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Healthvit L-Tryptophan Powder (100gm) Features

"HEALTHVIT FITNESS L - TRYPTOPHAN L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid important for the synthesis of melatonin and serotonin which are hormones that regulate mood and stress response. L-Tryptophan helps support relaxation, sleep, positive mood and immune function. L-Tryptophan is the precursor to Serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain, which is deficient in people who have depression.L-Tryptophan also supports immune functions because it is the body's precursor to the kynurenines that regulate immunity. If needed, L-tryptophan converts to niacin in the body, which supports circulation, a healthy nervous system, the metabolism of food, and the production of hydrochloric acid for the digestive system.As an essential amino acid, it is not synthesized by the body and must be obtained from the diet. During dieting, L-Tryptophan levels and serotonin levels drop dramatically. These low serotonin levels in overweight and obese patients are known to cause carbohydrate cravings and the resultant binge eating. Because brain and blood levels of serotonin, rise and fall depending on the amount of L-Tryptophan you consume, many health practitioners use L-Tryptophan to stop the cravings and help diets succeed. Tryptophan is necessary for the production of niacin. It is used by the brain to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that transfers nerve impulses between cells and is responsible for normal sleep. L-Tryptophan helps to combat depression and insomnia and to stabilize moods. • Encourages Positive Mood.• Promotes Restful Sleep.• Supports Relaxation.Suggested Use :- As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 scoops with your favorite beverage on an empty stomach, 1-2 times daily or as directed by your physician. For maximum benefit, take up to 3 grams (3000mg) per day. As a sleep aid, take 1-2 servings 30 minutes before bedtime, during the night if required, or as needed. Ingredients :- L - TRYPTOPHAN Other Ingredients: NoneStorage :- Keep sealed in a cool dry dark place - protect from light and moisture.NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION :- Servings Size: 1 scoop (500mg) Serving Per container:200 Amount per serving.CAUTION • Not recommended for children. • Do not exceed recommended serving size. • Diabetic patients, pregnant or lactating women and patients suffering from other diseases need to consult with a healthcare expert or dietician before consuming this product. • This is a dietary food supplement and is not intended for medical use. • Store in a cool and dry place. "

  • Quantity: 100 g
  • Type: Nutrition Drink
  • Flavor: Unflavoured
  • Form Factor: Powder
  • Food Preference: Vegetarian
  • Encourages positive mood
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Supports relaxation
  • Sports Vitamins & Proteins

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Healthvit L-Tryptophan Powder (100gm) Specifications

Ayurvedic No
Brand HealthVit
Composition L - TRYPTOPHAN Other Ingredients: None
Container Type Bottle
Dietary Preference NA
Flavor Unflavoured
Food Preference Veg
Form Powder
Model Name Fitness L-Tryptophan Powder 100GMS
Model Number WC-Dc-43
Number of Scoops per Container 1
Protein Type Nutrition Drink
Quantity 100 g
Serving Size 1 g
Shelf Life 18 Months
Usage Timings As per Requirement
Important Note
Product information provided by the seller on the Website is not exhaustive, please read the label on the physical product carefully for complete information provided by the manufacturer. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer.
In the Box
Sales Package 1 Bottle of 100gms Powder

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Healthvit L-Tryptophan Powder (100gm) Reviews from YouTube

