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Heat Transfer Book Reviews from YouTube

Heat Transfer: Course Review (26 of 26)
Heat Transfer: Crash Course Engineering #14
FE Exam Review - Heat Transfer - Conduction
What Heat Press Should You Buy? What Are the Differences?
Thank You so much, sir!
I'm about to start a master in power engineering and your classes about thermo-science have been very useful to review what I learned in college, thank you.
31:20 should be "We use Table 13.2 not 13.1". Please correct me if I' wrong
thank you so much! do you do a review of chapters 6-11 as well
what a great prof,, thank you
Thanks for all the fish professor.
Could you please advise where can I found your lectures by natural convection by flat and cylindrical surfaces?
First of all, I would like to thank you so much, and I think that if you attached the lecture files as a link in the discretion,it will make it better. Ahmed
Passionate last class. I really appreciated not only the review but in particular the 15 final minutes on greenhouse effect and fireplaces.
i watch them
I typed grade 7 heat transfer and got this, i clicked on it as it was crash course after 5 mins i am like , wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaa? Bcos this was bout engineering and i am just at grade 7, anyway i really like crash course
I love cc but i rlly would like to know about ocd because i have it ;(
The Metal Gear Solid reference made my day!
Lol that snake reference
Too be honest I didn’t understand what she went with anything
I like it
My teacher made me watch this
What a beautiful accent!
4:20 Ethan from h3h3
can i have the anchor contact no
what happend to crashcourse kids
thats alot of subs she has
Can anyone understand what she is saying
What is heat radiation and is it like electromagnetic radiation? Heat can transfer in vacuum also but how? When anything is heated then its molecules vibrate rapidly but why anything that comes near that object also heats up? Is it something like electromagnetic radiation?
this was bad and did not help
1:47 Doctor Zodberg image
PBS always Admires me !
Amazing Fantastic Spectacular Explanation Ma'am! PROUD OF YOU!
Why do you drop the negative sign in front of kA in the equation for conduction through a plane wall?
hello, why didnt you convert C to K?
Where is that formula sheet?
Why wasn't convection at each large surface accounted for? I though it would be delta T divided by the sum of resistances. Which would be R = 1/hA + L/kA + 1/hA, where h is the convection heat transfer coefficient?
which topic "Heat Transfer" belongs to ?

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