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Buy High Speed Rail in the US: Super Trains for the Millennium ...

An original approach for dealing with High Speed Rail (HSR) transportation development in the United States, this book serves as a blueprint for such ...


High Speed Rail in the US : Lynch, Thomas: Amazon.in: Books

... of the technical and policy information gaps identified earlier as sources constraining further development of high speed rail (HSR) systems in the US.


Buy Surface Infrastructure: High-Speed Rail Projects in the U.S Book ...

Amazon.in - Buy Surface Infrastructure: High-Speed Rail Projects in the U.S book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Read Surface Infrastructure: ...


Buy High-Speed Rail: International Lessons for U.S. Policy Makers ...

As the United States embarks on the High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program launched in 2009, it can learn from the experiences of other countries in ...


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  • High Speed Rail in the Us Super Trains for the Millennium

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High Speed Rail in the US Book Reviews from YouTube

Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail
This animated map shows how radically a high-speed train system would improve travel in the US
🚅 Why USA doesn't have high speed rail? Trains in USA Explained
United States High Speed Rail Explained
Greedy, corrupted ass companies, politicians (most not all GOPs/REBs), judges, and investors (why can't it be about improving the way of life for all?) - SMH ....
CNBC: rants at America meanwhile Australia
US experts on railways : We have lot of curvature, costs are high , tough topography etc ., Indian Railways : Hold my Chenab Rail bridge , Kid ! 😂
no ya, roads, traffic, car payments, insurance payments fuel costs are all super great. im glad we dont have trains.
We are bad period 😞
The US should be the leader in high speed rail,but as always,we show how things are done to everybody else and they take it and run with it,the politics,lobbyists and corporate greed are killing progress in this country.And then they(politicians) talk about rebuilding infrastructure…
So, as to 2022, May, three years has passed. NOTHING's changed.
The comparison with China's railway system is not relevant, When they started to built their high speed network, they had no roads. It is like jumping from no phones to everyone have a cellphone, it is much faster than going with countries where cable phones were widely available. The pertinent comparison is with Europe, with a similar social system. When looking in that direction, none of the explanations offered by the participants of this documentary is satisfactory,.
Get China to build it.
Yeah lets give 40 billion to Ukraine ontop of the near 20 billion we already gave them.
Because our country is corrupt and owned by billionaires.
In short, capitalism, greed, and politics.
America is a f*cking joke, sorry. I say this as an American. Thank REPUBLICANS and OIL COMPANIES and RUBBER COMPANIES and finally, now the AIRLINES don't want to lose their money trough. I hate this country. It's going to go through some things to wake up, and I'm moving. Sick of this rot nation.
Yes you can get China to build them for you at a lower budget. But, quality wise, you had better put more experts to supervise the workmanship. LOL. YOU REALLY HAVE TO TAKE SAFETY, LONG-TERM MAINTENANCE INTO CONSIDERATION, BEFORE MONETARY ISSUES,
they got money for wars only...it's too late for them
india should be 40% american 40% best of china russia europe brazil 20% own indigenous idea
8:15 Human Rights Violations, that's how.
dont compare us with china!they have unreal cheap help.few regulations!i would venture to guess the 15o million a mile here,costs a third that in china,THIS CALIFORNIA project is frought with price graft and corruption! and the footprint ,climatewise is SUCH A NON GAIN ISSUE..SO what if its electric...small percentage point of gain as the juice is produced with coal fired power plants......SIMPLE..NON COMPLICATED NUCLEAR..is the answer,but only France did it right
The 100% democrat run California had the money to make a huge length of high speed rail. They squandered ALL OF THE MONEY and they have TOTALLY FAILED TO GET IT DONE! One-hundred percent democrat leadership ruined the project. They had enough money to start it. They put up bonds and with federal money had $9 billion dollars to complete half of the project. HALF! They have yet to complete a single section of the project. They even changed the plan and made one segment slow speed rail. Which defeats the purpose of the project.
Unless we magically lose the ability to manufacture jet fuel, none of the phase 3 or 4 lines would ever be viable. Phase 1 and 2 are ok though.
You can't sustain those speeds or the cost is to high. A few nations had to dial back the speed of their high rail for that reason. But even so if they had an average of 150 that still triples the speed of our system. We REALY need high speed rail.
