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Buy HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) online at Amazon. Men Full Face XL HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) Colours: White Black
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HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) Features

  • Men
  • Full Face
  • XL
HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) Colours:
  • White
  • Black

The lowest HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) Price in India is ₹65,137 at Amazon.
Buy HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) online at Amazon.
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HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand HJC Helmets
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Color As shown in the image
Colour Black
feature Since 1971, HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusivelyThe combination of this extensive specialized manufacturing experience, innovative ideas, and reasonable pricing resulted in HJC's success in worldwide marketsIt is HJC's continual goal to provide high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclists around the world.Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Aerodynamic shell with large eyeport for greater visibilityAdjustable polycarbonate chin barL
Foldable No
Included 1 Helmet
Item part number 0841-0135-07
Item Weight 2 Kg,2 Kilograms
Manufacturer HJC Helmets
Manufacturer Part Number 0841-0135-07
Model COMINU060843
Product Dimensions 38.1 x 27.9 x 27.9 cm
Safety Rating DOT Certified
Size As shown in the image

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HJC IS Max Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (XL) Reviews from YouTube

HJC IS-Max 2 Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet Spotlight Review | Riders Domain (2018)
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HJC IS-Max 2 Helmet Review at RevZilla.com
I have this helmet and it's great. I have a rather large head and wear a size 2XL or larger in nearly all brands. At $200, it's very good quality.
I have this too and love it. got it on sale they said it was clearance. 140$.
Great helmet. I have a Schuberth E1 and I like this helmet enough that the E1 doesn't see much use in road riding situations. The IS-Max 2 is just a super every day helmet. The shell material makes donning the helmet easy and it is a light/comfortable lid. Love these helmets.
I bought one a few weeks ago. I didnt think I'd like the modular but it's a great helmet. A little loud at highway speeds but other than that I love it. I got a fat head so having a XXXL option was great
Just ordered this exact helmet, went for a modular for a change had the IS 17 in white.
I've been using this helmet for 3 season now and I am very satisfied. Better than the previous IS-Max that gave me trouble in two different helmets I had bought.
Just got one used lol
1:54 where do you buy that?
This guy's reviews are really good. Discusses a product's weaknesses openly yet focuses on the value behind the offering. Good job RevZilla.
I currwntly have it. And i love it. Only down fall like he said is the moisture really doesnt have an escape route.
I bought this helmet about 1,5 years ago, in matte black, though it does seem a bit diffrent than this one. Mine for instance did not come with a pinlock ready visor, and it came with a diffrent chin strap (like you would find on inline skates).Although the price, model and fitment is fine, i would not really recommend this helmet for two simple reasons... it's a very, very noisy helmet, even with earplugs in i hear alot more wind noise than i would like. Also the visor doesn't have a proper sealing, it's almost as if it's slightly too big for the helmet.Instead of an expensive chatterbox, i mounted a Hola-F bluetooth kit, and that works fine, just mounted it to the side of the helmet using 3M tape.So conclusion, it's an okay helmet for the price, but not a helmet i wuld recommend my friends.
Is there a full face helmet that has intergrated Bluetooth system that you would wholeheartedly recommend?
I bought this through a local retailer because I wasn't sure of the fit. I'm enjoying it so far though, the built-in sun visor allows me to wear my glasses and of course I can open it up during back street riding for a more enjoyable ride. It's pretty bulky in size but the weight is decent enough. There's no chin padding so I dunno how well this would protect your chin, the store suggested I don't use it on the freeway. I'll probably get the pinlock lens for it once the weather gets colder and damper. I'm using this for city riding in Seattle and I recommend it. Apologies, Revzilla, I would have bought it from you guys but I wanted to be certain of the fit and needed it ASAP, plus I bought my bike from the same store so I got a big discount. I've already ordered other things from you tho.
Anyone use these internal visors with glasses?
How does the mic install on these modulars? I have a full face now and the mic wire runs inside the lining. Is there a special mic for these moduars?
Hi everyone! I bought this whole setup about 3 years ago and for the most part I really like it. I love the way you can use everything weather Im in my sport gauntlets or my heated Gerbings without having to remove gloves! The sun visor is awesome to have and I love to open the front so I can talk to people. The venting is an issue but I just jumed on Revzilla.com and bought the Pinlock anti-fog and the shield no long fogs! I also love having my iphone bluetoothed to my helmet so I can listen to music, talk on the phone, or listen to gps commands hands free. THE ISSUE I HAVE is the bike to bike communcation. Its pretty bad. Lots off static/background noise. I got my dad and riding buddies to all buy these set ups so we could all talk on rides and the feedback is so annoying we dont even use them to talk anymore. Everything else is great! If anyone has any ideas on how I can fix this issue please let me know? And thank-you so very much Revzilla.com for all you reviews! I check them before I buy anything. HAVE A GREAT RIDE EVERYONE!!