Healthvit L Tryptophan Capsules benefits side effects uses price dosage and review in hindi
L Tryptophan 500mg 120 Capsules, Wonderful, truly works highly recommended
L-Tryptophan... Is this Supplement a Great Alternative to Prozac?
L Tryptophan Review - My personal experience with Tryptophan
I actually take this but during the day because it seems to give me energy rather than make me tired, I am thinking it might be because it is increasing the serotonin level which makes me want to do things rather than be depressed and think bad thoughts, it gives me a mental and physical boost.
Great video buddy. Thank you for being their for those of us with anxiety.
Typical doctors know NOTHING about health and supplements though. Book readers that are usually not up to date and nuanced, as well as toxic drug sellers.
Prozac sucks , I threw it away after 10 days of use , I was acting like a zombie, wasn't able to walk properly.
is it safe to take long term, like for life? anyone knows? ive been taking it and it has greatly improved my mood
One can easily tackle stress without medicine by smart approach. Depression is caused due to overthinking of your brain and too much negative thinking. Food can play role. Serotonin is the chemical in the brain involved in almost every neurological activities. If you take SSRI medicine for depression, it actually block re absorption of serotonin for a few hours and makes you feel better. This will not work if you have very low serotonin already. First aid is to stop overthinking and negative thinking which depletes your serotonin faster. Second is food. Eat complex carbs food with high protein foods containing L tryptophan amino acid. Oats, wheats and brown rice have complex carbs which helps L tryptophan to reach brain. Eat cheese, lentils, egg white, fish etc for more tryptophan. Remember to eat them with complex carbs otherwise you are wasting L tryptophan. This L tryptophan once reached in the brain then needs oxygen and iron to convert it into 5 htp. So you need to do exercise to circulate more oxygen in brain. Have you noticed the happy and relax feeling in gym when you do intense exercise and feel blood circulation in brain? For oxygen you have to do exercise and no other options. For Iron eat green leafy vegetables or take supplements. Now, your 5htp will be going to convert into serotonin. Here you need vitamin B6 to get more serotonin from 5 htp. Supplement it or eat vitamin B6 rich foods like legumes or lentils. Fruits etc. After you get serotonin it's small part is going to convert into melatonin under darkness with more vitamin D. If you have sleep problems, it is more likely due to overuse of serotonin and less melatonin. Increase serotonin then it will increase your melatonin.
I like the video but Whats the point ?
thank u kick . guys "Youtube walsh institute nctv 17 &podcast 132 & all their vids this is the future of mental disorders very best of luck enjoy
L-Tryptyphane has been banned here in the US since the 1989 EMS outbreak. Since L-Trytophane is a food supplement the testing it's gone through to make sure it is safe is probably more limited than anti-depressants and other Pharma drugs. Has Australia taken neccisary precautions to prevent a similar outbreak/problem?
Are you looking for high quality L-Tryptophan Powder? Then get it from a place which is proven, trustworthy and comes at a price cheaper than available options in the market! Pure L-Tryptophan Powder is an essential amino acid that's used in the biosynthesis of proteins. And you can get 10% discount now using the code OCT-10OFF-19 so try it today! #ltryptophan #tryptophan #ltryptophanpowder #vitaminb6 #aminoacid #biosynthesis
Thank you for sharing your story, however, I hate this BS about (Dr. approval) since we all know how Prozac can produce horrible side effect either in a short term or long term
Thank you so much for this. Unfortunately many doctors here in Canada still don’t support supplementation but thank you. This helps a lot 💜💙
Tryptophan works better than 5HTP for me.
you said you take 1000mg, is that 2 500mg tablets or 2 1000mg tablets
I began taking it to help with my changes in my emotional state about 2 weeks before my menstrual cycle. I noticed I was extremely sad and would begin wailing and just wanted to die because there was so much hurt in my heart. I also noticed a decline in doing my favorite things such as working out etc.. I began looking into deficiencies I may have and purchased collagen peptides because they have many amino acids our body needs to help with muscle repair, cognitive function and to help reduce aging and one day my husband mentioned the number of amino acids that we should have and wanted to compare his list with all of the amino acids in the Collagen peptides product I purchased. The only amino acid missing was Tryptophan and that's when we learned about all about it, so I ordered some in powder form off of Amazon and one night when I was having an emotional meltdown while everyone was asleep I decided to take Tryptophan and I tell you I woke up the next day emotionally stable and feeling great. I did have a crazy dream with lots of giggling and thought I'm gonna hold off tryptophan until I discuss this with my Dr. When I told him about my emotional roller coaster he told me that he thinks I may have Premenstrual dysphoric disorder which happens to many women. After more research I came across an article that talks about how tryptophan helps people with that disorder. I began adding 1 tsp in my pre workout and noticed that I feel more level headed, focused and good. I'm thinking about taking another tsp right before bed to help with my insomnia. So far so good and I'm thankful we stumbled across this wonderful amino acid and this video.
What about it being a precursor to NAD
what about wrong pathway of tryptophan? i think it will be better to take 5HTP
I heard it causes EMS? I sleep very good with this amino acid

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