The totally stupid California HSR flipped the plan, building phase 4 first. Bakersfield to Merced? Then, instead of taking advantage of existing systems and, for example connecting to BART with a line to Sacramento, or San Diego to LA on existing right-of-way we get a plan to downtown SF, costing big bucks, running alongside Caltrain and BART (and chopping down El Palo Alto in the bargain). Genius.
The problem is the distances. I do see a high-speed network, but on maglev (which can travel 350 mph without destroying overhead lines or physical rails like a conventional train), not trains. 20 hours from the east to the west coast is too long, the plane is 4 times faster. And the investment cost for such a network is astronomical
Pure fantasy. There's not enough political will in the US to even get half of that built.
Currently Amtrak doesn't even have the right of way on the tracks it operates on and the politicians are stepping in to restrict funding because of losses. HSR will be an even bigger money loser. There's also limitations such as how HSR is only competitive with air travel on short to medium range routes.
Happy to spend an extra few hours in a train than go through the misery of flying through New York airports
then you have europe and you realize that nobody uses them because they are actually more expensive than planes and takes more time So what´s the benefit? If you are from germany and you want to go to spain for example, in 2 hours you are in any place of it for 100 euros or less meanwhile, by train could be 10hours and much more expensive then you have the super awarded spanish high speed system which nobody uses and it is unprofitable and much much more expensive
What is the proposed energy source? Would a sustainable source of power be an integrated or phased part of the system? Could such a network also serve as a carrier for commercial goods to reduce transportation load over time? Interesting concept.
5 hours plane trip or 20 hours in a train, you have to be stupid or biased to say a train !!
Driving has become a nightmare.
I’d definitely prefer train!
Been waiting for this my entire life. Realistically, I'll be in the ground before Phase 1 is done.... or even started. America: A first world country, with a third world infrastructure.
You forgot to compare HSR to air travel. Probably out of the scope of this 2 min video. The normal train speed vs HSR doesn't seem like a choice that anyone would actually need to contemplate though.
Please make this a reality. About time America catches up to Europe and China. 🤞
While I do think long term such a system is viable, that would have to come slowly and step by step over decades, and at the expense of the highway network at that, otherwise you'll do a China and endebt yourself into hell while few people actually ride the trains.
high speed train in us would be nice, current trains are way too slow, high speed ones can transport goods faster and it can also transport people
Too bad the USA is a completely broke nation drowning in debt. Meanwhile China leads the world in high speed rail.
Trains would be great for reducing oil consumption and decreasing auto accidents.
Nice that my city would be in phase 1, sucks that the route I would use the most wont be done until phase 2.
Population of USA is 33 Crores, Not 21-22 Crore, sorry for error. Thanks to Himanshu Nama for pointing it out.
Galat USA ka population 32 crore hai
Look only 1 train in India looks like this, so the thumbnail is misleading
Well America does have one high speed train called Acela Express which is the fastest train in the Western Hemi- sphere, with a maximum speed of 241 kmph over current infrastructure on two sections of its route between Boston and New Haven. Its top speed between New York City and Washington, D.C., is 217 kmph
san francisco to California and washington dc to tokyo
san francisco to los angeles
Love 🇮🇳railways
US urban planning and transport system is the worst.
Also they use more flights and own vehicle instead trains
Achi vdo hai 💙
The population of USA is near 33 crore, not 21-22 crore.
Gourav joshi sir your videos are great
informative 👍
San Francisco to los Angeles Washington DC to new york
Answer for Cobra Quiz:- 1. San Francisco to Los Angeles. 2. Washington DC to New York.
washington to new york and san francisco to los angeles cobra quiz I don't want any money but i want my name as winner and donate my money for corona virus
Yeh video shayad apne pehle tease kiya tha... mera matlab video late ho gaya!😒
I love ur video + ur voice
What's the US high speed rail project you're most excited about?
The reason for a lack of crossings in between New York and DC is because once you go above 125mph it’s very dangerous to have railroad crossing so the rail has to be fenced off
Wow I'm surprised there aren't people going on about american trains being pathetic and slow here.
I'm not that big of a fan of bullet trains I prefer American freight trains myself but it would still be really cool to have an actual high speed rail system like in japan or france
