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Buy Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor online at Flipkart. Upper Arm Monitor Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor Colours: White
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Flipkart Offers ₹2,400
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Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor Features

One of the best model by Hicks also sold in european market as Model- KD-557

  • Upper ArmBP Monitor Device
  • Battery Operated
  • Pulse Rate Indicator
  • Memory Function
  • Movement Indicator
  • Upper Arm Monitor
Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor Colours:
  • White

The lowest Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor Price in India is ₹2,400 at Flipkart.
Buy Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor online at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor Specifications

Battery Type AA
Date and Time Yes
Display LCD
Maximum Pressure Measurement Range 280 mmHg
Maximum Pulse Measurement Range 180 beats/min
Measurement Method Fully Automatic
Minimum Pressure Measurement Range 0 mmHg
Minimum Pulse Measurement Range 40 beats/min
Number of Batteries Required 4
Pressure Measurement Accuracy plusmn 3 mmhg
Pulse Measurement Accuracy plusmn 5% of reading
Sales Package Blood Pressure Monitor, Arm cuff, Operation guide, Soft Storage Case, 4 AA Batteries
Type Upper Arm

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Hicks X-7 Bp Monitor Reviews from YouTube

Hicks ORIGINAL N810 N710 Bp Monitor Unboxing |
Best Blood Pressure Monitor 2021 (Doctor's Review)
DNA: Alert! 70% of digital blood pressure machines show incorrect reading in India
Achcha battery low hone k baad kaha mile ga ....charger nahi hai hicks ka brand pe
Back ground music chala kar bp test ka demo dega to log like nahi dis like karenge
sir m ek bp machine laaya hi hu omron company ki...to first usne 170/110 btaaya vo 23 yr ki age vaale m fir 160/100...fir ..normal..fir 155/99 to kyaa sir machine change krraau yaa check krraau plz guidee Dusre ki machine. S kiyaa to normal bhii aaya usme bhi ek baar error aaya
Ang galing friend. Enjoy it. #rinchae
a great video... thank you for sharing...
Wow you have new one
Shout out idol now here I am..
Looks like a good quality brand of bp monitor... thank for sharing
Its my first time seeing an unboxing video of a medical supply.
Thanks for sharing this with us It is very important in every home
That's great sir everyone must have that in the house❤
I like it video 👍invite my channel.
Buen video amigo
Thank you for sharing
Hello my friend 😍
Thanks for sharing this...love unboxing moments with new gadgets especially
Watching again your unboxing bro
Thanks for this unboxing. Having a BP Monitor is a life saving gadget that one should have in the house. In case BP is high you will be the first one to know. New friend here.
I enjoyed watching unboxing stuff
Good idea having that blood pressure monitor, life source.
Great unboxing,thanks for sharing.
Update 2: measured on both bpm connect and omron evolv. To be enought you have to use 2 systems to have a sort of feel that you can thrust a bit the BP benchmark values. The data values are average wise the same. I did a 3 run test on the withings bpm connect and the omron evolv. Bpm connect can do that with a custom setting. Evolv not. But pressing 3x times with a little break is not that hard. My biggest positive for the omron is its clumsy proof. If your doubting the pressure on your arms than the evolv wins. I had to use the evolv in order to have a trusty feel of fitting with the bpm connect. Software wise omron connects nice with Samsung health directly. Bpm connect not. Data wise I'm a freak so I like the more open structure of withings health app. And also it syncs via WiFi. Omron wins in my opinion on speed, fitting and trustworthy measurements. Withings bpm connect wins on software and WiFi connection. So 8/10 for withings bmp connect and 9/10 for the omron. Im still not sure if I'm returning the bmp connect.
Thanks doctor for the review, question is does any of them do 24 hours monitoring ie even during sleep?
which one is more accurate? thats the number one thing and you failed miserably proving that .....
Hi Doc great idea but I have evolv (UK) and I don’t see how you can share? Also you can delete someone else’s reading via the app if need be - Go to BP tile in App ‘tap’ then ‘3 dots menu’ tap all stored data, then pick the ‘line’ which is someone else’s ‘tap’ and then at bottom of page ‘delete’ entry 🤗
So...you call yourself a DR! And you are happy about wireless connections. And they tie into a cellphone. Cellphones are notoriously chatty about their data. CAN YOU MR DR. SPELL H.I.P.A.A.!! Both you and I know that 3rd parties are not held to HIPAA rules. Right! No bloody wireless.
But what about accuracy, Doctor Kenny? Did you compare against a known good source. Convenience and BT are nice but accuracy is what this all about, I think.
The requirement of data collection and upload to their servers should trigger alarm bells for anyone. There is no sane reason why this feature would be mandatory if I simply want to know my blood pressure. Very poor choice Dr. Kenny.
