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Historical Archaeology in the Cortez Mining District: Under the Nevada Giant (Mining and Society Series) Book Reviews from YouTube

Cortez Mining District
Ancient Egyptian Lost City & Buddha Statue Discovered in The GRAND CANYON?!
I-Team: World famous Nevada cave may harbor dark history
The New Find In Egypt That Frightened The Scientists
Great video! Planning a visit to the site when next in the area. My grandmother was raised nearby on a homestead in Grass Valley. Her family spent winters in Cortez in the 1910s and 1920s. I interviewed her in the 1990s but she didn't have a lot to share about the place except that she insisted everyone pronounced it "Cortuss", emphasis on the first syllable. She passed in 2002. Thanks for posting this.
well ancient city are found all over the world also South and Central America why not in north American
Gold? He said cups of gold.
the Smithsonian and the Vatican succeeded in finding and hiding just about everything that would tell the true history. Shame.
Jus shows brown race was everywhere way before scientist say
Social media won’t allow you to post information about Pyramids in the Grand Canyon
I paddled in the Grand Canyon and saw a cave entrance 800' up a sheer cliff. It was a perfect arc.
All cities rised with Obama to be king of Northern Kingdom. Will NEVER RETURN TO AMERICA NEVER EVER NEVER AGAIN
It's not, as the narrator states: "What else have we missed?" ... It's what has been covered up, hidden, purposely withheld from public knowledge? And then ask Cui bono "Who benefits?" from the coverup
This topic has been covered 1000's of times in the past 15 years . You tube deleted so much content . Initially it was a LOCAL manwho found the Cave and a city type facia on the side of a cliff . That news got to another explorer who went alone with the local dude . Then the Smithsonian took over and HOARDED the evidence and made it a NO GO ZONE . The region went through an Atomic war or absorbed Atomic or hydrogen attack . Hence the deserts of our planet . There was a HUGE city or 2 in the canyon . They will never teach it . It changes the time lines to much which they have distorted . Who even knows what year it is . REALLY ! The Vatican Does . We do not .
What if Monty Python wrote our history, it would be full of mystery's and funny stories.
Statistics along with math show the truth, liers make statistics and some maths. The earth is flat.
The entire history of humanity on this planet is just that, his-story. It's a fabrication, a simulacra of sorts. It will be interesting to see what comes out of suppression as the great awakening of humanity gains steam every day. What a time to be alive.
"Beware of the scribes" (READ: those that control the printing press).- Jesus Christ.
Ok, which one of you decided to change the Sphinx ?
Any crystal skulls in there?
I've seen this story oft repeated over the years. It's good to keep retelling it, so new generations learn it. It wasn't classic Egyptians. It was from a time before them. The Smithsonian is a dirty POS of an organization.
The great canyon is in reality the great quarry. There is traces of giant extractors on every stone here. Some civilization before us took all the things they needed and let it as it is right now.
The Smithsonian Institute hides history they don't want people to know.
Fake news
Not true!
Kudos to this lady. Over 1200 giant human skeletons have been found in North America alone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjcmuS8T8cA
Saying the bones were returned, kinda sad honestly, trying to cover things up about Giants being real
Some don’t want to believe what is right in front of their eyes. Ancient Book Of Enoch ~ Ken Johnson. And Mud university right here on utube. The good book covers the giants. I can only imagine how upset some will get at this fact.
Those bones should never have been given to the tribe. The legend has it. The legend has it that the pilots themselves tell the story that they cornered the giants in their cave and put brush in front and burn them to death. Why then are they the ones to get the bones. These people were not natives they predate the native Americans as Americans as they're so called. That's the whole point is that the natives want all the bones of all the giants that have been discovered across the country because those discoveries will prove that The people we call native Americans are not the 1st people here and they were predated by thousands of years By people that came from Europe or the Middle East where the majority of the giant size human beings have been found as well as the Greek isles
They existed here and as far as Afghanistan.. do your own research there was a race known like this on the planet and there's evidence of them far and wide but they were animalistic violent Neanderthal ish.. so dig around you'll see
This sounds like the Giants of Afghanistan
That’s ridiculous to decide something is a myth because you refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. 🙄
Gingers running wild!