4:05 was taken where I lived. The bridge has an interesting story behind it: now called the Canton Viaduct, it was built as by engineers of the US army corps of engineers in 1834. However Tsar Nicholas of Russia was interested in railways at the time and decided to build some of similar type in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Asking people to directly give money by arguing that the money will return indirectly is a hard concept to sell to people.  People just don’t understand macro economics and how everyone prospers / thrives when game changing community projects are well funded / supported.
should also mention there have been several other future HSR corridors identified by the FRA since the 90s. most are seeing very slow to no progress, but the southeast corridor (the washington-richmond-raleigh segment specifically) has been making some strides recently
can youdo a video about te wasington dc richmonbd viinia line upgrade project.
I love reading about what people from other countries have to say and some have good ideas but until people can tell me how i can get to work and back home in less time then it takes to drive there and even bus service that i have access to is just too slow. Maybe I’m just used to a car and even when i took the train i loved it and didn’t care if it wasn’t the fastest way to get around but that’s when i never owned a car. Even the new subway line in New York the cost per foot at one point was a few million I couldn’t imagine with all of the regulations and tight spaces and upgrades needed to be done like here in the north east the amount of money for not much benefit just seems very wasteful when it can be put to better use like making towns and cities better for Pedestrians and bikers and a better more extensive bus routes. I can’t see myself taking trains or buses to get to work or anything like that just because it would take too much time and its not worth it. Public transport depending on what state, town, city you live in is probably not as long of a ride but seeing as so many people work farther away or go to school farther away and many towns or cities away public transport isn’t worth it even though where i live bus service is good and train station hit every town or city the cost compared to travel times compared to a car ride that can take 3o minutes from my home to work compared to train and bus which is over an hour.
The US should definately nationalise the entire rail network if it ever wants to develop it to high speed.
I really love travelling in the US but its really telling that the infrastructure (especially the railwaynetwork) is hurting the US economy as well as the environment in a way that is turning one of the riches countries in the world to the brink of becoming something of a third world country (ontop of the very bizarre healthcare system). Almost the entire continent is perfect for trains (cargo and passenger) but the lack of understanding possibilities with a modern railwaysystem ruins a perfect opportunity. Iv taken the train along the eastcoast and the expression "dont know if i should laugh of cry" sticks to me.. Come on USA, you can do better than this!
high speed rail is a massive endless pit of wasted money. there simply isn't the demand for HSR un the US. The NEC is literally falling apart as we speak with over a billion dollars of necessary repairs, and what does Amtrak do? they instead buy ugly looking overpriced European trainsets and hope it fixes the problem. The California HSR project is a grossly overfunded mess that ploughs through the middle of nowhere central valley (not to mention the disaster that Calmod has become). Even European countries still spend massive subsidies on HSR.
Amtrak gets money, promptly cuts back service. Hooray!
When I was a kid, my grandmother took me to see a musical in New York City. We lived in Chester County, PA, and we were able to take the SEPTA to 30th Street Station in West Philadelphia, and changed over to AMTRAK to take the Northeast corridor into the city. I'm pretty sure we got off at Penn Station in New York and we walked around the city to get to where we needed to go. As a kid, I always thought that trains were a common thing that people took in the US. Now as an adult, I realize just how cool and special that really was, and I've loved trains ever since. It's one of my most cherished memories of my grandmother.
High speed rail between major city and regular rail from major cities to nearby cities is the answer to making transit more affordable and more convenient for the people, people can’t afford flying and using cars to get around bleeds most people dry
If the FRA actually got into the late 20th let alone 21st century Amtrak could run most services faster. You’d need to pull the host railroads teeth but all the fleet is capable of at least 100mph and most can do 120mph
3:45 Rude! True, but rude! (I say from Baltimore, relying on Amtrak and MARC to get to my job in Virginia 😭😭😭)
I missed a look back in US high speed history when Amtrak tested ICE1 and X2000 and had big promo tours with these trains across the whole US in the early 90ies. Pretty cool with European trains in their European liveries on American tracks.
I was walking not far from the fast train rails and noticed, it sounds like a plane.

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