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HJC Mine Men's IS-MAX 2 w/Electric Shield Snow Snowmobile Helmet

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HJC IS 2 Helmet (Large) Features

  • Advanced polycarbonate composite shell; lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Integrated sunshield; smoke-tinted shield deploys easily when needed
  • SilverCool interior; moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric; comfortable, removable and washable
  • DOT approved
  • Men
  • Half Face
  • L
HJC IS 2 Helmet (Large) Colours:
  • White
  • Red

The lowest HJC IS 2 Helmet (Large) Price in India is ₹6,760 at Amazon.
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HJC IS 2 Helmet (Large) Specifications

Technical Details
Assembly Required No
Brand HJC Helmets
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Color As shown in the image
Colour White
feature Advanced polycarbonate composite shell; lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technologyIntegrated sunshield; smoke-tinted shield deploys easily when neededSilverCool interior; moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric; comfortable, removable and washableDOT approved
Included 1 Helmet
Item model number 480-144
Item Weight 1.6 Kg
Manufacturer HJC Helmets
Manufacturer Part Number 0823-0109-06
Model 480-144
Product Dimensions 34.3 x 26.7 x 21.6 cm
Safety Rating DOT Certified
Size As shown in the image

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HJC IS 2 Helmet (Large) Reviews from YouTube

