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Buy Ultrasonic Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Multifunctional Kitchen for Home online at Amazon. It can be set to turn off for 15 minutes to save time washing dishes to do other things. This ultrasonic dishwasher can be directly put into the basi...
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Amazon Offers ₹3,626 GO TO STORE

Ultrasonic Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Multifunctional Kitchen for Home Features

  • It can be set to turn off for 15 minutes to save time washing dishes to do other things.
  • This ultrasonic dishwasher can be directly put into the basin, save time and effort.
  • Lightweight and mini size, it is easy to carry and suitable for household kitchen use.
  • High pressure water, produce oxidized bubbles to accelerate the removal of dish stains.
  • Our mini dishwasher is support USB plug‑in using , create high speed vibration and high pressure water sprays to accelerate the dispersion and emulsification and peeling of liquids and stains to achieve cleanliness.

The lowest Ultrasonic Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Multifunctional Kitchen for Home Price in India is ₹3,626 at Amazon.
Buy Ultrasonic Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Multifunctional Kitchen for Home online at Amazon.
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Ultrasonic Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Multifunctional Kitchen for Home Reviews from YouTube

Testing a Strange USB Mini Dishwasher!
Dishwasher You Didn't Know Existed Wish Review - Vivian Tries
LG Dishwasher Review And Demo - My New Dishwasher
Is Dishwasher A Perfect Fit for Indian Kitchen / Cooking?? Make Your Own Decision / All Myths Busted
I understand those who think this should have been fully immersed, but the promotional photos and instructions clearly show it partially submerged. It is also not shown being used in a corner as some suggest. I did my best to accurately re-create what is demonstrated as the proper way to use this item. Would you really put a cheap Chinese electronic device - plugged into the wall - fully underwater when the instructions don't show this being done?
Dishes should definitely be put on some sort of rack which they do make to fit inside of your sink so that there is space between the dishes and they're not actually touching.... You could even use a rack that you would put in a baking pan as long as it's one with bars going only in One direction To stick the plates in the stand them up. Second, I think this would actually be great if it was fully submerged and there were three...one each on three sides to hit the dishes from different angles and create a lot more agitation.. Three of these would still be cheaper than any type of real dishwasher you would buy Then there's the issue of the dish soap. Dishwasher detergent does not make suds the way that dishwashing soap does. Definitely use detergent meant for a regular dishwasher.
Are you using extremely hot water because that makes the difference also
It's obvious it is not going to wash inside of a bowl if it's blocked by a plate
Vanakkam Tamil makkaley
okay there's several different varieties that you need to test out there's bigger ones so you're not doing a very good test and you're supposed to let them soak for an hour or so
Install in hot tub
They make commercial dishwasher the same concept , and add a heating element
Worst review ever, it supposed to be submerged
🤪🙄 I see his pinned comment… there’s always common sense bro. I subscribed right away. Then I realized….just the whole… oh no it’s getting on the floor. It’s like bad acting only who would purposely act that way? Either way…. it takes all kinds. Huge respect for what he’s doing and putting himself out there. He’s got almost a mil subs. So he’s definitely found his pack!
Dude you gotta fill it up so it don’t splash
All in the water on bottom
Lol dishwasher detergents lolol
This guy isn't very bright.a water pump has to be in the water.
You're supposed to soak the dishes in soapy water for 2 mins
Needs completely submerged. It uses the propeller to agitate the water, but the main cleaner is ultrasonic and must be completelysubmerged. That is not detergent, that is soap. Detergent is the powdered stuff that doesnt foam and breaks down organic food stuff. Look up ultrasonic cleaners, they are commonly used to cleam grime and stuck on stuff from objects.
The fan has to be submerged smfh....
It was better for you to put it on the floor of the sink 😶
Crappy product good testing. It looks like it is better to just do them the old fashioned way. But there is a bigger unit I have seen that you just throw in the sink if you could find it and test that one to 👍
Love you
Oh, hello! So, you soak the dishes 30 minutes before you vibrate them for 30 minutes??!! Chunk em in the dishwasher!!
No on the dish washer thingy. 30 minutes? You can hand wash all the dishes in your kitchen in 30 minutes.
You are beautiful all the time. But this episode you are fire ❤️‍🔥. I STAN for it and I am here. For. It. #GetItGirl❤️🧡💛💚💙💜!!
I wonder if it would work for washing fruits an vegetables
I love this lady . When she laughs, she cracks me up.
As far as a washing machine I would just do bras and stockings. Something that is not that dirty but still needs to be washed
And maybe you can use dishwasher detergent instead of dawn. You use very hot water that is the best
You need to put a cookie cooling racks in your sink and put the silverware on top and the USB dishwasher underneath. I would only use this for silverware .use very hot water and dishwasher soap instead of dawn