Double check and make sure all of the liner snaps are firmly attached to the shell. - TL
just bought this.. havent even ridden with it yet . every time i take it off the entire liner comes out stuck to my head like a skull cap....any suggestions?
I own this helmet. They do make a chin curtain. Found mine on Amazon.
We don't carry any helmets that come with pre-installed bluetooth, however, there are many helmets that take integrated solutions. The Shark Evoline Helmet with the Sharktooth Bluetooth, the Schuberth C3 with the SRC System, or the Nolan N104 with the Nolan B4 system. Additionally, you could go with a modular like the Shoei Neotec and purchase a Sena SMH-10 to go with it. Aftermarket bluetooth units are better quality in my opinion and are quite easy to install. -CK
Hey Anthony, Great Videos, Can you recommend a slightly better Helmet,Modular maybe with Bluetooth already installed, Cruiser rider here without windscreen so would like it to be more on the quiet side. Thanks jason
This helmet does not come with a Bluetooth unit. Rather, it is pre-configured to accept the Chatterbox XBi2-H bluetooth system. -CK
how is the bluetooth in this helmet ?
I don't believe they do. Sorry for the disappointment! -CK
hey revzillado they make a chin curtain for this?
Unfortunately, HJC doesn't regulate their prices like many other helmet companies and in order for us to compete with 'The Competition', we have to play the same game. We're hoping HJC will change their policies soon and we can display their prices opening like we do with all our other products. ~Ali
Where can I find this exact white pin stripe design? I tried looking everywhere
I got that helmet and it is horrible, it is not good for street bikes, you can hear so much noise, the visor gets foggy so easily, horrible and cheap
snug fit?
so no chin courtin
Now obsolete. Replaced by newer, with upgrades, HJC I90.
Anthony, my humble opinion is .. You are, hands down, the best accessories presenter i have ever seen. I am watching you since 2009 and i can say that you are fast, accurate and detailed. Congratulations for being steady on your presentations all these years. I repeat , this is not a compliment, it is just my humble opinionthat i wanted to share in public.
I measured my head And its at 22.5 inches. What size would you recommend for this helmet?
what the heck does he say in the beginning?
A friend bought one he did not like it .. to much of a hassle to repack return so he gave it to me .. its not a scorpion but I accepted it .. the fit was ok had the pin lock shield .. the front chin part that lifts felt real cheap from the inside u can see the inner plastic of helmet and its kinda noisy and I can feel air leaks inside so it not air tight !! The anti fog works great .. dont like the one side tab to pull up and down face shield it closes lop sided unless u bring it down with your whole palm over center of face shield then it snaps shut evenly.. it just feels weird my scorpion had a very firm hold of my head real sturdy feel to me nothing feels like a scorpion I have 3 and I wear them in a rotating manner .. so to me the HJC is a ok helmet not my first choice but it was a gift and I do wear it on and off but my scorpions come first cant beat fit and new helmet smell ( yes ) they still have that new smell ....
In the market for first time buyer, and saw one of these used. Do you measure your head size including the earbuds for audio?
Hey guys, HJC is Max 2 or LS2 metro? (Considering I live in Thailand, really hot in here)
Great overview, but your math is way off. How do you subtract 5oz from 4lbs 1oz and get 3lbs 8oz? You do realize there are 16oz in a lb, right?Just bustin your chops, but watch the math. Lol
And again...
is there a replacement sun visor with polarization for real good shaded colors and visability?
Great review! How is the wind noise compared to the Bell Revovler Evo Modular helmet? The less the better and that's where my money is going.
went to cycle gear for mine. (sorry dont trust sizing online with a fat head) first full helmet. had a skull bucket up until today. it's nice, I can hear myself talk
excessive pressure on my forehead during long rides.. I'm a 2xl and after 150 miles my forehead gets painful pressure point.
thinking of getting this in hi vis looks a great helmet for the price
Nice 1, Anthony. Just bought one UK side, current spec has chin curtain and pinlock insert included, though store agent says HJC will discontinue the 'free' insert.
I've seen nothing but good reviews on the IS Max 2 helmet. You've sold me, ordered mine yesterday from Revzilla. Thanks for the great review video and service.
Is the sun visor switch on the top water proof? Seems like a place where rain (and dust) can enter.
My biggest problem with this helmet if you get caught in rain the visor on mine leaks
Bought this helmet, been using for about 2 weeks. Good fit, great quality on materials and workmanship (fit and finish). Quietest helmet I've owned, but have never used the super premium brands. Disappointed it didn't come w/ chin curtain, but ordered separate and installed easily. My biggest complaint is that is wants to fog like crazy! I know I can add the pinlock, but it really is bad. I've used $69 helmets that weren't this bad.

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