HJC IS-Max 2 Helmet Review at RevZilla.com
HJC IS-MAX II Helmet Review
HJC IS-Max 2 Helmet Review (Modular)
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Why is there nothing on the C91 yet? It looks almost like a IS-Max 2 reissue to me.
so no chin courtin
Now obsolete. Replaced by newer, with upgrades, HJC I90.
Anthony, my humble opinion is .. You are, hands down, the best accessories presenter i have ever seen. I am watching you since 2009 and i can say that you are fast, accurate and detailed. Congratulations for being steady on your presentations all these years. I repeat , this is not a compliment, it is just my humble opinionthat i wanted to share in public.
I measured my head And its at 22.5 inches. What size would you recommend for this helmet?
what the heck does he say in the beginning?
A friend bought one he did not like it .. to much of a hassle to repack return so he gave it to me .. its not a scorpion but I accepted it .. the fit was ok had the pin lock shield .. the front chin part that lifts felt real cheap from the inside u can see the inner plastic of helmet and its kinda noisy and I can feel air leaks inside so it not air tight !! The anti fog works great .. dont like the one side tab to pull up and down face shield it closes lop sided unless u bring it down with your whole palm over center of face shield then it snaps shut evenly.. it just feels weird my scorpion had a very firm hold of my head real sturdy feel to me nothing feels like a scorpion I have 3 and I wear them in a rotating manner .. so to me the HJC is a ok helmet not my first choice but it was a gift and I do wear it on and off but my scorpions come first cant beat fit and new helmet smell ( yes ) they still have that new smell ....
In the market for first time buyer, and saw one of these used. Do you measure your head size including the earbuds for audio?
Hey guys, HJC is Max 2 or LS2 metro? (Considering I live in Thailand, really hot in here)
Great overview, but your math is way off. How do you subtract 5oz from 4lbs 1oz and get 3lbs 8oz? You do realize there are 16oz in a lb, right?Just bustin your chops, but watch the math. Lol
And again...
is there a replacement sun visor with polarization for real good shaded colors and visability?
Great review! How is the wind noise compared to the Bell Revovler Evo Modular helmet? The less the better and that's where my money is going.
went to cycle gear for mine. (sorry dont trust sizing online with a fat head) first full helmet. had a skull bucket up until today. it's nice, I can hear myself talk
excessive pressure on my forehead during long rides.. I'm a 2xl and after 150 miles my forehead gets painful pressure point.
thinking of getting this in hi vis looks a great helmet for the price
Nice 1, Anthony. Just bought one UK side, current spec has chin curtain and pinlock insert included, though store agent says HJC will discontinue the 'free' insert.
I've seen nothing but good reviews on the IS Max 2 helmet. You've sold me, ordered mine yesterday from Revzilla. Thanks for the great review video and service.
Is the sun visor switch on the top water proof? Seems like a place where rain (and dust) can enter.
My biggest problem with this helmet if you get caught in rain the visor on mine leaks
I agree white helmets might be the most visible. Long time ago before I started riding I was driving along and this white pinprick way in the distance caught my eye, which turned out to be a helmet. Could not even see the bike at that distance. So I've always gotten white helmets
Replaced by HJC I90 modular helmet, with bluetooth.
I purchased the HJC i90 modular for my wife and myself. I have the XL and I totally understand about the tightness! I hate it. My jaw is seriously pinched and my forehead is torture. Did I mention I hate it. We didn't pay much, $225 each, but, my god this is not what I was hoping for as a touring Goldwing rider. Any other recommendations other than the $600-$700 price points?
Sorry, but I dont understand why when you ride a$30k Goldwing you would purchase an entry level helmet? Not just for safety reasons but for upgraded features! I do however Love the Goldwing and would like to purchase one in the future, love your channel.
The UK has a FAR superior testing regimen (the DOT 'standard' dates back to 1973 and has been obsolete for years - they do not even test helmets, they allow the makers to self test..) The UK S.H.A.R.P. testing rates this helmet very highly - on a level with the 'premium' brands.
Cruiseman's Garage: Thanks! After watching your video I have decided to buy the HJC IS-MAX II Helmet. I had a HJC helmet in the past and I liked it very much. Therefore, my decision to buy it is based on my past experience and your review.
I'm going with white, not for visibility or safety, but for the same reason I only buy white cars/trucks. Here in the humid hot south where I live, leaving a helmet in the sun for a few minutes will burn your hands putting it back on.
Great review thank you I will get one
I've always liked HJC helmets as well. Fair price and made with quality materials. Motocrosss, Dual sport to touring they've got ya covered.
Cruiser man thank you for the review I been looking for a un expensive motorcycle helmet and lots of people telling good thing about HJC is-max 2 Im going to get one
are the modular helmets smaller than regular ff helmets in sizing? according to the charts they are.
Great review, subbed, thanks.
Colin Edwards dad?!
Thank you so much. That was a great detailed video. Im in the process of switching from a 3/4 to a modular helmet. Im hearing a lot of good things from this helmet and was debating Shoei, Schuberth, or something more affordable. I think you mayve convinced me to order one. Probably wise to not have the first modular a $1000 helmet. Thx again
I bought my IS-Max II last July (July 10, 2019 to be exact). I began using HJC helmets since 2005. I'm a size large and this helmet fits me perfectly. I have absolutely no complaints about this lid. I also own a Shoei J-Cruise which is my favorite helmet ever (since I'm more of an open-face helmet kind of a guy) but when I use my IS-Max II, I feel like I don't need anything more than what this helmet has to offer. To me, it's the modular version of the IS-33 II three-quarter, open-face helmet of which I've had two. I love that model also.The drop-down internal sunvisor works great but what really does it for me with the IS-Max II is the ventilation. I can really feel the airflow across the top of my head when I'm cruising. The chin vent also works excellently. It can feel a bit heavy if you're used to open-face helmets like me but once you're wearing it, it's not noticeable.
