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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Tempo WidePath Bagged Corded Upright ...

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Tempo WidePath Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum U5140900 by Hoover : Amazon.in: Home & Kitchen.


Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Tempo WidePath Bagged Corded Upright ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Tempo WidePath Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum U5140900 by Hoover at Amazon.com.


2 Hoover WindTunnel Secondary Filters Fit Hoover Tempo ...

2 Hoover WindTunnel Secondary Filters Fit Hoover Tempo Widepath and Fold Away Vacuum Cleaners; Compare to Hoover Filter 38765-019, 38765019, 38765023, ...


Hoover SP WT Vacuum Filter : Amazon.in: Home & Kitchen

Hoover non-self propelled Windtunnel, Empower, Powermax, Tempo, Widepath, and select fold away bagless uprights including C1701900, U5014900, U5016900, ...


Hoover वैक्यूम क्लीनर टेम्पो वाइडपाथ बैग कॉर्ड सीधा वैक्यूम U5140900 ...

Received my new vacuum, opened it up, required minor assembly with easy to read instructions. My last two vacuums, the most recent a brand new Dirt Devil, could ...


Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner Features

Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner

The lowest Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner Price in India is ₹63,017 at Amazon.
Buy Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner online at Amazon.
Check out the latest prices and availability at major retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.
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Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Technical Details
Is Assembly Required Yes
Item model number U5140900
Item part number U5140900
Item Weight 3.8 Kg
Number of Pieces 1
Product Dimensions 38.1 x 33 x 110.5 cm
Shipping Weight 8.9 Kilograms

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Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner Reviews from YouTube

