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Helicopter Flight Dynamics Book Reviews from YouTube

Master Lecture: Helicopter Flight Dynamics and Controls w/ Leonardo Helicopters' Dr. James Wang
Lecture 8: Helicopter Aerodynamics
How Helicopters Fly | Science of Stupid: Ridiculous Fails
Thank you Dr Wang, I have recently been introduced to tiltrotor dynamics and this video gave me a great confidence boost in further studying this subject. you explained it so easily, even a person with zero background in helicopters understood the concept. less math and more focus on the core, thanks so much
Dr wang thank you for introducing helicopters !
Please.Leonardo is this the best you can think of the box?
The challenge is size? How about the weight prifessor?
Never thought the jet is noisy ..
BS. Noise? Jet is very very noise thank you professor!
Do we need all this master to understand helicopters? He did not touch the Kaman system because probably he dont know how it works.. waste of time
coolest lecture i ve ever sat through
it's great to face the reality
23:16 Helicopter history
How did you managed to tell the Helicopters history and didnt mention names like these Yuriev, Mil, Kamov...? Have you ever herd about swashplate? But thanks for photos!
Thank you Dr James Wang for this wonderful lecture. Simple to understand without too much funky mathematic
the sucking tongue sound he do made me stop the video. Drink water, a lot of water when your a speaker. too bad .
8:00 His force moments are wonky. Main rotor thrust is downward. It results in an upward movement, though. Tail rotor thrust is in the opposite direction of the movement that results.
What a awesome explanation
He emphasizes always how difficult it is to fly , not inspiring
Suggest a book for helicopter and aeroplanes design
Cool. Thanks!
GoFlyPrize,Thank you very very much.
3:54 this is NOT how lift is generated. If Bernoulli's principle was responsible, you would need a wing with a ridiculously huge chord and too much drag to ever work. It's primarily generated from the coanda effect. I expect more from MIT
too much umm
Helikopter helikopter
This is not helicopter aerodynamics. What about Translational lift, Transverse flow effect, dysemmetry of lift, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic prosession and many more?
Thousands of moving parts spinning in close formation around an oil leak waiting for metal fatigue to set in.
his voice is too slimey and his mic picks up WAY TOO much mouth noise -- impossible to listen to
Great course, but please never drink into the mic it is awful
Where are the analytical performance equations. Hover power , minimum power speed, maximum power horizontal speed.Climb performance in forward flight, autorotation glide angle etc.This is MIT , the place to learn just that.
Interesting topic, great speaker, nice presentation and some good questions.Overall a great video, thanks!
It is an honor to watch this!
Oh the things i watch so i can build a helicopter in kerbal space program...
guy loves drinking water
3:40 why does he say the energy of the air has to be the same like it would otherwise break physics? I dont follow. I can run air through a compressor and the air coming out has more energy to the tune of what the compressor adds in. What am I missing?
The only helicopter i got to fly the correlator was your wrist and the rpm's redlined at 2800 and below and 2900 and above. seemed very difficult to a low time pilot
15:40 can someone please make ne understand this..Or please leave a link.. I can't find a video or other resources on it
Sikorsky blades h-3, s-61, s-64 etc have symmetrical mrb's. H-60 has asymmetrical mrb's. How much difference is there in lift between these two profiles?
That tictac makes all of this obsolete
Has Bill Burr seen this? Hi Billy Boy!
What fascinates you about the science required for a helicopter to achieve flight?
That rudder on the carcopter has no authority.
where hammond
I'm waiting for the falls
Couldnt save Kobe
Who to are you
0:44 the heli look's familiar
so basically to fly helicopter apply force upward decreasing the atmospheric pressure resulting in upward movement and while landing blades changes position to apply force downward resulting in increase in upward atmospheric pressure
Education needs this type of teaching
Papi its you!!!
at 1:00, the mystery is, why was an incorrect representation of a rotor blade profile shown.?
1:31 This is the principle of the Autogiro, not the helicopter!
You are the very opposite of funny.
*jokes aside, the carcopter flying is just badass*
The stupid starts at 1:29 !
Always have heard sic-lic instead of psy-click. Probably a regional thing.
The arrows and the movement of the chopper during the cyclic pitch part are incorrect.

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