I began sticking with this blood pressure level method , Notovα Shocking Plan (Go ogle it) recently and have already seen a good change in my blood pressure! It definitely is stabilizing!!! In the short period of time of TWENTY days, my blood pressure levels lessened. After 25 days my pressure is normal (for me) 120/55..
It's actually a good thing that they use replaceable batteries and not an internal rechargeable battery. Simply because all rechargeable lithium batteries deteriorate in a couple of years, at some point they just don't hold a charge and you'd have to either send it for replacement battery or buy a new one. Having them use regular replaceable batteries makes them be a device that will last for years if not decades (if everything else works fine in them). You can always use rechargeable AA/AAA NiMH batteries.
I looked into some of those apps. I did not like the “privacy policy” so I refused to make an account. I really don’t want those apps getting my data. I just use the Health app.
Traditional blood pressure readings should go 10 points passed not hearing anything with the stethoscope. Then the valve on the cuff gets released. And listen. Of course it’s tough to take on yourself with a stethoscope.
I've gone through 2 Qardios, so after watching this I'm going with the Withings. I like the idea of recharging and NOT buying batteries.
Are these monitors good for large arms?
How accurate are these?
have a withings connect. had the original also. been using it consistently. took it to doctor today and it read consistently 20 points higher on sys/dia. showed me above 180/110. even after the doctor took my measurements that where 20 points lower . even verified that i was putting it on right and sitting right. also read a lot of reviews everywhere about it doing it to others....... can't really trust it imo. will be purchasing the omron evolv to compare then take to doctor.
Really great video. Although I wish you would have reviewed a bit on the interface with apple health a bit, you did a great job explaining a lot of topics I wouldn’t have considered. Thumbs up!
I just bought the Omron. Do it warn me, if I have set it wrong on my arm?
Don't want bluetooth or apps, Just a good quality monitor without lots of bells & whistles.
Had the Withings first gen and the warranty and the battery cover we’re HORRIBLE. One year on any medical device is indicative that you shouldn’t take it seriously. Checking what the warrantees are now.
डिजिटल मीटर से दो बार रीडिंग लो तो दोनों बार अलग रीडिंग देता है इससे ही समझ जाओ की ये मीटर ठीक रीडिंग नहीं देते 😂😂🤣🤣
The guideline in this , Notovα Shocking Plan (Go ogle it) hypotension option is simple and easy to read and comprehend. I just needed Two nights (few hours) of reading through the guide to fully get a handle on the guide. I’ve monitored results ever since i commenced on it. On the thanksgiving, I had it at 148/98 and within One month I lowered it further more to 116/78.
I guess better you check Bp with some digital machine as you can't trust many doctors (especially older ) also the same case with lot of hospitals.They would simply increase patient's Bp to make them to swallow tablets and thereafter damage the body.
8:17 good info
Kaun si company ka lena hai ye advice kar dijeye mr.
To kaunsi machine sahi batati h wo bhi to bata chomu😂
BJP agent Sudhir Tihadi😂😂😂😂😂
My friend asked my lookup , Notovα Shocking Plan, the blood pressure level alternative on Go ogle. His blood pressure level was stroke level 158/120. Through the help of this system and ingesting thoroughly clean, it was able to reduce swiftly normal again. It has slowly and gradually reduced and 2 weeks later with much healthier eating his blood pressure is 128/84..
@zeenews Wrist bp machine can never give correct result as it measures bp at wrist where bp fluctuates too much. For analysis you should have considered taking arm bp machine into account.
That's mean India 🇮🇳 😳 😕 market is just a fuckedup market, it's not new for India 🇮🇳. Namashkar 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 Jai Bharat Jai Hind
डिजिटल बिजली मीटर भी ज्यादा रीडिंग बताता है उसका सरकार क्या कर रही है।
Can we use smart watches for BP monitoring??
Wrist and pulse reading bp monitors are the most unreliable! Use high arm bp moniters. Omron is currently one of the best!
I began following this hypertension treatment , Notovα Shocking Plan (Go ogle it) recently and also have already witnessed an optimistic change in my high blood pressure! It definitely is stabilizing!!! I have found significant development within TWENTY days of using this approach. Five more days and nights went by and my pressure is at the normal level at 120/55...
What about Dr morepen
आपने आप को स्वस्थ रखने के साथ साथ और पैसा कमाने के लिए सम्पर्क करे CEL/ SMS/ WHATSAPP 9354784631 Bijendra.
Band kar do
My good friend asked me to lookup this guide on the internet. His hypertension was stroke level 158/120. A result of this system is so visible straight away particularly if you eat the ideal food items. After Two weeks, he has noticed a progressive decrease in his blood pressure to 128/84. Do you use Google? Yes, use it to know more about this guidebook. Name of this guidebook is Jason Cυnobroke Best

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