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Hostages of Each Other – The Transformation of Nuclear Safety Since Three Mile Island Book Reviews from YouTube

Meltdown: Three Mile Island | Official Trailer | Netflix
Three Mile island (Hindi),Three mile island nuclear accident,Environmental chemistry Msc chemistry
The Other Side of Three Mile Island
Three Mile Island Documentary: Nuclear Power's Promise and Peril | Retro Report | The New York Times
Not surprising that the government and companies are in bed together. The potential of an actual nuclear disaster just because the higher echelon wanted to cut costs, is dumbfounding. Its always the message that "everything is ok" until you cant contain the lie anymore.
Many industries need to gave the profit-making motivation removed. This and HEALTH INSURANCE, I have said for ages... Built-in conflict of interest. Unethical.
Why is this event not as deadly as Chornobyl, which cannot be lived in until now?
The pictures of radiation burns? The blatant BS here is UNBELIEVABLE
Holy shit this is *wildly* conspiratorial, alarmist, and apparently blind to simple facts.
The thing about Nuclear energy is that it is safe and clean but it has to be done RIGHT. That is the problem. It doesnt matter if its build by a corporation or goverment - there are allways cut corrners to save money. This is what makes Nuclear dangeraus. Not the tech itself - its safe ,but the user... Cutting corners in tech that requires everything to be done properly is a recepie for desaster. The same thing happaned in Chernobyl and Fukushima. All 3 plants had major desing flaws due to desire to make them as cheap as possible and ware operated that way. You can look up what Tepco (Fukushima's operatior)did and its pretty much the same as TMI.
Anti-science propaganda. Go ahead and forego nuclear energy, enjoy the smog and fuel prices.
Just watched and believe it or not I'm with the bald guy. Lot of emotional testimony that may or may not be true. I can guarantee you Netflix cares neither direction. The folks in the story are dealing with real trauma though poisoned or not. The big problem is an advanced society cannot stop tech advances over marginalization. Any victims from this story saved x10000 more lives in the energy the nuclear program brings to the world. Are company's unscrupulous? Always will be. But no bottom line no advance. I would have left town day 1.
Interesting documentary, that was long on emotion and pretty short on facts. Lots of "might have/could have" going on, with very little discussion on technically what actually happened.
Little do people know how much safer nuclear energy has become since then.
Just watched this "documentary".... What a bunch of garbage and lies. Too much over-dramatic nonsense from the locals.
it was outright confirmed that the castle bravo test created the inhabitants of bikini bottom
we were evacuated and our pets and everyone's pets were killed by the clean-up crews
"D'oh! Who'd have thought a nuclear reactor could be so complicated?!"
"Right now, skilled nuclear technicians are calmly correcting a minor, piffling malfunction. //[plant workers screaming and running in circles, rats fleeing in droves, alarms blaring in background]// But I can assure you and the public that there's absolutely no danger, whatsoever." CMB
"'Meltdown?' that's one of those annoying buzzwords. We prefer to call it an 'Unrequested Fission Surplus.'" C. Montgomery Burns
Without a doubt the most sensationalized hyperbole I have ever seen being attempted to be passed off as truth. If you need evidence just listen for the coughing self-admitted smoker that claims it’s radiation. This really sets the expectations for any future Netflix documentary.
Reading the comments here, Netflix has made it – it has convinced many unknowing people that nuclear power plants are ticking bombs. Did anyone get that the whistleblower remained supportive of nuclear power? Did anyone see scientists and engineers being interviewed here or was the majority of interviewees people who have no connection to the industry and the science behind it? Was there a lot of opinions or were there only facts listed? I sincerely hope that the majority of people watching this film will see through what major BS this is, because we desperately need clean CO2-free energy sources, and nuclear is currently the most reliable one.
