater problem, of how to even know how to define in words what a mind, or awareness, or quale/qualia, etc, are. Awareness and etc. are a different order of being, and no matter how many computer circuits you link up, we don't know if it will become self-aware, suddenly. At what point does organized matter--pieces gain this ineffable thing called self-awareness? Those are the questions that the big-name big-audience philosophers of mind do not answer, and seems are not being asked by their audiences either.
"Ive never been a fan of neural nets" Lol now his latest presentation showed the 300,000x increase in neural nets in the 2010s
This book itself is an encyclopedia and includes a lot of information we need to understand the past and future of humanity.
In addition to that discussed below: The fascinating thing about "Deep Mind" is the fact that "Mind" has not been cogently defined in any branch of science or academia. In fact, no definition and description does not exist outside my own work, a fact which is unlikely to change one iota in the foreseeable future. The reason why this is the case is the fact that, way back in the early days of psychology, the study of mind and the study of brain were clearly defined as distinct intellectual inquiries. It is only in modern times that the two, erroneously, became conflated. This problem is, in actuality, more serious than anyone knows. The seriousness of this "quite literally, global problem became further exacerbated by the systemic degradation of language-use across all academic disciplines. I have over five decades experience as an independent thinker in educational, developmental and existential psychology and among many revelations what has become abundantly and consistently clear is, don't trust anyone who smiles. What interested me from the outset, about Elon is the fact that his smiles are exclusively the product of nervousness.
Human Predictions could be also exponential we already know it : if the assumption that the structure of our mind is similar to the universe then we could theoretically "beat the time". But you have no data on this right?
In addition to that discussed below is the concept and proper definition of "creation". Creation is defined exclusively as Forming something from nothing. Therefore, no one can claim to have created either mind or brain without being functionally delusional. Language is the only intellectual instrument available to the human species which can present the opportunity to transcend but only if it is used properly and precisely.
"How to Create a MInd". Well, Mr. Kurzweil, In order to create a mind one must have first defined both "Mind" and the act of "Creating" neither of which you have done. This can only mean that even the title of this presentation is a supreme expression of linguistic vacuity. What he is saying here is not "!creating a mind" but engineering an artificial brain (neural network). In actuality, Mind and brain are both existentially and functionally very different, perhaps even the very antithesis of one another. The question here is, where does consciousness reside, Mind or brain? If you conflate the two, believing that they are one and the same then you have neither learned anything on the subject nor will you learn anything and will, subsequently fall victim to that very belief. In reality, the brain can perform every task required of it by modern domesticated primates with no need for consciousness. In fact, consciousness is not easily formed in environments with high industrial appetites. Additionally, what are the functional behaviors of "Mind" as compared to brain? It has long been established that the "brain" is easily conditioned, manipulated and imprinted to produce specific beliefs and subsequent performance in service to, for example, industrial demands and empire-building.
Thank you sir
Great work👍👍
Great Work ! Please Add Timestamp or Chapter's !
Is the book available in Arabic?
Thanks for the summary 🤗💖😊
You are explain in good way.
Interested to read 😘
Good video but the wind in the background is overpowering

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