Thank you.
A very well done review. Although I just purchased a RPHA 90, your review shows how much helmet you get when when buying HJC. Thanks...I'm subscribed!
I know it's more expensive, but did you consider the HJC, RPHA 90? Sorry, I just saw your reply regarding the RPHA 90, below.Thanks
Thanks for the review. I just bought one, in white as well. I wish they had a neon yellow one in 3xl or I would have bought it. As I'm getting older I'm not interested in a cool looking helmet but one that can be seen a mile away!
Hey! we must of got our helmets at about the same time. I totally agree on this review!
Thanks for video. How did you remove the big HJC logo (sticker?) from front of helmet? I'm guessing a razor blade and goo gone. I just ordered helmet but have not received yet. Thanks!
What's the wind noise like?
Too bad you don't have a Sena 10UPad with your helmet. I have one and its amazing with my HJC IS-Max 2!
Do you hear a loud whistle while riding at higher speeds?
Is this helmet loud when riding?
How is it for wind noise? I know it's a old video, but I'd like to get one for the upcoming riding season.
Guess I missed it, how is the noise level?
I love this helmet! Just bought my 2nd one, replacing the first one I bought 4 years ago.
Decent review, but please invest in a tripod dude. All the movement makes a man sea sick and totally distracts from what you intended to accomplish.
I don't know why I do this, I just bought a IS-Max from my H-D dealer... but I'm watching reviews of it now. LOL I guess I needed to know that I dun gud. ;)I've been a Shoei guy for the past 12 years or so but my gal bought an HJC about a decade ago and it has done as well as the Shoei helmets. Did a lil ride after getting it and I like it, a lot, so far. Love the drop down visor, its lightly tinted and I had my prescription sunglasses on with it, like a fool.The reason I bought a new helmet was that while trying to install speakers in my Shoei Multitech the insides were falling apart. I think it is eleven years old, didn't owe me a dime but it was time to move on.Weight? Seems right inline with the older Multitech, so I can't complain about the weight.Thanks for showing the detailed breakdown of the helmet. That will come in handy.Your favorite brand new subscriber, pinkie. ;)
I might have gone with WHITE or silver in FLORIDA 'stead of black!
Excellent review. I just ordered one.
Where did you get that decal on your helmet? Looks cool
I just got this helmet and was looking to set it up similar to what you've done here. Extremely helpful, thanks mate!
was that quick release chin strap a pita to install?
weight by grams?
Been looking for "the one" for month's. This has been the best full breakdown helmet video I have seen. I have watched Dom Mazzetti speed through all his Rev dildo videos. I like the skinny fella from Fort Twine but this is how you break down a helmet.
How did you dull that ugly forehead HJC sticker? I have the same model and color, but HJC sticker is so bright to me, so I want to either remove or blend it to the helet's surface. Any suggestions please? Thank you!
That sun visor has a third position by the way. Hold that button that you use to retract down while you pull the visor down and it will go into it's third position.
Almost got this helmet this morning. Went with a helmet that has built Bluetooth and 6 person intercom capability.
love the helmet HOWEVER, i wish they had put the side emblems elsewhere. They are right where i need to mount my Bluetooth.
Please. Slow down. Its really difficult to follow what youre saying at times.
You spouse talking on some auctions. 20k words per minute.
Hi guys. I have a question. I checked the HJC CS-2N in your website. You stated that's it's also an intermediate oval fit. Are you sure about that? Because I have an IS-33 II and a TR-1 which is a renamed IS-16. In both reviews, you mentioned that those have an intermediate oval fit. My CS-2N doesn't touch the top of my head when I wear it. I need to push it down which then gives me pressure points at the back and sides. I love the helmet. I just feel a little uncertain when I start picking up the pace. I use it for around town commuting and Sunday morning joy rides.
I don't know what you said you talk too fast got to slow down young man
I got this in mat black large size. I do like the visor and have no issues with it. I like the way it retracts. The wind noise seems very loud using this. I am a new rider and have nothing to compare it to but after using it with earplugs it was SO much nicer. I found that the wind noise actually created a higher stress level when riding and the opposite with earplugs. It fits good but air does rush up under the visor onto your face and in your nose. Using contacts with this is not practical unless you use an extra set of wrap eyewear under the visor. Haven't used in hot weather yet. And think the removable lining for cleaning should be a nice feature.
He looks identical to Dom Mazzetti
How does the IS-Cruiser compare to the CS-2N in terms of fit? If my IS-33 II is a large, does that mean I should also get a large if I decide to get an IS-Cruiser?
will it fit in a saddlebag when stored?
I'm a size 58. Should I still get a medium or a large?
I just checked your site and I was glad to see that this model now comes in colors other than black. I want a large in wine. When will this be available? Have you ever shipped to the Philippines? I tried calling HJC Philippines and they don't have this model.
What is the difference between this and the HJC is-2?
What would you choose between HJC is cruiser and Bell Pit Boss
Do u ship the helmet to malaysia? I found the helmet in amazon, do u think they r selling the authentic item?
Which colour would u recommend? Glossy or matt black?
Is the visorinterchangeable with different colors available? Clear, Smoke, Yellow?If so, is it easy to remove and change?

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