Yeah it's bad but stop crying. Isn't nearly as bad as nagasaki or hiroshima.
kya hai ye hindi me pdhte ho English me likhe ko no linking distract
India me nomber-1 notes dete hai .apka video bahute accha lagta hai.thank you mam
Link of my 2nd channel -
Thankuuu di 👍👌👌🌹🌹
Oh my have put so much efforts ... there are more than 150 videos... You are doing great work... Results are gonna show soon... I am actually impressed by your work ... We also need to do something constructive.. God bless you ..
Thank you so much... keep making videos for pg students
Thanks mam..
Thanks mam ✌️✌️👍👍🍫🍫
Good evening mam ! Good platform for PG students🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😇
Well done. A truly in-depth look at the "other side". Much appreciated.
I was a refueler for Westinghouse Nuclear in the 80's, and also did reactor modifications that came about as a direct result of the TMI incident. Some of the guys I worked with from Pittsburgh were among the first to respond to the incident at TMI. I retired from Duke Energy in 2011 as a primary chemist, maintaining and monitoring reactor coolant chemistry on three nuclear reactors. Some of the comments that the news media made during the Fukashima incident made it obvious to me that the media is willing to make irrational comments about a technology of which they are totally ignorant, in order to create drama for the viewers who are also ignorant concerning the subject matter.
Thanks for putting this out!
Check CRAC-2 report developed by NRC and Sandia in 1982.
Check study documented in Three Mile Island Revisited.
The nuclear physicist referred to was Dr Michio Kaku. Dr. Ernest Sternglass urged gov. Thornburg to evacuate pregnant women , both are and were experts in their field. Neither receive or received their livelihood dependent on a viable nuclear power industry. People who work for the NRC would not have jobs if nuclear power did not exist. Three mile island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima should mean 3 strikes and your out.
See Three Mile Island Revisited on youtube.
Excellent factual account. Sadly, since it lacks explosions and human drama, no one will pay attention. Note: thanks to the Nocebo Effect, it is entirely plausible that cancer rates in the area were subsequently higher than normal; but the cause would have been the EXPECTATION of cancer due to "radioactivity". In any case, a coal-fired plant is demonstrably thousands of times more deadly, even ignoring AGCC.
Nice video.
in the Patrick star show it outright confirmed that the SpongeBob universe was created by mutations from radioactive fallout effecting SeaLife it called it knuckler testing, but the truth is clear that all the sea life was mutated by radioactive fallout creating the SpongeBob universe
my cat was killed after the three-mile island accident so were everyone else's pets they all lied to you they still are all lying to you
America and Russia both the same over lieing to there people over poor quality equipment should make there bosses t live there if so convinced its safe with there families all about $€£
It’s funny to me how people are still scared to this day of nuclear power because of stuff that happened 40 years ago. Never going to go green without it.
Three mile really show how safe Nuclear Energy is. This was almost the worse case scenario and still not there was no substantial harm to public health. It doesn't get much worse then this accident.
If those in charge lied about the danger of this, what else are they lying about?
Fake 3 year old toddlers are always met with 3 real bullet holes. Your fault
Only money will stop me from tattling… I don’t even believe dying is real… try again… sweet dreams
And don’t forget to start throwing all those stolen will-sat it
Stop forcing me to live in molester land for your own entertainment… perves
Well, they guess I better win the millions of dollars lottery… otherwise I will “just keep” throwing that toddler at the late term abortion people for dinner
*JUST keeps leak-King*
The loss of life this caused was financial abuse of a rural family for tv shows
Throw another toddler at it and see what happens… *jerks*
Imagine what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki felt when the US dropped the nuclear bombs. Makes you think, right?
Pandering climate change as usual!
people need to wake up and understand that to these big time companies and government money is more important than lives.
Not very long
Foolish Jimmy Carter😂
Not to downplay this accident, but overall, Nuclear accidents are extremely rare. Also, Globally our rejection of Nuclear power was a massive mistake, and the environment has payed dearly for it as we continue to rely on fossil fuels for our electricity.

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