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Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine Book Reviews from YouTube

Book Recommendation 3 - Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine
Hello World by Hannah Fry book review
Hello World | Book Review | LThMath
Hannah Fry | Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms
I have trouble understanding you with the piano track
the book stacking is VERY satisfying lol, good review tho
always fuking self driving cars example. why dont you give more unique examples
Good reco! Similar is algorithms to live by. Talks about how to apply CS ideas to life.
need a few more violet books 😛
cool man! just helped the algorithm. on your way to $10k per month!
Go go go!
She has such a beautiful voice. A refined British accent adds 20 points to your IQ.
Such a great interview, its so refreshing to hear interesting conversation where the host has clearly done his research on her work
Great interview, host and guest! Thorough, thoughtful, well done! Thank you
IBM cheated in that match with Kasparov. There was an excellent documentary made about it.
One important case can be made for very fast recursive algorithms re-adapting an evaluation in a situation change. As in a bicycle just probably /possibly swerving as needed, or a premature braking of a driver or after any other human intervention. Here, a human would slower to correct his previous decision, or perhaps a previous reflex may interfere. Intuitively, I would like an A I to know people-behavior and thinking as well as specifically me and my emotions and reflexes before I'd let it brake or swerve, cutting me off from decision making. Fine if you can best me at chess, but know me first, and work with me and that drunken, computerless idiot ahead of me, before you and take joint responsibility on the road. This way, in paired and shared interdependence, the sum total of all together will be maximized. For now, this could be developed only by a central, specialized "brain-compound" in constant communication, rather than a resident 'brain' in each car.
The was a story kicking around that Chinese car makers were going to use social-media credit scoring as a factor in deciding who lives and dies in a Trolley Problem situation. Better behave yourselves online folks!
I should listen to this on Spotify
What a very compelling interview, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to say, coming from from the UK, I have always enjoyed the BBC programmes Hannah Fry has presented and also the lectures she has conducted. The two that come to mind are the lecture she did at the Royal Institution a month or two ago, and a lecture she did in Germany...though she was kinda put on the spot during the Q&A section at that lecture, though coped with it admirably. A very intelligent person with the humour to match.
PEOPLE: It's not the machine. Its the pogrammers that are coding the algorithms, running the machine. Which in turn, ends up influencing/controlling your decision or life. Put the blame on the programmers. Not the machine, when things start going wrong.....
Μπράβο Μιτσάρα συνέχισε έτσι και με παρόμοια θεματολογία!
How is it even possible to think of humans (who are imperfect) creating/programming algorithms, to then provide us with information that we are told is the absolute gospel. "Humans are idiots."
I've heard the story of Robert Moses building low bridges on purpose to keep blacks out of the beaches many times, but it's probably not right: https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2017/07/how-low-did-he-go/533019/
Hannah is the only intellectual with charm and beauty matching theirs intellect.. I have a hardcore crush on Hannah..
Total Harm = Severity X Frequency. 'Solving' the trolley problem marginally reduces severity at best. It may be more effective to reduce harm by focusing on preventing accidents in the first place. This may explain engineers dismissing trolley problem.
I could listen to Hannah forever, shes great and so smart. 'Magic Numbers' is a great watch for those who have not seen it!
What a woman!... I could listen/watch Hannah for days.
lets say a group of people surround the car and want to hurt the driver and/or steal the car. Would the algorithm be able to give people with worse qualities (like those trying to steal cars and hurt people) a lower-weighted value in the associated neural nodes?
Good conversation with a public intellectual and thought leader
Numberphile woman!!!
He is so in love with this fascinating, beautiful woman. Oh, wait, that's me. That aside, I have to get that book.

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