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Highway Engineering, 7ed Book Reviews from YouTube

Highway Engineering Book Review | S.K. Khanna | TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING | pdf |
Highway Engineering Book review | beste book | Transportation |
Highway Engineering Book Review | Khanna and Justo | Honest Review
Professional Highway Engineer plays Road Maintenance Simulator!
Pdf iska h kya
thanks for pdf brother
Sir plz request h apse sir Plz ek video bnaye na mujhe as a FRESHER JANA H IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION LINE ME ...MUJHE PLz btaye kon sa book ache se pdhe jisse as a site engineer FRESHER ache se Tyr ho jau Sir book plz btaye jisse interview plus as a fresher dikkt na ho Thora v site pe
highway link not working
bubaibhuinya98@gmail.com sand me book pdf file download nahi horahe
Design of steel structure by negi
𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓂𝑜𝓈𝓂 ❗
🔑Highway Engineering (Revised 10th Edition): https://ern.li/OP/2c6kvqpy8lf Highway Engineering (10th Edition) : https://amzn.to/3DeStoB Highway Engineering (10th Edition): https://ern.li/OP/2bykvqpwv3m
Nice one👍
I call them guardrails
The issue with litter is what we are littering, frankly. Humankind didn't evolve to give a shit where we threw our apple cores, because in nature it doesn't matter - litter degrades into the floor. Literally the ground of the earth is made of piles and piles of litter. It's just we have a mismatch between our usage time and our durability. We design products that we intend to immediately throw away to last 500 years on the ground, and that mismatch causes the litter to pile up problematically. Instead of trying to teach people to overcome their natural programming and engage in more responsible behaviour, it might be simpler to design our products such that they align with what our biological programming tells us to do That being said, I've never littered, and people who do litter are assholes. Especially when theyre driving around in trash cans anyway. I'm perfectly ok with the exorbitant $1000+ fines for littering they have in my area
You mention the word "guard rail" isn't proper in the UK, then later you say the word "accident", is "accident" the proper UK term? In the US the technical term we use is "traffic collision". I guess because accident denotes that it wasn't intentional, which isn't always the case
I thought they were called crash barriers
"Drill thing". Impact Driver? You are being an architect with your naming.
nice channel
I'm new here I'm from Russia
Learning time with matt
this is literally just a Practical Engineering vid and i luv it
As a current Highway CEI I can relate to "I've watched people do it, so can I do it?" lol
This is trash
Since it s a German Game, a Guardrail is called LEITPLANKE... found your channel recently and now binge- watch your whole channel ❤️
In America they are called guardrails
As an Engineering Technician working for a DOT, I cannot believe someone would make a simulator out of this
Yellow springy thing is probably just a cover for the reciprocating arm, so you don't stick your finger in it, if I may guess?
I wish someone will be as excited to see me, as RCE is about drainage 😅
7:25 Thank goodness, it’s not Yorkshire Tea for a change! (Between Biffa and Spiffing Brit, it’s almost like the UK Let’s Play community is sponsored by Yorkshire Tea!)
It’s called a jumping jack
It's a german game

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