Hoover Tempo WidePath Vacuum Cleaner Review - U5140900
Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140-900 Vacuum Review
Review and demo 2013 Hoover widepath tempo allergen filtration U5140900
Hoover Tempo U5140900 Vacuum Repair
I appreciate this review. It certainly echoes all that I like about this vacuum. I have had 3 versions of this vacuum cleaner over the years and I've loved it's power, weight, and attachments, especially the extension tubes which I have fit with other brand attachments for my needs. However I have 3 flights of carpeted stairs and would like a hepa filter and to go bagless. I tried the Shark Apex and while I loved the lift away and the anti-hair wrap, it was overall heavier and oddly more difficult to use than the Tempo, especially as I am left handed and short. I'm returning it. Any suggestions? I'm frustrated.
How do you use the tube
Can you do a review on the Rainbow SRX?
I saw you on shark vacuum commercial
I had the older version of this when they had a headlight and bag check indicator. I do prefer the Windtunnel Supreme over this mostly for its flexible hose vs this awful fixed hose which doesn't reach for jack. You can get HEPA bags for these which greatly increases the filtration, which I highly recommend doing.
Do you know YouTube.com/ibaisaic
I have one of these maybe over 15 years old. Bits and pieces are broken, but still works.
Would this review be the same as doing the commercial version of this called The Windtunnel which has an industrial orange thick cord and 12 amp motor but basically same styled vacuum, I'd like to see a review on one of those. My Dad has one and it's an amazing cleaner for around $200 , and I've noticed now prices on them have jumped because of how good they are.
I swear I saw one of these at Ace Hardware a few years ago
I had one of these and it worked great for the first few years and then performance nosedived. They are cheap and not really made to last more than 3 years. The suction on my Shark Navigator Lift-Away was a dramatic improvement over the hoover.
Are there any filters that need to be replaced or is it just the bags? I'm getting funny smells when I use mine.
I have one. I bought it as consumer reports said it was the best cheap vacuum. It is very powerful and on hard floors you just have to go over them a bit more. I don't notice dirt coming out of it. The bags don't hold a lot and it feels cheap compared to my more expensive Hoover, which broke very quickly and became unusuable. I don't intend on getting rid of my carpet any time soon, so I think this is a steal. Plus you didn't mention how wide it is - which saves time. a lot of those swivel vacs are tiny 10 inchers
I have a hoover windtunnel supreme that has the motor from a hoover fold away. it took some rewiring but it was a direct fit and gave it so much more power. the hoover fold away was a terrible machine that would loose suction after a few minuets of use. the filter would clog up so you'd have to take the giant thing out and beat it on the ground to get the crap out.
I got one of these years ago when my $350 hoover broke to use temporarily. It's basically just for carpets and works well, although everything is cheap quality- even the hose is less flexible. splurge on the anniversary one unless you are poor.
The Hoover tempo bagless was before the Hoover tempo bagged
I HATE these vacuums. Total dust balls even when a HEPA bag. It has a ton of power, but I can’t stand having to dust shelves at my liquor store because of how much dust this thing blows.
I REALLY wish that Hoover still made the Lightweight Non-Self-Propelled Bagged WindTunnels today, I have Tempo and it Moves MUCH BETTER than the Self-Propelled WindTunnels do, and this commercial WindTunnel is interesting to me. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004MDM4RS/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_7?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
If you get a HEPA bag it probably could be sealed
I think the dusting brush acts like a hard floor accatchment and I've seen you're best hard floor vacuum video and you can lift it up if you encounter bigger debris
It has a Cleveland wood products brushroll and they are known for great agitation in fact Cleveland wood products makes the same brushrolls for kirbys so when you mentioned the stiff bristles on the kirby avilar 2 witch you reviewed it has a Cleveland wood products brushroll in it so you can probably get a great deep cleaning vacuum at a inexpensive price that's not a Kirby(despite the lack of airflow on the cleaner head compared to the hose and a kirby on both the cleaner head and the hose oh yeah even though the tempo is not self propelled the Cleveland wood products brushroll propels the vacuum by its self and on my hoover windtunnel supreme it using a very used and worn brushroll because i got it used off cragslist but it agitates the carpet really well and propels the vacuum by its self even though it is not self propelled but still i think i will replace it and the bristles are on my supreme and self propelled brushrolls it hurts me
No its not
I has a cwp brushroll
Ok you dident used the attachments on the stiares right and I am buying 1
Best vacuum yet
What is the material used for the filters ?
I've had my Shark NV22L for over a year now, and absolutely LOVE it! It's a great performer, apparently well-made, and i've had no problems or issues with it. I vacuum on a daily basis too, and have a dog that sheds. I clean the filters every 2 months, and usually only the top one. The bottom 2 don't seem to get dirty. Cleaning the cyclonic part is easy as well, but make sure it's all dry before you put it back in the vac. I usually air dry outside, or leave it over a floor heat register.
what happend to it?
Good review, but you forgot to mention that Hoover Type Y HEPA cloth bags can be used in this vacuum, as well as the micro-filtration Type Y bags. Using the HEPA cloth bags with this vacuum will solve the problem of high dust emissions, if you have allergies or don't like the thought of your vacuum spewing out dusty air.
I had a baggles one and loved it uitil it broke
I do have the same vacuum and I am very upset because the extension attachment is not working any long and I do not knew how to clean or fix it could you lease help me?
thanks for the review.. very informative. we are looking for a new one but are confused
Gamer6472 Do Blue Hoover tempo vs bissell powerforce helix turbo
@Gamer 6472 you also have the white kohls hoover tempo right?
Thank you now I know what windtunnel means
Thank you for this video!
And I was considering on buying this vacuum used for $20.00, now I'll pass to something else. Always considered a Riccar but if their technology is that like it was on their sewing machines that's another failure.
Can you still find essential parts for a Hoover Tempo? Such as bags, belts and agitator rollers? There's one local by me on Offerup for twenty bucks and I need any decent bagged machine with a hose to replace my pos bagless machine
What is the part number for changing the rubber band?
Wow thanks for the video
Have you ever done a dirt devil vacuum cleaner
I have had my Tempo for over 10 years. Only recently did I have to replace the brush, and it's good as new.
Great video. Thanks for sharing
I have some Hoover’s when they were there own company at one point in time and think 🤔 that Kirby is still there own independent company
Thanks for the info.Thank for the informative video enjoy your videos. Hopefully you can do some older Hoover’s & Kirby’s.
My height adjustment slider came off track. Is that an easy fix?
Please service a Eureka the boss superlite
My grandma has the same vacuum
I have this exact vacuum and it is about 6 months old. I love this vacuum. My belt broke and I replaced it. No suction from the bottom. There is suction from the hose...but for some reason there is no suction from the bottom for the carpeting.; I am so mad. i cannot figure it out. Grrrrrr
I noticed there are gaskets on the bag cover. Does that make any difference in performance. My new Dirt Devil Breeze Turbo does not have any seal.
Dude I use "Type U" bag from dirt devil carpet cleaner and it works. I'm out of stock of type y bag.
You should do a video on the Kirby classic.
Enjoyed your video. How/where can I find the brush roller you used? Is there a model number? Is it available through Patreon.com? Did learn that TTI also owns Hoover.
TTI has owned Hoover since 2006.

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