The Nephilim, it's in the Bible.
Maybe a small group of vikings ?
I came here after watching "A Race of Giants" https://youtu.be/mR5i0lI3xrw?t=869 14:29 *found skeletons of humans with dinosaur bones in Death Valley
General academia and the Smithsonian is complete lying trash.
Why don’t they DNA test the remains? Who they were hair color can be answered.
I think they were a tribe of bigfoot, why else would they be hidden from the ppl! They were not native Americans so why would they be given to them!?the government didn't know any thing about the skulls till history channel showed it! Then suddenly they disappear 😅🤣😂this is what they want us to believe!there's no way they were 6 foot tall ! Isaw them next to an our size skull the difference was amazingly diffrent much bigger 3x bigger!
The media is like the government they treat us like mushrooms they feed us shit and keep us in the dark
This is a debate that will find light of day ...For God said: Woe to you who will be alive in the end of days. For it will be like the days of Noah Giants roaming the earth, that's the only reason for the deluge, the global flood Giants still live within the earth, look to Antarctica you will find stories about giants Also learn about the *Kandahar Red Head Giants* One got into a military battle with government, was killed and flew a way to a secret location *Their Real*
Somewhere in Nevada
IT Appears Wwwars Make Dis Appear!ng Reasoning Trad(ii)anomaly Available
Do. Not Panic
Hi this is Seti I.
Good lord… the pronunciation for Everything in this is so wrong I was lost for about 50% of it before I turned it off. Wikipedia research done on this on.
I watched the whole boring video and I didn’t see not one thing that scared the scientists this is so wrong to get people to watch stupid video and putting a title on it it does have nothing to do with it
Isn’t it interesting how England steals every countries artifacts.
No other country should take any artifacts from any other country. If it doesn’t belong to your country then it shouldn’t stay in a museum in the country where it was found
If those same white scientists could steal the colour out of Black people , put it in a bottle & sell it as sun tan lotion they would …
Why are white scientists & white Tomb raiders …. Dis associating Egypt from Africa ?! Egypt is the North of Africa .. Egyptians are Africans & obviously Africans are Black people … it’s sicking that a small group of white scientists,politicians & grave diggers are white washing Egypt.. to portray to the whole world that Egyptians are white so they can attempt to claim the Greatness from Africa .. for them selves .. discrediting African people in the media …. But at the same time there in Egypt trying to discover & Learn about Ancient African Civilisation & African spirituality, Lastly Picasso who is the famous artist was a nobody until he went to South Africa & stole the African style of Art & called it his own & that’s how he got his claim to fame .. research it in your local library for those individuals who may take offence ..
its always the pale face ones telling the black king story. so annoying
What movie are the clips from?
And this show just Depicted this white woman’s husband as a black man when we know now that king tut was English as war many of the other kings of Egypt
Its ahhh ken nah ten. Not a difficult pronounciation.
What frightened the scientists???
I call bullshit
I am enjoying all the miraculous discoveries all of a sudden
So a white woman resembled the bust of nerfertiti… the europeanizing of Egypt just doesn’t stop.
The disrespect that descendants of slave traders, masters, drivers owners,catchers, and in some respect, current slave participants, treat descendants of said slaves, make one wonder, 'Then why believe their lies and other lies?' It is a crime to enter any of these miscreants country and defile any burial site. The mummies were all buried with tokens, to be use as entry into the after life and back into the present life, whenever it was time for the individual to return. The overlords of Egypt and Europe, has made it their life's mission to rob the tombs and sacred places for any trace of anything that they can cart away, and moneyfied. This they say is in the interest of knowledge. I dare any of these bogus scientists to enter Mecca and break into the Kabbala claiming an interest in studying the 'site of mohammad's burial', or going to the Westminster Abbey with the intention of digging up the graves in that building, to view a king, or going to Washington's Arlington cemetery to view the remains of the unknown soldier. First, there is no monetary gain, nothing that would add to the national treasury, then there in no scientific value, and woe be to anyone who dare to be involved in such sacrilegious crime, to their sacred institutions. If though, anyone want the truth, sorry, as masters of the world, money is our only interest.
It's pronounced A Marna. Not Armana.

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