Hi-Sign 7W E27 LED bulb (White)

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Buy Hi-Sign 7W E27 LED bulb (White) online at Amazon. 7 Watts E27 White / Cool White 1 Bulbs Colours: White

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Buy Hi-Sign 7W E27 LED bulb (White) online at Amazon.
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  • 7 Watts
  • E27
  • White / Cool White
  • 1 Bulbs
  • White

Hi-Sign 7W E27 LED bulb (White) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Hi-Sign
Cap Type E27
Height 6.3 Centimeters
Length 11.6 Centimeters
Material Poly carbonate cover, aluminium body
Number of Lights 1
Part Number HS0003
Shape round
Wattage 7 Watts
Width 6.3 Centimeters
Batteries Included No
Brand Hi-Sign
Color Cool Day Light
Colour Cool Day Light
Colour Temperature 6000 Kelvin
feature Lumens: 560Beam Angle: 150 degreeWarranty: 2 yearsHolder: E27Input Voltage: 90V - 240V
Included Components Bulb included
Luminous Intensity 560 Candela
Manufacturer Hi-Sign
Model Premia 3
Number of Items 1
Power and Plug Description AC current
Warranty All products purchased have 2 years warranty. The warranty period begins on the day the product is originally shipped. The warranty covers all of the items and conditions identified in the original manufacturers warranty. Some of the items specifically not covered by the warranty are loss and theft, water damage, customer abuse.

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Is there an inbuilt battery inside bulb? If there is power outage can On it via remote?
Syska -helonix-panaosoni smart bulb me kon as best h...or konsa smart bulb aapki najar me best hai with colour bright Ness
0:01 chai peelo
Is it good for reading?
Does Panasonic bulb remote works through infrared right... You should need point the remote to bulb in order to work?
Bulb holder you have used in extension box, Specifically what is called, i.e. name?
आप अपनी यूट्यूब इन्कम कितनी होती है। बतायेगे।
best ASMR video on Youtube
did not tell about wifi switch
For me it wasn’t working but I had to change my WiFi’s wpa2 to wpa/wpa2 that’s the only way it works for me
Do u have to keep the light switch on at all times? Will the light switch still control the bulb
Can you still use the light switch?
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What's the outro song?
how many lumens does it have?
When you turn off the lightbulb through that app, does it turn off the switch as well?
ıs ıţ ѧʟє×ѧ
How to use it with google assistant
This is the way to make an awesome tech video! It was relatable, comforting and an honest recording. Thanks for sharing this! 😃
What app is he using cuz there are a lot of the same
This product suck. Don’t buy.
can you still use the wall switch? and can you use this on a multi-bulb lamp like a ceiling fan? thx
Important question: can i turn the bluetooth smart led with my light switch?
Great video! No matter how many times I try to do the on-off sequence, my light will not blink.
Would you suggest these instead of led strip lights?? ( great vid btw!!)
mine won’t blink when i switch it on and off i’ve tried for like 20 minutes straight
on the app are you able to create your own moods? or are you only able to use the presets?
i am thinking for picking a warm light as i am sort of worried about the effects of cool blue light on my sleep quality
soo helpfull thank you for the video
F U Edison!
so glad this is here 👍🏾👍🏾
I hate bluish/whitish light so much
What color does the Soft White light looks like from Walmart the Great Value Brand ?
You cant get any plainer than this, a child could understand. I want white light from my bulbs not yellow, and i want them bright except right by my bed and i still dont want it to cast a yellow shade. So, high lumens for brightness and on color (yellow or white) temp go high number also or "cool" for a white light. Thank you so much.
Still usin the old bulbs
we'll got some nerdy bulbs left this long life ecosmart one..this ones burninggg whiteeee bright 100-120w like etc lol.
Thomas Edisonis a hack, why don't we read about Nicholas Tesla in the history books at school instead of this hack Thomas Edison thief and a liar like our government today
He got shawn’s voice don’t you guys notice it?
Come on, this vid is full of lies. A fresh working version has been released just search "instahax0r" in google.
Easy way to understand kelvin When a metal is slightly warmed up it emits warm colour(red) If its heated up at higher temperatute the light becomes yellow (less warm than red) and on welders where the temperature of the arc is really high the colour emited is cool white to blue
fluorescent bulbs dont last even a year by design.
Useful info!
I'm here because I just started working in a hardware store lol
i am buying a new house and i really like cool white colour..what is the maximum lumes available for candle shaped lights,,,,
Kelvin and lumen have an inverse relationship from my understanding
Super helpful even in 2019! ✨
Thanks 4 the review 👌🏼
Do u only need one in or 2
Can I use Wifi from this lamp to download app?
The lights do not work they are crap
Can you use this like regular bulbs? I mean using manual switches in case I have no active internet or my something went wrong with my wifi modem.
How do you "register it"? Are you talking about registering the bulb itself or a personal account with Smart Life? I tried to enable the app but it asks for a username and password but it offers no option about how to get this information.
Hey mate, are you greek?
Hi, can we use alexa phone software instead of alexa device?
All my plugs use eFamilyCloud, and I was able to connect the bulbs to eFamilyCloud app instead of smart home app! I use Alexa, not google!
My router is 5G does that mean it wont work
hi mate, can we still operate the bulb with the wall switch like a normal bulb?
mine won’t flash
cant connect my bulb with virgin media internet no good this bulb
Does not work and have been trying this for an hour. What a waste of money
I have the same bulb and Google Home, but what commands does Google Home actually support with it? So far I've found "Turn bulb on/off" "Turn bulb brightness to X%" "Dim the bulb" "Make the bulb brighter" "Set the colour to X" "What bulbs in the bedroom are on?" But I'd love to set modes, like Reading mode, or RGB mode, or something. However Google Home doesn't seem to recognise any modes.
The bulbs will NOT connect for me, it's soo annoying. It blinks rapidly and when I'm trying to connect it turns solid white, then starts blinking again 15 seconds later, and when the connection reaches 100% it says "Failed to add device, please retry or check Help" so annoying, i've been trying to connect the shit for 30 minutes smh..
Does these work with dual band routers as mine keeps failing set up :/
i bought this bulb but is not connecting to my phone. is this bulb needed internet connected wifi router necessary or not??? i have only my mobile with 4g internet sim and this bulb. how can i connect ?? i dont have wifi router .
can you create a timed sunrise effect with these? I want to use it to help me wake up
Do not work failed .