I think if you got a round metal rack that you use to cool cookies and put that at the bottom of your sink and put silverware on top and the dishwasher vibrating thing underneath it would be nice to have it just wash silver where cuz that's the part I hate the most
I give it 3 stars. But I'm also hand washing all my dishes soooo...🤭
Because you keep talking about a cruise, I've been dreaming about cruises! 😅
I brought something similar at WALMART and it has 4 settings and two is spin opposite ways along with two more options. It works works pretty good on stain, underwaer & delicate clothing. I never tried it with dish. Now I plan too. I paid $20 plus dollars. I really feel it was worth it. I'm just saying.
Wish is the worst, everything I purchased off wish was junk, the wrong item completely, or I just never got it
Off grid people use their cars T charge phone, why not the dish washer? Lol
Doesn’t «living off the grid » imply no electricity?
You could wash underwear in the car with a car charger
The dishwasher could be good for "Hand Wash Only" dishes
It's a ultrasonic cleaner it cleans by causing cavitation however it's not safe to submerge your hands into a ultrasonic cleaner as it can cause your bones to become brittle
Binging on Vivian - great therapy for a rough week.
Wow... Amazed. What a brilliant video. Just wished the details on the modes was more and similarly on the detergent salt etc
Fantastic and to the point review 👍
But maam apne to aluminium ka cooker bhi wash kiya kaise
How much time does it take to clean? You mentioned 3 hours?? Is it so?? I guess its very long than
I dont know about buying a dishwasher. but this is easily one of the most classy reviews of a home appliance on youtube i have ever come across. Special mention for being simple, without deploying irritating jargons , no hype, no shitty music and a sequentially serene talk. Simply fabulous. hope lg sees this. they might start sponsoring u from next time.
1)do oil or other stains remain in the edges the rack ? How do you clean it ? 2)can you open the lid of the dish washer if there is no current? 3)plz mention the disadvantages of this machine also
You haven't shown how to attach the pipe and drainage..
Is it suitable for aluminum too? Or it supports steal only? Please do reply.
One question. Can we place this on a moving stand? Also does this comes with 2 wheels on back side for easy movement? Your videos are very nice. All the best. Thank you
3 and 1/2 hour of electricity bill + Time consuming + water + Rs 10 to Rs 15 shoap is needed + Medical bill..
Hi ashu. Apke food processor me iche pani nhi bharta kya? Mere to mixer jar or food processing bowl me pani bhar jata h. I am confused how to place the jars.
Good video 😊👍👍
It was a great relief for my husband ....tum bartan nahi dhote ho kabhi....selfish women
Can I use Borewell water in dishwasher?
Ur tds please
What's water usage? I think dishwasher use for water than manual dish washing.. Kindly share what's water usage of dishwasher?
Very nice marketing by not showing pre and post result , reported the video and user thank you
I like the clear presentation mam ... U r too good in explaining each point with reasoning.... Love that ... Waiting for more videos
Hi 🙂 thanks for this Video. Please let me give clear information, if the TDS Value in the water above 750, is this safe to use dishwasher?
Have been using ifb Neptune VCK for a year now. Very very useful and cleans all utensils, Except milk container that has hardened cream on sides and such type. Iscrublightlyand then dishwasher it Recommend it to all
Mam mjhe bhi dishwasher buy krna hai but confused hun ek baat ko lekar aur wo ye ki mene kissika comments padha tha ismen dalne wale detergent and rinse aid ke ki usmen chemicals hota hai jo health ke liye sahi nahin hota to plz mjhe is baare me guide kar dijiye mam plz☺️
So ladies say yes to dishwasher.. it's really helpful.. trust me
I m,using dishwasher but I think it's unable to clean heavily soiled vessel like steel pot in which rice or dal is cooked otherwise it is perfect ...
Chalo kuch Logo ko akal to ayi India me
Neately explained What about idly plates will it get cleaned
Thanks dear for this information. You make it so easy to understand that really dishwasher is super easy to use .n. Now I also want to buy this
Can we wash aluminum utensils in dishwasher
Aap please lamps aur artificial flowers ko kaise clean aur mantain per video upload kare 🙏💕😊
I don't have a dishwasher over here in India yet. But yes when I was residing outside, I did use the dishwasher and results were marvellous for all my crockery and glass utensils as you have mentioned..(but again frankly I wasn't happy with the cleaning of indian style utensils like kadai, pressure cookers... It could be bcoz it was not the brands which you have mentioned here). I too used the same brand Finish and its amazing. The best part I loved (i know i may sound funny😄) was how clean the tea/chai strainers come out after the wash. They just look like brand new ones..😜😀..But definitely a thumbs up to you for an informative video..🌈💕👍
School er lunchbox er kichu recipes niye video koro

Irrespective of brand.. dishwashers consumes lot of time, space, electricity, doesnt clean prefectly well (trust me, i have experience) you will find utensils coming out like water has not touched certain part of it.. if you pack the dishwasher well it won't give good results.. and also you will have to still clean lot of utensils with hand like kadhai, milk or tea utensils, cookers, iron utensil, mixer jars, aluminum ware, non stick ware.. It is a help i agree..i am not against it completely, its just that dishwashers are bot as perfect as its claimed here.. its not a unbaised review..
Plz give link of your dishwasher mam...
Can it was plastic utensils?

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